Humble Pie - I Can't Stand The Rain Lyrics

See, I can't stand the rain on my window
It's bringing back sweet memories
Well, the rain on my window
'Cause my baby ain't here with me
Hey, hey, window pane, do you remember
Well, just how sweet our love used to be
Oh, well, when we were together, yea
Everything was just so grand
Well, now that we've parted
I just wanna say
That I can't, I just can't stand
Can't stand the rain against my window
Tell you why, it's bringing back sweet memories
I can't stand the rain against my window
All right, 'cause she ain't here with me
Well, let me tell you, oh, that window
When my baby's there we used to play
Well, I know, you've got some sweet, sweet, sweet memories
But my window, it's got nothing to say
I can't stand the rain against my window
It's bringing back sweet memories
Well, I can't stand the rain against my window
Tell you why, you know, 'cause my baby ain't here with me
Tell you again, oh, when we were together
Everything was just so grand
But now that we have parted
There's just one thing and you know what it is
I can't stand, I just can't stand
Can't stand the rain against my window
Well, it's bringing back sweet memories
Hey, window pane, can you remember
Just how sweet it used to be
Hey, get off my window
Don't you keep hanging there on my window
Oh, oh, yea, yea, well, there's just one thing
And you know what it is, yea
You know I can't stand
Don't you make me, don't you make me
Don't you make me think you're sweet
And you're my friend
Get off my window pane

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Humble Pie I Can't Stand The Rain Comments
  1. kat Mats

    1/30 2020 would have been Steve's 73rd birthday. Here we are today.

  2. Norma Dailey

    Steve IS the best voice EVER!

  3. Pam C.

    STILL, & will ALWAYS LOVE, Humble Pie!!! 💕🎶👍✌

  4. David Anderson

    Yeah,garland texas in the 70,a partying with peep,s.loaded out of yer, friggin mind .on whatever you had in yer pocket. But..... not show. No matter WHAT.


    Its addictive ! Just Cant Stop Playing This Track. Steve puts his heart and soul into this song and it is now one of my favorite tunes.I had to rush out and buy Thunderbox so I could listen to it more. I LOVE IT ! ! !

    deb col

    I had forgotten how good this guy was


    @deb col Not good GREAT ! ! !

    deb col

    @MGT MOFFATT Sorry - I stand corrected - and I too recently bought Thunderbox - am replacing a record collection that got lost over the years (used to work in a record shop so it was fairly amazing) and, with the possible exception of Paul Rodgers, no one comes close to Mr Marriot

  6. Manny Badabing

    The Mount Rushmore of Brit soul singers would be: Steve Marriott, Paul Rogers, Glenn Hughes, Rod Stewart, Mick Jaggar.

    Cheech & Chong

    Terry Reid, you better take a listen son!

  7. Cook moore

    Wow! Steve! You continue to surprise!!! I love this and must get the album!!!!!
    THANK YOUuuu!!!

  8. Eric Challender

    great stuff Marriot knew how to deliver big feeling from a little guy.

  9. Tony Brandstetter

    I was able to see these guys on their last ever tour. These boys of rock and roll kicked me in the head...I loved it

  10. bejingmao

    isn't this a bit like blackface? white people singing like black people? so-called blue-eyed soul.....the lead singer is quite good, but really, think about it?????

    Ed White

    @bejingmao *FACT* you wouldnt know a fact if it bit you on the ass.

    Ed White

    @bejingmao So does Steve Marriott , dumbass.... it's HIS voice, HIS SAID he was quite good yourself, and yet you complain and call him racist....LOL....when he is probably the LEAST racist white man in England-you picked a stupid thing to bitch and whine about., but i would expect that out of someone like you.

    Ed White

    @bejingmao the Chinese wear 'WHITEFACE' all the time....i happen to know that in THEIR culture it is commendable to have pasty white skin....because i am very close to someone who had 7 exchange students living in her
    kinda DOES make me an ethnicity expert doesnt it?

    Ed White

    @bejingmao i NEVER said that....i was projecting onto YOU....that would be what a person who made your original assinine comment would say or think....get with the program, dumbass.......

    Gibson Rickenbacker

    its race baiting assholes like you that make the world as fucked up as it is

  11. Phil O

    Hard to believe this guy has been gone over 25 yrs. RIP Steve.

  12. Denise Smith

    Oh WOW !!! gotta luv Humble Pie

  13. GAMIX 023

    Elle est pource la chanson

  14. dot ofoz

    This is just a cool funky tune,you can't fit all music into a genre,just enjoy the music!♡ Humble Pie

  15. randall scott burress


  16. maazvdo

    Great song and, Marriott voice is unique. Thanks, theseeker23 .

  17. edabit1

    Only male version singer. So I am glad someone attempted it. And I love HP so it is true to their form. Fine Version!

  18. In The SHADOW Of The SUN

    what a Great Song!! freaking awesome Voice!!
    Love You Baby💕

  19. Mark Walker

    the best rendition of I Can't Stand the Rain!!!

  20. Smelly Goat Acres

    shit yeah

  21. Squrilkilla

    Steve Marriott,one of the greatest voices of all time! R.I.P.

    Dennis Rosales

    Had the distinct pleasure of seeing the Pie at Shea Stadium in '71

  22. Squrilkilla

    This was a special time in Music,great music like this and others were comming out every other day! well it seemed like it to me!

  23. Antje Dirksen-Post

    Steve would have been perfect for the Rolling Stones but Jagger would have none of it. Too bad!

    john tuttle

    Antje Dirksen-Post Steve was K eefs 1st choice when MT quit

  24. Catherine

    I grew up w/the Pie. I love them!!!!!

  25. John Casedy

    Steve and Peter takin me back to sweet memories Marriott and Plant best voices in rock n roll

  26. ApickinandAgrinnin

    8 people actually took the effort to 'dislike' this! What a World.

    harold wehner

    +ApickinandAgrinnin some folks just ain't right in the head, we deal with it, and dig the tunes man

    Do Ga Mit

    Some people have no soul.......

    Michael Ray

    Actually, the current ratio of 1.1k to 18 is better than most vids. One more testament to Mr. Marriott and his terrific bandmates. :)

    Eric Challender

    They hurd but did not listen. lol


    it's ok mate... I did a survey and each one of the 8 were deaf. ;)

  27. Paul Armstrong

    heard the pie a few times when i was young. man i miss the music

  28. Roland Trevino

    They just don't make'em like this anymore.

  29. Crow T. Robot

    Is this straight off the vinyl? Sounds like it.

    Ger Devanny

    What album was this on? I can't find it anywhere. It's obviously after Frampton left...

    Michael John

    Off the LP....Thunderbox!

  30. Kevin Harris

    love this version, rockin soul

  31. John Barciszewski

    one of my favorite all time albums

    susan wills

    What album is this?

    d. Walsh

    @susan wills albums called Thunderbox, came out in 1974.

  32. valkor73

    i cant stand the rain classic

  33. Neil Ohlendorf

    It wasn't Steve Marriot that Jimmy Page was interested in before Plant, it was Terry Reid who declined and turned Page on to Robert Plant.

    mama rouxx

    @Neil Ohlendorf
    Jimmy Page was interested in Marriott around May 1966. It was when him, Jeff Beck, Nicky Hopkins, Keith Moon and John Paul Jones recorded Beck's Bolero together. They wanted to form a band and were looking for a vocalist. They were interested in Stevie Winwood or Steve Marriott. Winwood wasn't interested so they approached Steve Marriott, Jimmy said in the interview that Steve was full of glee, but Small Faces manager send the message to Page "if you don't leave Stevie, you'll have to learn to play with broken fingers" so they abandoned the idea to form a band.

    Ger Devanny

    Marriott would have been better for Zep. Plants voice broke after the 3rd album.

  34. Edgard

    Somebody know the year of this song? thanks


    @Vazha67 Thank you friend :D 

  35. gabriel forzano

    Marriott at his best!

  36. Toughen Up, Fluffy

    Should have turned right. RIP.


    Toughen Up, Fluffy *Cold dude...

  37. killerscakes

    Ann Peebles sang (and co-wrote) the original version; I didn't think it was possible for anyone to rival her rendition; many have tried and fallen short. Then I found this version by Marriott and HP. They knock it out of the ballpark.

    Michael John

    Almost all of Marriott and HP covers knock the originals out of the ballpark, Rock On bro!

    Do Ga Mit

    Tina didn't do a bad job on it..... I like HP ver best though.

    Kitty Kane

    killerscakes: Absolutely Agree! Huge fan of this song but never heard it by (MY FAVE) Steve Marriott! Thank you so much for putting this up!!!

    bobby clawson

    From 1972 Honolulu, radio station Kiki played the best music so I took a slice been eating it every since . The high energy , hard driving live concert I ‘v ever witnessed. Check out the lp Thunder Box and also Eat It .... and have a slice .... 88Point 8 !

  38. Talis Aden


    Had to laugh. Thanks.

  39. Talis Aden

    Wow. Mr Marriott really does me on this song with the way he says "rain" at 1.25 in to the song is just spine-tingling. Truly miss the voice of my earlier years. He was so electrifying, so magnetic, you could not ignore him when he was singing.

    "Come on, children!"

  40. mdugand

    @brando6358 The sad thing is the x factor would eliminate him immediately. Fool and dogs rule the music industry now.

  41. mdugand

    @MrGthrasher All I can say is WOW! I respect your opinion but I think you missed the mark in respect to these two gentlemen. Eric Burdon IS a blues singer and I don't think there is any other way to categorize him. As for Mr. Marriott if you can't hear it, then there is no use debating it.

  42. mellilore

    @uglyorphan Epic answer and true too

  43. yoch3

    @dqfreemind at least "anarchize" something... great line - gave me a smile. Have a good morning!

  44. gnerco

    I had heard and liked a lot of the Small Faces material (and indeed The Faces) but until recently I had not heard much if any of Humble Pie - even the covers are superb, and I particularily like the take on Beatles stuff. Thanks for posting.

  45. Gary Thrasher

    @TheBluzgal----- Thanks for pointing out my typographical error. Actually I do know how to spell the name, but unfortunately I don't have good typing skills and I make a mistake from time to time.

  46. Carla D

    @MrGthrasher : I suppose when you are going to tout MR VAUGHAN's name about you should know how to spell it...jus sayin.

  47. cheryl latif

    @misterman2u Little Feat died with Lowell George. Waiting for Columbus has been...Waiting on my turntable since.

  48. cheryl latif

    LOVE IT!!! Thanks!

  49. John B

    @1959rocco Have you ever listened to Lowell George (RIP) from Little Feat?

  50. Dorian Adams

    How about Paul Rodgers.. Not bad either

  51. Alan Hopkins

    Steve Marriot, what a version, nailed it right on the head

  52. Gary Thrasher

    Obviously some of you folks don't know what IS the blues! I have much respect for Mr Marriot, as well as for Eric Burdon as blues influenced rock performers, but these guys are NOT blues artists. The best white blues singer ever was Stevie Ray Vaughn!

  53. Diane Roblin

    I wonder what Ann Peebles thought of her track? Hard not to be impressed by Steve.

  54. cmonupies

    @businesstripz Eric Burdon isnt a patch on Marriott's back pocket..

  55. SteveASuper

    That "white boy" don't need no qualifyin'. He was one of the all time best- no matter what human tree his line rolled down from. He had that indefinable "it"- it oozed outta his smile, his stance, the way he strutted, the curl of his lips- Look up cool- that was Steve Marriott

  56. leonakita

    hahaha...he sounds like someone kicking the neighborhood cat... what a mofo screeeeeeeeeeeech fest!!!!!!!

  57. Bobbe Agee

    This is fabulous, they nailed it! I love this song and all the versions of it.

  58. e. rainspirit

    @clamdraggin white MAN

  59. Constantine Robbins

    @clamdraggin omg races i am NOT but i thank you shuld not sayig these things in ublic!!!!

  60. Ryan Doyle

    MFW Steve marriots actual 55 gibson les paul is in my house when i get back from my girlfriends!
    apparently worth about 20 grand

  61. businesstripz

    Best white blues singer is Eric Burdon man..........but this is good

  62. MrFunkyBone


  63. judaschongo

    @DisneyLover05 your a lucky individual to have such a talented uncle! he is sorely missed.

  64. Wouter Vuijk

    @ostss True, true, true. However this song is really beautiful, a composition of Ann Peebles et al, a true soul artist. This is soul music at its best. Not to be confused with blues. Totally different, but nonetheless just as nice.
    No competition, let's just enjoy what these artists have given us.
    And, Steve Mariott was great, sadly he passed away the way he did.

  65. ubiquim

    ya you tell him mister (lolz).

  66. Randy Moore

    Did somebody make you the music critic of the week?

  67. Joshua Anderson

    I need this song like a drug , I have to listen to it everyday or things just dont go right , thanks so much for the post!

  68. vlad cocos

    With all due respect to all the other english blues guitarists / singers, when it comes to blues Peter Green is the man. End of story.

  69. brando6358

    @bobbitcat Yeah brother, you remember. There's very few that can make a noise like that, sweet, & real!

  70. brando6358

    Jezuz H Christ has this white boy got a soul voice to die for or what???
    This was in the day when singers had voices, not like the shite 'X-fucter' puts out today!
    Bring it on back, sooooon!!!
    Yeah, bring it on Stevie...
    Phuckin stunnin!!!

  71. chef stillman

    lowell george's version was so much better

  72. Joshua Anderson

    @1959rocco agreed!

  73. Randy Williams

    @piecomol lol he's a whiny baby alright, but give a listen to Patience by GnR, you can't tell me he doesn't sing well in that song (and a few others). ; )

  74. piecomol

    @TheRandiniarolla Axel Rose doesn't sing, he just cries like a baby with a poor voice

  75. 64x410 have successfully Sook !!! dont get no better! thanx for the post

  76. Jeff Sartain

    He knocks it out of the park.

  77. e. rainspirit

    That white boy could scream!! Too bad he didn't get his props. Sorry kustomride, Edgar Winter can't hold his own with Steve Marriott (my "humble" opinion). And Axel Rose WISHES he could even sound like Steve.

  78. e. rainspirit

    That white boy could scream!! Too bad he didn't get his props. Sorry kustomride, Edgar Winter can't hold his own with Steve Marriott (my "humble" opinion).

  79. e. rainspirit

    That white boy could scream!! Too bad he didn't get his props.

  80. faklempt1

    I was listening to Big Mama Thornton sing this and I stumbled onto this pure gold. I just don't know what to SAY, its so good.

  81. e. rainspirit

    Best version of "can't stand the rain", that voice!

  82. Randy Williams

    anyone else think axel rose sounds a little like steve?

  83. phil bailey

    Saw them open for the REAL Black Sabbath at the Alexandria Roller Rink......badass!!

  84. Bertrand Werbrouck

    @theseeker23 Born in 88. Have thought the same for years and still thinking of it. Blues, Funk, Jazz, Rock... something happened back in those days. There's a warmth and a power in the music I never found later and sooner (even if 50's are great for jazz). I can't understand these tectonik kids dancin on cold garbage. The fact that they like it doesn't bother me (the fact that this shit is everywhere you go is another problem) but it think nowadays that music is so cold. No groove, no soul...

  85. e.z. walker

    Fuck me - this is good!

  86. FrontalBaldness••

    @theseeker23 good taste of music and you must be good in instrument..

  87. JustAintThatWay

    on his solo disc lowell george does a take on this tune
    now i love lowell george i think he was a true musical
    not just rocknroll genius
    but im pretty sure mister george would bow to mister marriott
    a battle of the takes ever took place

    b/c - we know - stevie marriott if there is in fact a rocknrill heaven
    where the concert never ends we know marriott is on stage center
    we KNOW that

  88. Pedro CLARO-QUE-SI

    and it's a stormy monday, indeed !

  89. Tracy Glenn

    Great page...and this is such a cool song...started my day off right...awesome!

  90. Michael Winder

    hey dis....your uncle rocked dood!

  91. Emily Echols

    yeah he is my uncle and yeah he is still awesome. when i say that i mean it in a loving way stupid i know hes dead. a i also don't care what you tihnk cause i know its true so its not hurting me.

  92. shwaro73

    steve is your favorite uncle? so naturally you know hes dead yeah? yeah your right no one believes you. "hes awesome" awesomely dead.Also i bet he looked a lot better then than what he does now

  93. Emily Echols

    Steve is my uncle. im 14 now he is prob my fav uncle. love hearing him and seeing how he looked then lol. but anyway he is still awesome. and no im not lying you can think it if you want but i know im not so yeah.

    Robyn Locksley

    Bull farts on you.

  94. Jay Marriott

    Cool as fuck, is this the original?

  95. hippiegirl9954

    No you are not thinking correctly... this song makes me want to **** in the rain.....listen to it again and put alittle pelvis into it!!

  96. iutuber1

    hmm head Ann Peebles's version first , then Tina Turner's and I thought no one can sing it any better, till that is, I found out Steve did this song too and boy did he SING the song or what.

  97. LinkyR

    Nothing is better than this....This band is one of the greats

  98. Vincent Graham

    this song makes me hate rain...

  99. GuildF40


    Makes you BELIEVE he "Can't stand the rain"

    10 ★★★★★★★★★★

    Now you Young folks pay attention and screw X factor lol