Human League, The - Being Boiled (Fast Version) Lyrics

OK, ready. Let's do it

Listen to the voice of Buddha
Saying stop your sericulture
Little people like your offspring
Boiled alive for some god's stocking
Buddha's watching, Buddha's waiting

Just because the kid's an orphan
Is no excuse for thoughtless slaying
Children don't forget this torture
Just because you call her mother
Doesn't mean that she's your better

Once more with the voice of Buddha
He'll say carry on your slaughter
Who cares for the little children
You may slice with no conviction
Blind revenge on a blameless victim

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Human League, The Being Boiled (Fast Version) Comments
  1. Steve Pettit

    it is fab and i have commented on other clips on here that the early stuff is as cool as the obvious my cousin turned me onto this she was a year older than me she lent me it she forgot about it i said nothing i still got it bless.

  2. Alexandre Overall

    Dark me trouxe até aqui

  3. Miriam Bloemraad

    Loved this song years! Thank you Dark also for using this great song ❤ excellent music/ cast/ story / scenery ❤ can't wait for the final season.

  4. Alvaro Arango

    Muy buena!!

  5. Navnish Bhardwaj

    Keaanu brought me here and this song is Breathtaking!!!

    Anshuman kumar

    Keanu is Breathtaking!!!!!

  6. Galaxy Unicorn Squishes and Slime!

    Ok, ready, let's do it.

  7. Robin Sam

    മലയാളികൾ ആരേലും ഉണ്ടോ😂

  8. Claudia Sollami

    Dark season 2 ep 2

  9. Matina Krikeli

    ok, I'm not gonna lie, I'm here because of the Keanu Reeves-YSL commercial, and it feels good!!


    hahahaaa same here :D

    João Gabriel

    Same 😂 Long Live Shazam!

  10. MrHbsauce1965

    the only league

  11. Josef

    Kvarteret Skatan :D

  12. Martin doc Sämple

    aphrodelics - rollin´ on chrome!

  13. TheGodParticle

    i still have this single and its in my loft..

  14. LiteralPotato

    @artlesclark No point commenting if peeps can't read it.

  15. MAGUS1947

    those dozy bints were the death of Human League.

    Andrew Breckill

    no they were not, the league died before the bints.

    Diz Jake

    The Human League is still going strong in 2019!

  16. Les Clark

    oh very good, its a comments page not a bloody exam paper

  17. LiteralPotato

    @artlesclark Yeah, I know that. I meant in the way of how he typed his comment. It makes no sense; must be the lack of punctuation :S.

  18. Les Clark

    Check the HL's history

  19. LiteralPotato

    @artlesclark I really wish what you said made sense. I really do.

  20. Les Clark

    Still have the 45 THIS IS THE REAL DEAL 1978 post punk ps its in MONO its their original demo recorded on a MUSIC CENTRE tell that to the kids today

  21. Les Clark

    Still have the 45 THIS IS THE REAL DEAL 1978 post punk

  22. Fenslau500

    coole version !!