Humble Pie - Good Booze And Bad Women Lyrics

Straight on up, you know I'm gonna do it right
I wanna stroke ya, choke ya, whisk you up and roll all night
I'm a weekend dreamer, don't hesitate and that's fun
To do it to the man with me, never need to worry.

Yes I'm a weekend dreamer, got 24 hours to get rich, get rich
I'm having shorties with the roadies while the group is knocked out with turn tails
Tonight I'm a rambler, see I'm a Ted, that's right
Do it to the man with me, never fails to work, never fails to work.

I'm gonna swing my hat and Sunday look around for girls
To get myself together, have to face that Monday morning's work, alright
I'm a weekend dreamer on the way to work feel real bad
Do it to the man with me never fails to
No not to be till Monday need ya, never failing
You do to the man, baby, never fails to work.

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Humble Pie Good Booze And Bad Women Comments
  1. Dipankar Ray

    Those darned vocals can strangle any vocals remotely close to it.

  2. Dipankar Ray

    Thx a million for this awesome stuff by Humble Pie, theseeker23.The music n' the vocals was sending darned shivers down my spine.

  3. Louise O'Shea

    Turned the bass up on "Is It For Love". Teeth vibrate. Glasses fall off every time.The neighbours say it sounds like party up the road. Still lovin it.

  4. anzi godola

    good goal



  5. kat Mats

    There are many comment here on why this album was so badly mixed. I am about to explain why.

    When you build a studio, the most important thing to do is scope the room with sound meters that tell you if the room is true. Some rooms have too much treble and some too much bass, and yet others have not enough of  one or another.
    The idea is to is too get the control room where you are going to listen to what has been recorded, to be as neutral as possible so that you get a totally true sounding room from the get go. If you are recording or mixing down to much treble, middle,or bass onto tape, you will know as a sound room never lies. If however, you have a great sounding room from the get go and do not think you need to go through all the trouble  and expense of having the room scoped and fitted with appropriate acoustic tiles or wall coverings to equalise the room properly you are playing with fire.

    To understand how this could possibly happen you mush grasp the atmosphere in which the studio was put together. Steve Marriott had always had his 2 track equipment and a fabulous playback system in place in a room over the garage at Bee Hive Cottage which became a studio. He had made several demos there which sounded as good as the masters.  He understood the technical side of running a home studio from early on in the days of the Small Faces. His generation of writers did this all the time. However, recording technology had come a long was in a very short time and unfortunately  Steve had not checked out the sonic values of the control room. It was not that he made some grievous error ; all he knew was it sounded great in the  room. Eat It marked the first time that anything coming out of that room was going to be put to the ultimate test - being listened to by the masses over the air , or in their cars , or on their stereos at home. No one said a thing until it was too late.  During this time Instant Karma came out George Peckham received the master tape and called John Lennon to tell his there was a great deal of distortion on it. John told him in no uncertain terms that he knew about it and that he like it this way so leave it or else. The single was released and went straight to the top five on both sides of the Atlantic. 


    Thanks kat! Jerry Shirley gave a pretty good explanation in his book: Best Seat in the House. I am a bass player, and have always admired Greg Ridley. So, I was not complaining about too much bass. Other elements of production were, I felt, weak. Particularly Steve's vocals, which, I thought could have come up in the mix. But as you pointed out, nothing was said until it was too late.

    kat Mats

    I am a music history conasure. I am currently reading Jerry's book. I have not been able to put it down. From the eyes of a child he set many things straight. Not that he was a child but he started very young drumming. If anyone gives a true account of this period of time he did .  To one history buff to another it is wonderful to have a conversation with you. I woke this morning to hear the sad news that Ian McLagan passed just days after Bobby Keys. I am truly grateful I was born to a generation of some of the best music in my opinion of all time.  I finished reading All The Rage a week ago.  I had a good cry this morning . I know it will not be the last one as we sadly will see many of the greatest pass in the years ahead.  Keep in touch Kathryn


    @kat Mats I am just finishing reading Santana's memoir, The Universal Tone: Bringing My Story To Light. Very good, highly recommended! 

    kat Mats

    @Historyguy13  Thank you for the recommendation.  I am a avid reader of Rock history . I will head over to Amazon and buy it today,

    Matt Peckham

    Absolute crying shame this LP didn't end up with the best possible sound. In all other respects, its an absolute monster album, filled with great songs, playing and attitude.

  6. 69zenos1

    This is why you do NOT get fucked up and mix an album!!!!! In fact get an outside ear with you. And NEVER let the lead guitar player mix a song. NEVER, EVER!!!!! Great album despite the bad production.

  7. edwin santos

    I agree with you, Doxx. Unfortunately, the whole album was recorded and mixed by Steve Marriott himself! Could you believe that shit??!

  8. Doxx Diggler

    the material on this album is superior.... fuck whoever let this mix out. Damn shame


    @Bottump i think you ALWAYS have to work hard to get the good stuff-and this album could be mixed better- but the content makes it THE perfect statement-they will never remix it cos it didnt sell!!1money IS the ROOT of all evil-but I'll take what I can get-

  10. Elie Attie

    rockin tune man

  11. gorblimey61

    If you mean the japanese CD import its okay, but not a vast improvement IMHO.

  12. Andrew Whitmore

    Yeah it's a shame the production's a little on the crap side on this album. It ends up being my least favourite album because of this even though some of the tracks are pretty damn good. I think they probably went a bit too far making it a double album too. Would have been better as a nice tight single album.

  13. gorblimey61

    This is a pretty good cut off of the "Eat It" LP. Jerry Shirley said that the band had really high hopes for this album, but they messed up the mix and weren't able to fix it.

  14. Historyguy13

    The band produced this album themselves. Don't know if that was good or bad. The production was a bit on the weak side, but this song is one of my favs off the album. It duplicated their live act, with the addition of the chick singers.

  15. Chris Meulbroek

    thanks again seeker!