Humble Pie - Beckton Dumps Lyrics

Oh yeah
I can't seem to open my eyes
But I must get out of this bed
'Cause the phone keeps ringing downstairs
And I know that this ain't no place for a sleepy head.

I go down to my chest, oh yeah!
Put on my old string vest
Swing it on, babe.

Well I feel like I'm in need so I go back up for a smoke
And then I slip back in my easy chair then I give my lucky dog a stroke
Well he just gives me a wink and I know what that mean now
Well it mean that I need to put on his lead
If I don't want a mess on my cheap pan.

That's cool 'cause I know I can trust him
To grab the fuzz if they bust in
Get him, boy, oh yeah.

Well what does it take to make a jelly roll?
Who can you sell?
When I wake up to a grey day
How do I slip away so easily?



Well I feel too old to get a hair cut
And I ain't had a shave in months
Now when I don't go out, I keep my door shut
And I get on back to good old Beckton Dumps.

Drowning, now warn you
I'll be right back.

I won't go there.

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Humble Pie Beckton Dumps Comments
  1. cal456

    thank you

  2. John Connors 111

    I go down to my chest. Peacr Jc.

  3. Carmel Dennison

    My first real experience listening to music In other dimensions...
    Space and time...
    Was living in the Bay Area with my dad.. we had a great time.. going to record stores and digging through albums. Humble pie was a favorite.. still today they have my heart.. along back roads and bluesy rivers.... Rip Richard my father and friend.....❤️🥀🎶✌️🌈

  4. lambrex54

    Crunchy, chordy. The Pie could really come up with some good cuts, great guitar.

  5. neff49

    One of the nicest songs in rock history. No doubt at all.

  6. denislaw8

    The Pie were the business.

  7. Saint George

    Humble Pie the first and still the best rock n roll band I ever saw live. East Ham Granada 1974.

    Michael Parker

    +Saint George I was there too, my cousin climbed through a back window after the gig and we met the band. Marriott was so easy going. 15 year old me just hung back. :-/

    Saint George

    +Mickey P.Nice one, Steve always seemed down to earth and an unaffected bloke. I feel a sort of connection to Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane as I lived and worked in Forest Gate, East Ham and Manor Park in my early years. Ronnie Lane was a local lad and he met Steve Marriott in a music shop down East Ham High Street. I also saw Hawkwind at the Granada. I ran down the front for the encore to get a better look at Stacia. Sadly no encore was forthcoming. Never forgave them.

  8. Jack Connors

    Humble Pie's Marshall Amp with Reverb and Echo sound is sorely missed .

  9. Michael Parker

    Beckton Dumps was my backyard, born and bred with tales of a wonderful childhood centred there. Steve's lyrics don't address it at all but who cares. great song, great singer and a great band. The critics only championed Humble Pie with Peter Frampton. Marriott had visions that went beyond a guitar hero's canvas and his vocal abilities and characteristic 'Mr Entertainment' personality were as intrinsic to the band as any guitar work. The Pie was a sum of many parts and as tomshea69 and SenorSpode have mentioned, the band that rocked America as well as Europe, has not received its due respect in the annals of R&R history.


    +Mickey P. With you man saw them several times and always one of the most memorable shows from my youth.
    With and with out Peter who was by the way an incredible talent also!

  10. jfrockon

    @SenorSpode Critics? They only like REM, Bruce Springsteen and other faggot ass music. If the critics hate you, your doing something right in my book.

  11. Mark Brennan

    I grew up on a frebab estate next to Beckton Dumps in the 60s but had no idea there was a song named after them :)

    Saint George

    I lived in a prefab in Beckton Road when I was child before going to primary school.

  12. thegreyfox53

    @RockerBobK9 too right ... I LOVE this song, and agree 100% with your comment


    @SenorSpode please friend me-if you are a female I love you-if you are male, we must be brothers-

  14. chippy783

    playful Ogdan's stuff, a super talent whatever he smoked or drank, Ronnie too

  15. darkarts59

    has this been ripped off ?

  16. thomas arundel

    word up seek

  17. CARLTON6139

    Sod the critics - the Pie always does it for me. Marriot's vocals, guitar are fab and as a harp player his playing sends me away man

  18. forbiddenvalley

    "a fave over here"!! When you want to smile and feel good when your down, just roll this one...

  19. Thomas Guitar player Richmond

    Happy Thanksgiving bro :-))

  20. chippy783

    wish steve could have saved his voice and done studio stuff the rest of his life

  21. Ted Frey

    Yeh Thanks mate i bought the album some time ago now, thanks anyway.

  22. Robin Nettleton

    Its on Thunderbox mate.

  23. paul martin


  24. sam4u2004w

    it's great to hear this one again !!...
    I admired this band for a long time,
    playing this lp, then cassette, then cd
    on and on an on...thanks for posting !

  25. Ted Frey

    Does anybody know from which album the track "drift away" is from

  26. gorblimey61

    Some of the studio cuts on "Eat It" were kinda weak and I'm a huge Pie fan. I just got the "Marriott" CD and I'm diggin' "East Side Struttin'".

  27. Historyguy13

    I luv the typical Marriott vocal style during the bridge!

  28. thomas arundel

    great~is shut up on there?

    Mark Haus

    Yes, Shut Up is on the Eat It album.

  29. thomas arundel

    excelent~ is shutup on there?