Humble Pie - Honky Tonk Women Lyrics

We wanna pay a tribute to the Rolling Stones, alright!

Ah sitting in a bar out in Georgia, yes sir Lord
Oh I do my best but sure's a lonely show
Met a barroom Queen down in Texas, Lord, oh yeah
But I just can't get, get you off my mind.

Oh honky tonk, honky tonk, tonk woman
Gimme, gimme, gimme the honky tonk blues.

Later, it was late in New York City, believe me yeah
I had to put on some kind of a show
In a while my baby covered me with sweet sweet lovin', oh yeah
She blew my nose, she blew my mind.

Oh honky tonk, honky tonk, tonk woman
Gimme, gimme, gimme the honky tonk blues
Oh your sweet daddy.

Oh honky tonk, honky tonk, tonk woman
Gimme, gimme, gimme the honky tonk blues.

Oh honky tonk, honky tonk, tonk woman
Gimme, gimme, gimme the honky tonk blues.

Oh honky tonk, honky tonk, tonk woman
Gimme, gimme, gimme the honky tonk blues.

Oh honky tonk, honky tonk, tonk woman
Gimme, gimme, gimme the honky tonk blues.

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Humble Pie Honky Tonk Women Comments
  1. David Little

    Nice mess.

  2. Lynn Jones

    Steven Marriott peadophile going court..

  3. Kathy

    You are so missed Steve!!!!!!!!! Thankful to be able to see these great videos of you!!!!!!

  4. renditioners

    I believe this is what the kids refer to as rock n roll ,exuberance and enthusiasm indeed seems to be nothing wrong with such indulgences,

  5. Cook moore

    Raw and great drumming!

  6. mick Parker

    Steve Marriott he is a singer unlike Jagger
    Humble Pie blow the Stones away in every aspect!

  7. doctortabby

    One of my favorite rock and roll vocalists of all time. He was a pretty good rhythm guitarist as well.

  8. Alessandro Filosa

    Friends read Jerry Shirley biography! Is funny, sincere, never boring, get a journey in those beautiful years and so many stories about this great, great band!
    And jerry is gentleman smart guy and well... A groooovy drummer one of the greatest for me

  9. Curtis Quinn

    take bernie sanders off this youtube

  10. Paul B

    Not sure if its my personel taste ore my hearing but this sounds like shit to me.

  11. Sugar D

    Fuck The Stones

  12. dannysfreind

    I find Marriott to be THE most diversely capable vocalist and harpist of my time... ( late sixties to now and continuing ) and I'm still mesmerized by the stuff YouTube throws my way. ( I just found this ) That tiny man could sing a chicken leg away from a hyena... We were blessed to be surrounded by the talent we had back then folks. Thank you Lord for the slot you born us into...

  13. Mike m5959

    god i see all the praise of Marriot as a singer...he reminds me of that yutz in Greta Van fleet. this is a horrible version. no feeling or groove. its like snowplow.

  14. Chris Mawson

    Love the drummer giving it some serious welly at the start!


    He is knocking the shit out of them fucks sake, not so much a rhythm section more like, a juggernaut heading for a rabbit aaah

  15. ariesred777

    This is a kickass heavy rock version more my style.thanks Steve

  16. Walter Mameli

    Steve Marriot and Humble Pie.....They were the template for all Rockers to follow.....The words to describe their importance to Rock n Roll escape me.....

  17. Lunar Module

    Geeze he was awesome!

  18. Pom Pom7x7

    Every time I see Steve, he is so good that I feel like an orphan 😳😱😵😔🎸🎼👍🏼🇫🇷🇨🇭🌺

  19. Noel Majers

    Quite simply how to blow away any fucking band on the planet....

  20. rushmore120

    One of the top front men in rock n roll here people...

  21. Garry Norris

    How could such a soulful voice come from a little white Guy from the Eastend of London when it sounds Lille a Black man from TheDelta what a singer

  22. Randystudio217

    Whenever I hear about Steve Auditioning for the Stones and being rejected for upstaging Mick, this is how I imagine it went down

    John Gleeson

    This isnt even better than Mick what are you are on about. As great as he was he was very one dimensional, unlike Mick. And this version does not surpass the Stones versions.

    Gabriel Flores

    @John Gleeson In which way is Stevie one dimensional? Just because he sticks to one genre?. In which way is Mick more prolific than him?.

    John Gleeson

    @Gabriel Flores Giving some trite little list is useless. You just need to listen to their musical output over the years and compare them. I can only remember two styles from Steve. Cheeky cockney or the insanely powerful, soulful voice. Jagger was much like Bowie in how he'd express lots of different persona and styles over the years

    Hat90 Phoenix

    @John Gleeson You're just a troll aren't you?! Get off this page.

    John Gleeson

    @Hat90 Phoenix Can't hack differing views. You sad little man.

  23. kodiak744

    I always come back to this video, god it's so good.
    Steve was something special, that's for sure.

  24. Steve W

    We here in America who are over the age of 50 all remember Rockin' the Fillmore album quite well from that era. We all knew who Steve Marriott was. While I don't think the Pie was quite the same without Frampton's distinct backing vocals, harmonies and guitar solos, Steve Marriott's vocals and stage presence were so overwhelming that Frampton wasn't missed as much as would have been the case had he been in any other band.

  25. ricardo leyton

    La mejor epoca de STEVE MARRIOT...toda su energía...inigualable .extraordinario...bravo.

  26. Jon Williams

    Some of my best concert memories are these guys. Seen 'em 6x.

  27. Simon de Mars

    jerry fkn shirley

  28. Jeremy Gibson

    Axl Rose was heavily influenced by Steve Marriott

  29. Connie Taubert

    That's what I csll Rock & Roll! Love Steve Marriot! My favorite member of Humble Pie. Wish I could go back and give him a hug ❤️

  30. Hugo Stahlbaum

    Steve Marriott and the boys blew away the Stones with that kinda cover..

  31. G.A.L. lindYxxx

    In case you haven't listened to it Peter and Steve were working together in early 90's Frampton put a Song called "out of the blue" on his 94 CD it's a very good tune

  32. Last-No̸tch

    Runs miles around The Stone's version!

  33. Moon Rich

    Clem Clempson is a phenomenal guitarist who has done it all. Rock, R&B, hard rock, jazz fusion, you name it, with Humble Pie, Bakerloo, Colosseum, Jack Bruce. He's not just a simple minded rocker.

  34. Mick Corbett

    He was a pocket dynamo, a true rocker & wonderful guitarist & ultimate performer👊👌🙌🙌

  35. Tim Joseph

    amazing there are only 20 people in the audience.

  36. saint jack

    damn, Marriott was singing this song like his life depended on it along with the band. they were on fire. incredible.

  37. bflo1000

    Can you say WIRED? LMAO

  38. John Rapp

    It's a facking gas!

  39. colin knowler

    I had a chance to see Stevie live in 1991--- he was playing a gig at the Fox pub in Palmers Green N.13 where I lived, and on the day I went down with a really horrible chest infection and never made it---so sad that shortly afterwards that year he died in his home in a fire-alone--I play his stuff all the time---grossly talented and plagued by his devils-miss you man--fabulous guitar player and a voice nobody can match even today-R.I.P Steve

  40. Mark .Smith

    So glad someone had the foresight to record this video and audio. It is a record of a magical performance that cannot be conveyed only heard(and seen) to appreciate. The acoustics are perfect and showcase all the members contributions to the song.

  41. devon batdorf

    Marriot Is a great singer, but this is awful

  42. antomus

    Steve Marriott a great singer and great musician who has influenced so many future rock musicians. One of the best!

  43. Steve Bratsch

    Framton was'nt bad either.

  44. Steve Bratsch

    thank you Steve.

  45. Nate Garcia

    There is Steve and then everyone else.

  46. Williams the Conqueror

    Sucks balls.

  47. Roldan Datan

    Way better than stones version

  48. dick dewater

    Humble Pie has always been a favorite of mine

  49. serenaleagh grace

    and i have just turnded 70 whooooo

  50. serenaleagh grace

    5 long years

  51. serenaleagh grace

    and i luv u welshvegan 4 your thoughts and u no what he will be singing at my funeral

  52. ChiliConQueso

    Steve Jones played this on his radio show Jonesy's Jukebox, and I thought for the first minute or so it was Martha Reeves or Fontella Bass (whichever one sings "Dancing in the Street").

  53. bubba19805

    Waking the dead..

  54. Rossi_

    he was one of the greatest singer /Guitarist to ever grace a stage. This band live could blow roofs off of Arenas.

  55. The Respected Lex

    My comments been removed. Ok heard the condensed version. Bass player, lol.

  56. heavymetalhead hristov



    Saw Steve with his packet of three in the early 80's. Amazing !
    The joint was hooping after the first riff and Steve belting it out.
    An old english van parked in front.
    Authentic !
    He was Rockn Roll !

  58. Roxann Cuthbertson

    Had the privilege of meeting him at my 24th birthday party in the early 70s we got stoned and pissed an amazing guy xx

  59. Kire

    Steve was a local engine. The Rolling Stones orignial version sounds like a cheap copy.

  60. Gibsonsg Jamie Bassett

    what are the pick ups on the les paul. they look like p90s but not screw poll pieces

    Plank Hill

    Gibsonsg Jamie Bassett staple tops I think

  61. John Benn

    WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From a mad keen 73yo Aussie fan.

  62. ChadMutt

    sound guy not use to bands playing at 11

  63. otto houlihan

    Over the top version of a song that's difficult to get wrong. They manage to fuck it up entirely though. Truly awful.

    George B

    otto houlihan Agreed. This is an aberration. The singing is fucking dreadful - no feel for the song just tuneless, self-indulgent caterwauling. The playing is workmanlike and dead. The average bar band do a better version than this. HP were never more than average at best anyway.


    2% of the world agrees with you. Maybe some Adele music is more taste.

    sun johnson


  64. Bob

    At 1:35 a guitar magically appears in Marriot's arms! a miracle!


    go home Mick

  66. Mike D

    Fuck they must of took some big breaths after that number awesome

  67. Jim James

    yes i am 16 and i love boybands the beatles the stones, velvet underground(oopps sorry female drummer) MC 5,the stooges,new york dolls,dylan, lennie cohen ,neil young
    sly and the family stone, sex pistols,the clash,johnny thunders and the heartbreakers,television,talking heads patti smith(oopps sorry female) buzzcocks,magazine,wire' can ,neu, teardrop explodes ,bunnymen,orange juice
    wah heat, sonic youth, the pixies dinosaur jr, ,allo darlin,(oopps sorry female singer)the wave pictures

    Adam Doyle

    Go away you clown

  68. Jim James

    fucking awful

    Just Another Bloke

    then why watch/comment then jimmy?


    Jim James we all have our cross to bear but no need to broadcast it mate

    David Clues

    what fucking age are you? 16 and into the shit put out by your boybands?


    Jim, I respectfully disagree............IMO, fucking great!

  69. Joey Ramirez

    that dirk bogarde chap again. still good. but where's frampton? on his camel by now, yes?

  70. Kyle Bennet

    This flashes up some memories. This and "30 Days in the Hole".
    It's awesome that rare(r) stuff like this will live on forever on the internet.

    Jo Smotherman

    Aah. Thirty Days in the Hole. Golden.

  71. ed3432

    Steve's chops are fantastic.

  72. sharon astill

    steve maybe small in height but kicks so much ass.!Shame he aint here he would be king the best rock vocalist ever.!


    +sharon astill Richards wanted him but Jagger knew he'd be upstaged, so it never happened. Job went to Wood.


    Christ, he'd have been dead even quicker if they'd gotten together for a tour!


    Steve wasn't small, rest of the world was just, erm big

  73. jmverhoef80


  74. The Respected Lex

    Great soulful rocky voice from Steve Marriott, I like the way they rocked up this Stones staple. I like the drummer's experimentation with day glow clothing. I also like that they gave Sean Bean's dad, or possibly less handsome relative on bass a job. Sort of "Gimme gimme gimme the 'onkeh tonk blooose." Lol!

  75. allymayful

    No Peter frampton???

  76. martynh

    Tommy Bolin instead of Clem? No. Clem was fucking great. Look at him he's just a kid. He ended playing loads with Jack Bruce. Need I say more. One of the all time greats.

  77. Олег Горбунов

    Steve Marriot was a terrific fabulous singer!

  78. Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum

    magic rock song, my god did steve marriot have one hell of a rock voice or what, miss him a legend who is where i am from essex england. i wish i could sing like that too, classic live performance. rock heaven all the way.

  79. william b Stoecklein

    Steve's lost days;

  80. skidco1

    Not seen this before - wonderful stuff. Yes, it's raw, but wouldn't you just love to have the chance again to listen to this sort of performance from them all night long in a venue near you? It would be sweaty, noisy, packed with atmosphere and a night to remember.  I saw the Stones and the Pie in 1974 and the Pie knocked spots off the Stones. 

    Tate Thompson

    Stones didn't tour in '74.

  81. Anton Theunissen

    @mickavellian Fine analysis and I think you're right. Just as some counterweight: you're applying popmusic laws to rockband live performances. I must say I'm glad when I hear a 'unformatted', maybe even raw version from inspired musicians, not caring too much about what will sell and what not. When that resonates, it really resonates - albeit with a smaller target group. The truth must be somewhere inbetween as always.
    Besides I think the solo on Pie's "Eat It" version (side four is live) is epic. That can only happen with 'unproduced' live rockbands. I'd trade Richards intro for it anytime. (Dave "Clem" Clempson, not Frampton btw)

  82. Reni

    Raw as fuck, love this cover

  83. Winni Kreuter

    I’ve seen the band in Munich Circus Krone, really a great gig with "I dont need no doctor" 

  84. Jesus of Nazareth


  85. 0231andyman

    Best frontman ever

  86. Kapricorn71

    I will raise my hand, and say when I first saw this a few months back, it was the first time I heard or seen Humble Pie, let's just say my jaw was on the floor, brilliant

  87. mido pauillac

    Steve is so beautiful. The way he sings and plays take my breath away.

  88. VaPedja

    AC/DC before AC/DC, but much better... :)

    juan carlos

    VaPedja Lol , i actually think Steve Mariott looked a bit like Angus Young

  89. salkizar

    one of the best rock n roll songs in history..and they completely ruined it...YUK!! No doubt the wee man has an amazing voice....but....its so bad!!!! And that chorus melody they sing is shit....oh ears hurt!


    errrm......think you should say they fucking smashed it.........this is the reason why Jagger went no way not having him in the band....Marriott the best vocalist ever ..................

    Kevin Kiso

    I have to agree. Jerry Shirley is fckn nailing it there in the beginning though. And Peter's replacement guy does a great solo. But ... I don't know. It just kinda comes off as slightly insipid.


    its different but the original is best but this just rocks....

    ThreeMan AcousticJam

    Guess you dont know good rock music.

  90. 3rdOfficerTaylor

    What if Tommy Bolin replaced Frampton instead of Clem Clempson??? My God... Think of what it could have BEEN!


    Coulda been better or worse. I think Clem is amazing! But even Jerry Shirley admits that Cocaine broke the band so I couldn't imagine Mr. Druggie himself Tommy Bolin surviving 6 months in this band...

    william harvey

    @ApickinandAgrinnin THANK YOU.the occasional idiot landed there.Bolin also couldnt make this style band.Dave Clemson turned them from pop to rock.thats what Steve wanted and never got from Frampton.

  91. Chemistsongs

    Great voice

  92. Louis Hildebrand

    speechless, priceless, and totally consumed !!!!   miss this man so damn much 

  93. Marko Petrović

    Wow, where have you been all my life? (reffering to this band.)


    You have a lot to look forward to :)

  94. WelshVegan

    It is a crime that Steve Marriott isn't a rock god in America.  He should be mentioned in the same breath as The Beatles, The Stones, Zeppelin, and The Who.  He's the most powerful blues rock vocalist ever !!!!  Look for "I'm Ready Rockin the Filmore" and the vocal intro is insane !!  Very, very few singers could pull off what Steve does at the intro of that song.  Actually, no one could pull it off with as much soul or blues.  No one, not Plant, Mercury... maybe Rodgers could come close; Noddy Holder of Slade could come close, as he has done a similar thing; but no one else.

    Lum Bago

    @Georgie Thumbs Man, that's really well said. If you can't make, or even have access to, good song material you're doomed. I hate to throw him in the same conversation but David Lee Roth is a perfect example of this.

    javier antonio garcia daume

    You should hear him singing black coffee, you won´t believe that soul in his voice

    Lair of the Mastermind

    Steve Marriot was the best ... the problem was Humble Pie never wrote any solid style songs they were always more of a Jamming style band which is fantastic but they needed them songs.. Yardbirds had them and he was massive then but then like alot of people of the late 60s Steve went onto doing power Jamming.
    If he had a songwriter behind him who didn't want to just jam pentatonic scales all night he'd have became even huger

    Jerry Muzak

    For a lot of us here in the states, he is and always will be a rock god and equal to all the rest, if not a step above. Brilliant vocalist, brilliant guitar player. Hard to beat.


    @Georgie Thumbs brutal ain't it but true its a product, you gotta have it, like fucking toothpaste, u gotta have the goods,

  95. Michael Götz

    I agree to Emily, Steve's psychopatic style in combination with his extraordinary voice is really big rock'n roll and big entertainment! If you here the same song from the Rolling Stones, it's like sleeping pills to this one.   

  96. Alan Green


    Guilherme Olivier

    The best Rock Singer!

  97. Eileen Wilson

    In absolute agreement with King of the Mods. Steve Marriott had a voice like no other.

  98. drumzi

    Great stuff.......:)

  99. King of the Mods

    Steve actually had an audition for them, just before Ron Wood joined, and Keith warned Steve not to sing, just play guitar, but the magik mijit couldn't resist joining in with Mick......and never got the job! The late, the Great, Steve Marriott has be the Best male Rock/Soul/Blues singer ever produced from these fair shores :)