Human League, The - Blind Youth Lyrics

No future they say
But must it be that way?
Now is calling
The city is human

Blind youth take hope, you're no Joe Soap
Your time is due, big fun come soon

We've had it easy, we should be glad
High-rise living's not so bad

Blind youth take hope, you're no Joe Soap
Your time is due, big fun come soon

Is such a big word
It's been around since
Richard The Third

It's easy to say
But if you're not a hermit
You'll know the city's okay

No future they say
But must it be that way
Now is calling
The city is human

Blind youth take hope, you're no Joe Soap
Your time is due, big fun come soon
Blind youth take hope, you're no Joe Soap
Your time is due, big fun come soon

We've had it easy, we should be glad
High-rise living's not so bad

Blind youth take hope, you're no Joe Soap
Your time is due, big fun come soon
Blind youth take hope, you're no Joe Soap
Your time is due, big fun come soon
Blind youth take hope, you're no Joe Soap
Your time is due, big fun come soon

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Human League, The Blind Youth Comments
  1. Toshi Shinichi

    Sounds like this is the older brother of Pulp's "Glory Days"

  2. Julie Damon

    Where are the ladies, best part of the band?

    Mark Richardson

    They hadn't been discovered yet.

  3. Trevor Random

    Fantastic video

  4. Steve Pettit

    the human league's early albums were pack jammed with great tunes that could have been monster hits maybe they were too early shame.

  5. julio olaechea

    youth has gone

  6. Andy Edge

    Total, utter timeless quality!

  7. J L

    1979 - 1980 Segunda generacion de la electronica, Human League punk & space disco 😆

  8. Victor Hugo

    Human League foda demais...

  9. G-plan9 Future

    Not to be underestimated

  10. Gianluca Bovi

    I love this electronic sound. "Reproduction" 1979 and "Travelogue" 1980 has been Human League best album. Their best period.

    mi ja

    yes, and Dare too

  11. shadow0106

    This is leagues better than what they did after that, with those poppy records.

  12. Janis Ibarra

    Philip was so beautifull💘

    Mark Poncia

    Still is !

    Mark Richardson

    @Mark Poncia hair today gone tomorrow

  13. akhmad alfan

    now i know where offspring got that lick in Come Out And Play

  14. Jaime k

    Concrete jungle

  15. Andy JS

    Although many things were crap in places like Sheffield in the late 70s/early 80s, you get the impression a lot of young people like the Human League and Heaven 17 had an innate optimism about the future which people these days don't really have. People genuinely believed in the sort of futuristic attitude that TV shows like, say, Tomorrow's World represented.


    its a little bit simpler than that, it's just pop but yes it's melancholy

  16. Franz Mittner

    A masterpiece then and now.

  17. Dilson Almeida

    Espécie de fase punk industrial (ou à lá Kraftwerk!), que a maioria desconhece.

  18. jörg Wagner

    ist der geil..oder?

  19. Greg Brown

    You know they didn't believe what they were singing. Right?


    Oh Really? Listen to that statement of Martin Ware on this on Austrian TV. Must still be up on YT.

  20. Darwin Molleturo

    this song makes me remember Dead Or Alive and Depeche Mode

    Nicholas Sans Pasty

    this is a bit earlier than either


    @Nicholas Sans Pasty Depeche Mode started in 1980

    Mark Richardson

    Nobody wants to remember dead or alive.

  21. LordHeath1972

    This song. THIS SONG. Pure and utter brilliance.

  22. Vangelis Petridis


  23. Laura Ess


  24. Terrence Kelly

    Now I know what spawned "the frozen autumn"

  25. Darius Hunter

    The Synth the post punk is love. <3

  26. Andy Wood

    my Sheffield in the 80s, so privileged to be part of this amazing time for music. Phil Oakey you are a legend.

  27. G Beats

    I think The Human League were the best U.K synthesizer band in my ears.   

  28. Thursday afternoon

    Doesn't get any better than early League!
    Check out the early live stuff on here next or straight to Marianne

    Andy Wood

    @d e a d s o u l dead right

  29. ivan nastase

    Human League were well- ahead of the game in 1979. great song and video

    Greg Brown

    ivan nastase
    Unfortunately they couldn't keep ahead of the game.

    Mark Richardson

    Greg Brown They did!

    Paul Eyles

    Good song

  30. steviox

    Fantastic video

  31. Lux Voltaire

    One of my favourite HL Trax.

  32. HairyMcHero


  33. josé de melo júnior júnior

    eletronic sound

  34. Joe Patroni

    What the hell is that contraption in the beginning of the video?

    Mark Richardson

    A steam engine??

    DocWho 2002

    what the cassette tape?

  35. Mark Richardson

    The early versions of the League are their best and most original work in my opinion. But they weren't making much money out of it.

    Cockney Red

    agreed,but if i hear 'dont you want me' one more time on the radio,i'm going to kick fuck out of it.

    Greg Brown

    Mark Richardson
    Dignity of Labour

  36. Mark Liddell


  37. Mark Liddell

    A near faultless synery of sound and vision.

  38. Mark Richardson

    Definitely Sheffield.

  39. Nightporter

    Is that Julian (A room with a view) Sands 0:24? How appropriate 'high rise living;....view. See what I did there?

  40. Stuart Vallantine

    The first tower blocks you see are the Hyde Park and Park Hill estates in Sheffield. There are some shots of London roads and tower blocks from GLC's Roehampton estate. Even so, the bulk of this video is set in Sheffield, including a picture of the band photographed at Sheffield Polytechnic.

  41. jake888999

    whoever did the video did a great job excellent

  42. Kelly14UK

    Bloody good song.

  43. adam wheeldon

    Very very good

  44. Vedran Vrhovac

    probably Sheffield

  45. S.M. Stasiak

    Me gusta mucho!

  46. Phil Hibberd

    Richard the third!

  47. Jason Ozolins

    Is such a big word
    Don't use it in lyrics
    You'll just sound absurd

  48. Alastair Revfeim

    I got the CD somewhere.

  49. Snoop Lion

    There's plenty of good Electronic music out there, it's just that the good stuff has fallen out of mainstream spot light.

  50. Georgery R

    So glad J.G. Ballard made it into this video. R.I.P

  51. Gary190tube

    @Mantsguds "misunderstandings" such a big's been around since....Richard the Third

  52. senorverde09

    Oddly enough, does anyone know this song was written as a slight insult to the punk culture of Britain at the time? Possibly the League's response to Johnny Rotten calling them 'trendy hippies' after releasing Being Boiled.

  53. Jean-Marie Martin

    @93727CA Hello there,I recommend you listen to HL's remix of The Sound Of The Crowd..It's off the chain,next to Don't You Want Me!!!..Their early work was merely experimental sound in which went pretty well...Otherwise they went downhill right after their single "Human"

  54. ianrussll


  55. TheNouveauxdecadence

    Faaaabulous video and fantastic track. This is just so flawless and exciting to watch * The mighty Human League

  56. neogeo53

    i like the way you've used parts of kraftwerk performing on tommorws world and the doc synth Britannia

  57. Craig Dee

    No he isn't Asian as far as I know.

  58. legolas11795

    whoever made this video did a great job hacking apart my favorite documentary EVER. And I mean that in a good way. GREAT WORK!!

  59. Mike Keel

    Nicely put together, thanks...

  60. Pui

    @AlyssaPandaEyes this video is based on a documentary on British synth pop bands. you can find it here on youtube... check it out. it's called Synth Britannia.

  61. atarirob

    wow this is so heavy synth

  62. Alyssa Panda Eyes Thralls

    who made this video?! It's fantastic! I can tell that it's not an original Human League, but only by the fact that the quality is so good and all the 80s stuff is always so degraded in quality, otherwise it feels incredibly like exactly what they would have done if they'd had the capability at the time. Beautiful!

    DocWho 2002

    I thought it is the actual video as I recognise some of the video from the Synth Britannia documentary (which was made around 2009 so the video maker might of used that), maybe not, I don't know as I never saw the original

  63. dkasten

    Select and fucking EXPERT.

  64. lacacapopo

    gracias electrozaps
    pero perdon por hacerte trabajar ya que este comentario no era para este video sino para otro que es un documental
    no se por que se puso aqui o me equivoque
    quien sabe
    pero chido por tu traduccion me late los human de hecho ahorita estoy viendo el documental que digo y se trata de synthpop

  65. electrozaps

    no hay futuro, dicen (no futuro)
    tiene que de esa manera
    ahora está llamando
    la ciudad es humano

    los jóvenes ciegos tener esperanza
    su no joe sope
    debido a su timei
    gran diversión venir pronto