Hugh Laurie - Kickin' Ass Lyrics

Well, the world is facing problems getting bigger every day,
They've got a greenhouse over Texas and recession's on the way,
Although people tell you that this planet's dying fast,
Well, I ain't seen a problem yet can't be solved by kicking ass.

Kickin' ass, (KICKIN AY-ASS)
Kickin' ass is what we do,
Kickin' ass, (KICKIN AY-ASS)
Iron foot in the velvet shoe.
We don't care whose ass we kick, if we're ever all alone,
We just stand in front of the mirror, and try and kick our own.

Well, we kicked ass in Grenada and we kicked ass in Iraq,
We kicked the ass out of the ozone layer, now they say we've gotta kick
it back,
We'll kick the ass of cancer and we'll kick the ass of AIDS,
And as for Global Warming, well, just kick ass wearing shades.

Kickin' ass, (KICKIN AY-ASS)
Kickin' ass is what we do,
Kickin' ass, (KICKIN AY-ASS)
Iron foot in the velvet shoe.
We don't care whose ass we kick, if we're ever all alone,
We just stand in front of the mirror, and try and kick our own.

Well, you can haul your ass or shut your ass or bust an ass is fine,
And there ain't no better place to put your ass than on the line,
But if you're like us, (YEE-HAA!) Thank you,
And you won't take second best,
You'll put your kickin' boots on, and kick like all the rest.


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Hugh Laurie Kickin' Ass Comments
  1. Stanislav Bernstein

    See that guy in the back? He's my English teacher :)

  2. Yaser Masood

    Lol, it's actually good

  3. Michael Greenwood

    Damn and blast your goggly eyes! Will you stop interrupting, George!

  4. Sword of Ker Podcast Comedy Series

    Undoubtedly my favorite Hugh Laurie song. He’s awesome!

  5. Rowan Aboat

    What was the strange musical accident called?

  6. tm502010

    Love this!

  7. russbeer1


  8. Zoe Porphyrogenita

    So true to life.

  9. Lane Russell

    Y'know, the Brits wrote "Yankee Doodle" to mock us, and we adopted it. I say we adopt this one too! It's a ripping good tune!

  10. Eddie Greenheart


  11. Matt Dowse

    It may have taken 30 years, but this is less like parody now, and more like an anthem. Strange times we live in.

  12. bad1dobby

    You can tell they’re not really ‘Muricans by the lack of guns.

    Hi there

    And a cross and flag. You do have the right idea though. Stephen could be any Trump supporter.

  13. Leanne Blake

    Fry & Laurie . Brilliant Haven't seen this in Ages. It was on TV in 1989. A Classic . I wonder if the Americans realize they were completely taking the Piss out of them. I would guess Maybe , No.

  14. Jalex Fine

    This is beautiful and exactly why PC culture needs to die. This is exactly how Americans behave and I should know as I am one.


    FYI this was mocking they very kind of people who are nowadays opposed to the so-called "PC" culture.

  15. Baiko


  16. Rex the Royalist

    Why is it that Stephen can play anyone from a mild mannered genius to that blithering, inept, possibly imbred dolt?

    Isaac Newton

    because actors are better than everyone ;P

    Isaac Newton

    they float in space and hold their unbound energy and shoot it in any direction necessary to earn money
    yep thats how it works

    Isaac Newton

    next serious revolution comes when slaves die out.
    of course the dumb kind of slaves that don't know what their energy is worth but only what the immediate outcome (money, satisfaction) is worth to them (and not even why(that's tricky because there's no answer for it for unreasonable behavior)).
    i'd like to write a more serious sequel for the celestine prophecy .. i haven't finished it though :D
    yep oppression made me write this

    Zoe Summers

    'cause he's from Norfolk.

    Stanislav Bernstein

    Manic depression is a terrible thing, but it has few perks, headstart in acting is one of them, you don't have to learn how to be a completely different person. Jim Carrey also "blessed" that way and I've been hearing all my life I should be in acting. But Stephen is absolutely second to none as he also milked another perk good and proper becoming one of the most understanding men on this planet. He saves hundreds of lives every day encouraging people to fight by example and his way of traveling around the world to confront homophobic and religious halfwits in the most graceful manner could really be another great lesson for the world as man earned so much respect among educated people of Russia that none politician or actor could ever dream of. From the bottom of my heart, I wish him good health sending all good vibes I have to aid in his fight against cancer.

  17. FunkYeah

    Pretty much sums up the US. I remember one of George Carlin's stand-up when he went on about how Americans are obsessed with guns, war and destruction. It's a sad, shameful truth.

  18. Zoe Summers

    US Foreign Policy at it’s distilled core.

  19. MonkeyKong

    it becomes less of a ridiculous parody over time


    The US is basically a parody of this song

    i suck at life

    @mollistuff ¿have you ever actually been to the US?

  20. Stefunny Herz

    😂mice and men smh

  21. Stephen Robinson

    When is Vern gonna sing the song? I'm still waiting for him to sing it, I've got my harmonica ready and everything.

  22. gill426

    Can we please talk about how awesome Hugh Laurie is at doing this accent and how fabulous he looks and how great his voice is here?
    I'm blown away. ♡♡♡

    Sepha Pagdanganan

    Not just awesome but super handsome <3


    There is nothing he doesn’t do well

  23. Saur

    That is a kickass song :D

  24. Post Yoda

    Donald Trump's Campaign Song.

    Hi there

    It's Trumps ass that should be kicked - all the way to Russia.

    Freddie Lounds

    Weird how you say this but he literally hasn't done anything and is actually trying to avoid war but I guess it's super easy to get woke points making crap up that you want people to agree with because screw the facts right?

    Freddie Lounds

    Devin K P yeah pretty much it’s why you see the same Trump jokes over and over they parrot they don’t think

  25. DayDreamBeliever1961

    stephen looks so brain-dead here. LOL

  26. r4gg3dt1g3r

    I was nearly sobbing with laughter when Stephen howls "Kickin' AY-ASS!!"

    Fastidious Sloth

    I think you missed a syllable there.

  27. George Parkins

    I'm not that far from being sincerely that guy and I still find it hilarious. I know a guy, none too stupid, who worships Forrest Gump and more or less acts like the other guy. He has an IQ of 110, just acts like that for kicks.

    George Parkins

    Did I say 110? More.

    Sebastiaan Wolswinkel

    @George Parkins You did

  28. Mikael Rehbinder

    Yep. This is just one hilarious song from A Bit of Fry and Laurie. There are many more, like "sophisticated song" and "I'm in love with Steffi Graf". Go on and watch the show, it's part of british humor legends.

    Boris Van Druff

    Adamson11x And “Mystery”!

  29. Must it mean something?

    god! i am really laughing! Fry!

  30. fred

    PADDLE FAST!!! I hear banjos.

  31. Bones Skywalker

    Nope. I freaking love this song. I wish it was on itunes!

  32. Nancy Harniman

    Am I the only one that thinks this is actually a good song?


    It is a good song.

    Fastidious Sloth

    A thurnk it's a marty fahn sawgn.

    Stanislav Bernstein

    And unbelievably catchy, I'm here because I found my self humming it while making breakfast :)

  33. Silverlance988

    And it will be until Yankee ass gets kicked real hard.

    Hi there

    best way to kick their ass is financially. That is their big weakness.

  34. Justin Bucholtz

    The 'MURICAN way.

  35. Jennifer Graham

    oh yeah awesomeness

  36. Chris

    clint eastwood on speed......

    Zoe Porphyrogenita

    Chris: I was thinking that prison songster. What’s his name?

  37. thependragon81

    Great lyrics, just as meaningful today as they were then.

  38. Mel lop

    Hugh Laurie is my hero. He sings, writes, acts, does comedy and a range of other amazing parts, plays different instruments and is damn sexy.

  39. pythoniac

    It just never gets old, does it? Second best Hugh doing accents moment ever (best one has got to be House pretending to be English) and lyrics that are still as up to date as over 20 years ago. And... yes... "Vern"... Stephen being... erm... not very bright is undoubtedly one of the most hilarious sights in comedy.

  40. Erin Jones

    I sing this to my friends and they always give me weird looks and they don't understand it. It's too bad really because you know this song is pretty "kick ass" that was corny :D

  41. Kaitlyn Marie

    Stephen is so bloody brilliant! I laughed so hard when he started in I almost got stomach cramps!

  42. kitsunelady

    I watch this practically everyday and STILL find it hilarious! Too funny! If you only know Hugh Laurie from House then the comedic brilliance of these guys will really surprise you!

  43. madeasjo

    just a perfect one.....i cannot watch it without laughing although i have seen it like 2000 times now :D

  44. TaylerIsAComedyFan

    Stephen doing his little stompy dance makes me lol XD

    As the the rest of it... genuis. Very catchy song :)

  45. truediva18

    @IMSwimmer19 If anything, it shows that Hugh Laurie can do good dramatic acting and be a good comedian. The guy is the triple threat-actor, singer/musician, writer.

  46. ABoney

    It takes great inteligence to play someone that stupid!
    Matt LeBlanc, Stephen Fry, you name them!

    Hi there

    Fry - definitely, but Matt LeBlanc? You've got to be kidding. Ha ha ha ha ha

  47. truediva18

    @AnimalChiko Try season 3 of their show " A Bit of Fry & Laurie"

  48. Nicksta101

    I love this!

  49. IMSwimmer19

    @berrygirl1964 He's still hysterical as Greg House, can't watch that show without laughing several times!

  50. procrastinator99


  51. bluedeathva

    Its funny that its supossed to be jesting with Americans but if they heard it they would all love it.

    Joel Frankford

    Can confirm. Am American and love it.

    Fastidious Sloth

    As with all countries, there is much intelligent life in the USA but idiocy makes 'better' news.

    Fastidious Sloth

    Clearly a man of refined tastes and intelligence.

  52. EilisM

    And never was Stephen Fry in a less sophisticated role... GOD I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Matt Smith

    No, Hugh Laurie doesn't play just Dr. House, he done many awesome things.

  54. bearfeathers

    8 people are getting their asses kicked.

  55. defmanwalking

    genious and madness often go hand in hand...

  56. ImStillDancing

    @babygirlleanne101 Non mais les gens le font exprès ou...

  57. Lise Adler

    Thanks, deadzoner!
    Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry are definitely kick ass!

  58. queenymax

    Let's kick the asses of everyone who asks if Hugh Laurie is the one from Dr. House!!

  59. lennic95

    It's brilliant to see our eloquent Stephen Fry be a Texan dimwit! :)

  60. Marco W

    Beautiful *.*

  61. soulofshiver

    @BOSOX9004 haha wut!? Who do ya think of started making things so bad in the first place?

  62. Justin Warrick

    it is hard to believe that the crazy person dancing aroound behind hugh is, in fact, the most literate person i have ever witnessed

  63. Schizm1

    Hugh look like Elwood Blues from Blues Brothers here

  64. MyMusic0201

    Oh come on, this is comedy. In a lot of American sitcoms you'll find a funny and condescending tone of Americans towards the rest of the world. So this is just the other way around.

  65. TheTheLeeloo

    Stephen is so funny here! Love him.

  66. dmunki12

    I love you how you people make it seem like Americans are the only ones with problems to be made fun of. From where I'm sitting I'd rather be made fun of as an American than to suffer as anything else. The whole world is fucked, not just the states.

  67. ailashes

    A Bit of Fry and Laurie mocks Americans so much, I'm surprised Hugh managed to become so popular the other side of the pond. Guess that just goes to show how talented he is, lol.

  68. Jason Abel

    By the way if you people dont get the gist of the song, he's making fun of Americans! and he's not exactly wrong!

  69. Naomi Beijer

    what kind of harmonica does Stephen play? Or is he miming?

  70. Heather Ayrton

    Check out their Michael Jackson sketch, that's another one like the Creature out of Young Frankenstein xx

  71. vorads

    It reminds me of the Creature in Young Frankenstein.

  72. acerb45666555

    hes funnier at this than he is with his "house" gig!

  73. ferdelance618

    What makes it better is that Stephen fry is actually really intelligent LOL.

    "tap along to the straaaaaange rhythms in his heaaaaad" LMAO win!

  74. Ryan Brown

    also drums

  75. Mihai

    and mouth trumpet , harmonica (kazoo) and piano

  76. jorge andres

    Kicking Ay-yas!

  77. cleogurl79

    hugh is sooo cute! stephen fry is doin that crazy stomping lol

  78. Carfer22

    I do love a good George W Bush introspective.

  79. Synthia Diamond

    Funny!!! lol!! :)

  80. Synthia Diamond

    He is English. I know it can get confusing because in House he talks with an American accent and in ither things it's sometimes British.

  81. Claire Ballentyne MP

    Didn't Stephen Fry actually have a musical accident that caused lasting damage?

  82. mafaka1488


  83. Modularized

    It's a joke but no one seems to appreciate it.

  84. adam0szersen

    What are you talking about?

  85. Modularized

    You're fake.

  86. lesr131

    Nuthin' better =]

  87. adam0szersen


  88. adam0szersen

    I love Laurie's fake accent:)

  89. puika1987

    This song and Hugh Laurie sure kick some ass. Jeeeeeaaaaah kick some arse kiiiiiick soome aaaarsssss

  90. lesr131

    HOW do they do this with a straight face XD

  91. Geekberry

    Suomi ja YLE! Koska tää on tullu Suomessa? ,_,

  92. Shane for Wax

    [email protected] "KICKIN ASSSSSSS!"

  93. jorge andres

    kickin' ay-yassss

  94. peKadoDeDioZ

    Dr House kicks ass!!!!!! XD

  95. Vicky Argento

    yeah it's very very very hard , not laughing while a crazy guy plays the fool behind you. Laurie is a big boss, really...

  96. Vicky Argento

    Oh nooooooooooooooo this man can't be Hugh Laurie it's incredible, lol I love this song


  97. dorksicle

    Kickin' ass.

  98. Mongloire

    It`s absolutely stunning! :-))) can`t stop tears of laugh :-))
    Only I beleive that Fry doesn`t play the harmonica, it`s a phonogramme, I`m wrong?

  99. alechiba

    [part 4]
    Well, you can haul your ass or shut your ass or bust an ass is fine,
    And there ain't no better place to put your ass than on the line,
    But if you're like us, (YEE-HAA!) Thank you,
    And you won't take second best,
    You'll put your kickin' boots on, and kick like all the rest.


  100. alechiba

    [part 3]
    Kickin' ass, (KICKIN AY-ASS)
    Kickin' ass is what we do,
    Kickin' ass, (KICKIN AY-ASS)
    Iron foot in the velvet shoe.
    We don't care whose ass we kick, if we're ever all alone,
    We just stand in front of the mirror, and try and kick our own.