Hugh Laurie - America Lyrics

America, America
America, America, America, America
America, oh oh
America, America, America, America

The states, the states
The states, the states
The states

America, America..

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Hugh Laurie America Comments
  1. FrancesBaconandEggs

    Sounds about right 🤷‍♀️

  2. Sara Louazo

    Here because in the middle of a meditation session this tune shown up in my mind : dead laughing in my meditation room !

  3. cesarefumare

    Great PUNCHline!

  4. ollbo200010

    I've read a few books on American culture. I didn't need to. This explains the whole country.


    And everyone, except Johnny cash, in it.

  5. Yaser Masood

    . Omg, the assault at the end floored me😂😂😂


    it also floored hugh

  6. Lego Guy

    My favorite part was when he said America

  7. BloodEnthused

    why are people laughing, isnt this murica's national anthem

    George Almond

    No, but it should be. I'm an American, so I should know.

  8. Unconditionally Guaranteed

    Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump

  9. Ulleskelf

    Lyrics: America.
    America, America, America, Americarr.
    America, America, America, Americarr.
    The States.
    The States.
    The States.
    The States.
    The States.

  10. Ruple Thaker

    Ur Merica

  11. KesselRunner606

    I love this skit, but it's a bit unfair to take the piss out of Springsteen and Born in the USA. Nationalism and shallow patriotism is not what that song is about. Quite the opposite.

  12. Joy Phillips

    i'm from America and I thought this was so funny.

  13. J. Okay

    I post this on my Facebook every single Independence Day! Love Fry and Laurie. Never seen a more perfect parody.

  14. Pers Godiva

    The lyrics have as much substance as America has.

  15. Hans Brickface

    I do like me some physical comedy.

  16. Abraham Iglesias

    Can someone share the lyrics for me? I’m having the hardest time transcribing them.

  17. Tienne

    Americans: much talk; no substance

  18. Diane Zimmerman

    Very appropriate post 2016.

  19. Elfesteem

    Ow awesome, this is exactly what I hear when I hear certain american songs especially Springsteen.

  20. Arturo Millán

    Still relevant, innit?

  21. BorisTheBlade59

    kinda has a similar quality like another classic, "where is the lid"

  22. Wolfgang Trubshaw

    And now understand that they succeeded to even get such as _him_ to choose infinite treason over life and sanity.

  23. Adactus L Vox

    Got us there

  24. assassintwinat8

    Laurie: America
    Fry: What the rest of the world feels like

  25. girlinthegalaxy


  26. Pedia Brown

    The Brits totally get it!!

  27. AN Feuerstahl

    Profound lyrics.

  28. salma mohamed


  29. Sana Savannah

    I love how he keeps a straight face throughout. Laurie is truly one of the most talented actors ever. ❤

  30. Efi Myz

    The States !

  31. Gozilla

    He's actually beautiful with the piano but the lyrics are perfection

  32. Torstein Bakketun Kyte

    The part about America is quite good.

  33. Studio 11

    A merry car!

    Wolfgang Trubshaw

    Thank you for unknowingly and accidentally contributing to a process called Making-things-go-Poof! The fate and state of the automobile industry over decades is thusly explained.

  34. 「 OKAY 」

    And that's how House went into medicine.

  35. Fastidious Sloth

    The words would be even more banal if it weren't for the refrain. The accompaniment is really nice. I was sorry it ended, although he was only being put out of his misery.

  36. Griff Rider

    petition to make this the new US national anthem?

    Hi there

    A stupid idea for a stupid country.

  37. Bad Bear

    0:58 Rebel Alliance sign

  38. Maximilian Schrepfer

    Stephen Fry still feeling sore about the Revolution.

  39. lexoz 932


  40. Eddie Icelander

    I am absolutely and utterly _loving_ that third chord!

  41. MunicipalSka

    Such a beautiful song.
    *tear rolls down*

  42. Mark R


  43. multiHappyHacker

    America is 20 years into the future of your own countries.

  44. GeminaLuna

    there goes so much thought and feeling into these lyrics.. it's overwhelming.

  45. Allison P

    Thank you!

  46. Duglife

    It seems Bertie Wooster spent too much time in New York.

  47. CocoaNutCakery

    How you can tell it's fake: Hugh Laurie didn't pull out a Colt Delta Elite and put a bullet into that Brit.

  48. rskershawe

    They are very clever and funny and Hugh's song predicted and predated Phantom Planet's 'California' by many years.

  49. carsrunonvodka

    Still better than that MAGA song the President tweeted for July 4th

  50. Navi _

    I'm American and I loved this. 😂

  51. TheNinthDoctor

    Every year. It's really the most patriotic song I can think of.

  52. jn pg

    wow, still salty after about 241 years. good to know

  53. Regina Irby

    Stephen Fry's reaction to that song is the way that I feel everytime I hear Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA".
    I'm an American but damn that song is annoying.

    Alfred F. Jones

    Regina Irby How is that song annoying and how does this comment have 10 likes


    Alfred F. Jones It’s embarrassing, trite, vomit-inducing, stereotype-perpetuating dross with cringey literal lyrics that convey the feelings of someone who has no idea about the existence of anything outside of America.
    The kind of song a right wing simpleton might play aloud to a crowd of similar right wing simpletons..

    Oh and the comment above has 10 (now 11) likes because people agree with it, as they should because it’s correct.

    Robert Gaudet

    @Stripes Apparently the artist who originally wrote God Bless the USA has some more complicated ideas about the whole thing, but basically the song is or has become exactly what you say it is. It's like a parody of itself it's played so straight.

  54. Olga Bogomaz

    Hugh Laurie Lyrics


    America, America, America, America
    America, America, America, America-a



    P.S. You're welcome!

    Heavy Critic

    I'm kind of late to the party here, I know, but he actually sings "The States". ;-)

  55. Ruple Thaker

    Brilliant x

  56. EmEsse

    This perfectly describes when you join an "Irish" forum and go to the Introductions thread

  57. Taras Mogilyuk

    National Anthem of States.

  58. tomtom21194

    Quite right, America is indeed a laughing stock right now

  59. Captainsuperbudder

    Whenever I hear Americans saying their country is the best, I think of this song, and Stephen fry punching Hugh at the end.


    Americans should think their country is the best though.


    Captainsuperbudder -

    "Americans saying their country is the best."

    Especially those who have never been outside of it, or learned enough History even to know when the Declaration of Independence was signed.

    As for Lil' Ol' England - that's in Germany, right ?


    Precisely. What a bunch of morons (I mean those who think they are the best)!


    No problem when people of US of A think their country is the best. But it is funny when they are offended by a forigner who thinks his own country is the best...

  60. kimberly s

    As an American this is %100 realistic

    Julz XD

    kimberly s Its like they almost predicted the future

    David Sirois

    Yeah... percent one hundred!

  61. Geoffrey Gibson BSc


  62. David Lance

    Someone should use this in the Richard Spencer meme

  63. chemicaro

    how relevant today

  64. Geoffrey Gibson BSc

    dam you stephen

  65. armchopper

    what i thought about when i've seen the results of elections.

  66. Guy_With_Hobbies



    No, this was cute and charming. Not words I'd use to describe the current situation.


    hahahahahahaha oooo no... no... it looks Worse Than that xD

  67. Tara Taylor

    I'm okay until he says 'The States' 😂😂😂

    Sara Louazo

    Tara Taylor I die every time at this moment. He’s looking so self satisfied to vary the lyrics.

  68. Ev Sal

    An excellent rendition of every Bruce Springsteen song ever written! The only problem problem was that the ending was to upbeat to be realistic.

  69. Juno

    Played this when we were celebrating the Burning of the White House on the 24th August.

  70. User TritBit

    UK versus US?:)

  71. Zhivko Kabaivanov

    I don't get it, could some explain to me?


    @Big Iron I'm not sure how you read anger in ''Ooo that bitterness, talk about delicate little flower.'', but you're trying to make it fit your narrative that someone is angered/triggered when they're actually not.

    You'd be right in saying that Frizzle is 'triggered' considering the long post filled with vitriol, my response was merely a response to his thin skin to the fact. Instead you've turned a blind eye to it and instead tried to defend the guy who is actually triggered.

    Reading comprehension should be something you'll learn in school soon enough.


    @Big Iron Where exactly is the passive aggressive speech in my initial comment or my second comment?

    I know you started off out of the gate jumping to conclusions and continue to do it even though it's backfiring spectacularly.
    Protip: I'm not from the UK.


    @Big Iron Very amusing indeed, reading your pathetic counter arguments :)
    I just love how you "discredit all my arguments" without giving any actual evidence to back up what you are saying. US not the fattest country? Oh yeah of course, because a handful of tiny, either island or almost city-states have a higher rate...the US is not the fattest technically, oh wow, you clever snowflake. It is still the fattest in terms of population size as it is the only actual large country with such obesity rates. Your second argument is hilarious. Yes, the cleaver mortality rates in the UK are skyrocketing wow you can´t go outside nowadays without being at least grazed by one!. Irony aside, what a stupid statement. Its called having sensible gun regulation laws. Weird huh, how it seems to work for like every european country. Children are not likely to be shot? I am ignorant to that context? Please explain. The way I have read the news seems to support my standpoint more, but hey I guess if there are holocaust deniers there are school shooting deniers lol. Ah yes your mighty military, unsustainable and held alive only by paper promises...high GDP? Yeah lets ignore the unbelievably high debt of your amazing economy. And you state it has a higher GDP like it is an actual argument? Of course it has, it is several times the size of the UK with a much larger populatiuon, I would damn well hope so if I lived in such a country?! Stating that the UK does shady stuff in politics does not negate the fact that the US does that I´m afraid. I mean believe what you want but if I take one look at your current elections for example, I am pretty certain of who has a more undemocratic and downright stupid political system lol. You resorting to childish insults shows your ability to debate and your intelligence. Authorities are not racist? Ok I guess we will ignore facts again, don´t think I even have to get started on such a, funnily enough, incredibly ignorant statement. Im not even from the UK by the way lol. And your last sentence, indeed, the facts speak for themselves. Of which you have literally zero in your arguments haha. Great sentence! ^^

  72. Heyechan idieH

    I laughed so hard!!

  73. George Harrod

    I can see Donald Trump's advisors highjacking this for his presidential campaign.

    Philip Croft

    WHO'S LAUGHING NOW arsehole ?

    Philip Croft


    David Renton

    @Philip Croft - I agree. Shit for brains Trump could never remember these lyrics.

    Joy Phillips

    @David Renton Democrats can't seem to remember that America should come first before their socialist agendas.

    David Renton

    @Joy Phillips - If only the Democrats had a socialists agenda! From your lips to god's ear!!!

  74. Cukierowsky

    isamu kiedy hutrworld

  75. Raktim Parashar

    can't believe there r 217 dislikes for this! :D


    +Raktim Parashar Probably all from American people :)
    It's just some people's opinion. Nothing to be taken too seriously.

    Raktim Parashar

    @gb1reinwald have to be.. :)

  76. azapro911

    Never did find out what the name of Hugh's character here was. I'm guessing Bruce Joel-Mellencamp.


    John Cougar Hornsby and the Range

    Wolfgang Trubshaw

    There's some Randy Newman in there, too.

  77. Gral Cumberbund

    The states!

  78. Greg Fletcher

    Where can I get a copy of the Lyrics? I keep forgetting them.

    Nikki Barrett

    Haha 😂👏🏿👏🏿



    Beatrice Blake

    Don't know why he has to be so wordy.......

    Cai Inperience

    uhm Erica! uhm Erica-aah!

    Beatrice Blake

    Too damn wordy :-)

  79. vijucat

    LOL, I found this very catchy and now I have to check myself lest I sing it out loud while walking on the streets. Bruce Springsteen would love this parody! (If I'm not wrong, it's Bruce Springsteen who's being parodied?)


    its not. It's a parody of AMERICANS.


    That's how I interpreted it. Just a song about americans being full of themselves. It seems nothing has changed in that regard since this song was written :D.


    Hmmm, I don't think a song with only about three words can be thought of in depth! It was 1989, so not long after the big slew of big patriotic stadium songs and their singers, of which Hugh Laurie himself is parodying. vijucat is right, it'll be Bruce Springsteen with a bit of Billy Joel/John Mellencamp etc.

  80. phuturephunk

    I cri evryteim.

  81. Thomas Dykes

    I'm putting this on my fb feed for the 4th of July. This is as American as it gets.

  82. Ja Dominek

    This song answers following question: Who is responsible for current migrant crisis in Europe? ;)


    Bush & Blair


    Robert Fisk's report FROM Douma. Google/YT it !!


    +Gladdic Saddic

    You're either ignorant, "informed" by far-right propaganda - or both.

    Merkel did absolutely SHIT to create the migrant crisis (that by the way ended as soon as it started - within a few months it was reduced to a trickle, while the far-right propaganda keep lying about a never ending "crisis").
    All she did was answer the situation in a moral way.
    With hundreds of thousands of refugees walking north through Europe on foot she rightly said that Germany as a rich country could afford to receive some of them.
    So get this through your thick skull - she didn't invite people sitting from outside Europe - she let in people already in Europe into Germany.
    And if all of Europe would have done the same it wouldn't have been a problem at all as there was certainly room for even the large influx that came in 2015.

    Case in point - Europe is home to 500 million people. So far in the first half of 2018 only 50,000 refugees have crossed the Mediterranean - that's less then one tenth of one per mille of the European population, so hardly a fucking "crisis" - now is it?

    But still the far-right keep pushing that lie - like you did, one year ago, when the numbers where equally low.

    "Most of the people coming in droves aren't even refugees, but people taking advantage of the invitation and current events."

    Christ you're fucking stupid... Yeah, they wanted to take "advantage" of the great opportunity to drown or see their children drown crossing the Mediterranean - of course!
    Now start by doing that yourself. Sit yourself in a overpacked rubber dingy and in the dark of night try to cross miles and miles of open sea with dozens of other people - none of whom know a shit about the sea.
    If you survive that I'll listen to you tell me about what "advantage" would make people who are not desperate do something like that.
    But before you've done so yourself- just shut the fuck up about things you clearly don't have a clue about, OK?

    "It's why many European countries are giving the EU the middle finger, for they know these are not refugees. And blame Germany as well."

    No "European countries" have given the EU the middle finger. ONE European country has done so - the UK, in a slim majority in a popular referendum that was based on lies. And they'll suffer the consequences for it, which is why there no longer is a majority even in Britain for giving the EU the middle finger now - when people realize what they voted for.

    Regarding the rest of the countries you probably believe have given the EU the middle finger (Poland, Hungary, Italy etc), they're led by far-right extremists that definitely wants the EU money - but they don't want to contribute anything in return.

    As a citizen of a EU member state not run by far-right extremists and a major per capita contributor to the EU budget I'd be perfectly happy seeing them kicked out of the EU.
    It would cost them and save us millions upon millions and then they can sit there sulking while their economy turns to shit for all I care.

    But of course that wouldn't happen.
    Because the EU is extremely popular in these nations when it comes to the money these countries receive, so if we in the sane EU turn that tap of, citizens in those nations will probably soon realize the folly of voting for far-right extremists.

    As always, their only "argument" is "You should help US - but nobody else! And don't expect US to help anyone else in return for the help we receive!"

    Well fuck that I say - let's just kick the racists countries out and they can go joint Russia for all I care, since they seem to love authoritarian strongmen so much.

    I actually expect that is what will happen eventually, unless the far-right extremists are voted out of office.
    The EU will just kick the racists out and move on.
    I hope you live in one of those countries - it would serve you right. :)

    Atu Ka

    Europe by himself. This is their fault and they're paying for it. I hope they'll pass this exame.

    Robert Gaudet

    Definitely wasn't the British literally drawing the borders for the countries in that part of the world. Definitely wasn't that, no responsibility there.

  83. CreepYourSmile

    Where is the lid?

    Where is the lid?

    Where is the...where is the...where is the, where is the lid?

    James Haines

    +CreepYourSmile "HUGH, IT'S RIGHT HERE!"

    Emil Hardersen


    Emil Hardersen



    In America, obviously.

  84. British Comedy UK

    LOL Love Hugh x

  85. Julz XD

    Great Springsteen impression. I remember growing up watching this with my parents. Yes I am old, but those were really the days, when humor and talent were real and funny. If Americans get offended? You need to get out more


    Offended? This perfectly captures the state of arts in our country.

    J. Okay

    It’s a perfect parody. Most other Americans I know mock this blindly nationalistic posturing wholeheartedly. (I also reckon we might be able to do a British parody, now that we’ve got some similar stupidity going on across the pond...😉)

  86. matdur2000

    with lyrics they can understand

    Mike Lasner

    Never understood the obsession with association Americans with low intellect. They rank higher in average IQ over many European countries and on par with pretty much the rest. Joke is ironically ignorant itself.


    +Mike Lasner

    "Never understood the obsession with association Americans with low intellect."

    I have just one thing to say to that - Donald Trump

    There, I hereby rest my case.


    Dear Sir, are you by any chance suggesting that Americans are of low intelligence quotient? Yew better not be or ah'll chuck mah dictionary at yew.


    Mike Lasner No they don’t.

  87. GrissomLovesSara

    It's hysterical how much the British still think about America, Americans... the behavior of Americans... how we think, etc.  Outside of James Bond, I dare say Americans don't even remember that we were once just a colony LOL That's why we're AMERICA... AMERICA...

    Hallie Hurst

    +GrissomLovesSara Its not that. We're over that war too. Most Brits will tell you that the sun never set on the British empire but its scary how few could tell you where that empire used to be at different points in time.
    Its just you do so many un-British (not-British, anti-British?) things that we love to ridicule. The American dream, the optimism, the land of the free, the conservatives the patriotism, the arrogance, the glory and the attitudes. I'm not saying these aren't British ideas as well but its funnier if we laugh at other places for having them.


    GrissomLovesSara You didn't quite get it, never mind.

  88. John Doe

    Where can I find the lyrics? Thanks.


    I can see the South playing this in schools

  90. Daniel Mlodecki

    214 people got hit in the face with a cricket bat.

  91. angel_in_a_musicbox

    To anyone who may have misinterpreted my last message it was meant as a joke. I love this sketch, Hugh and Stephen. Truth be told be told I don't even know what to say about my country most times so I think this is by far the best way to explain it. Sometimes this country makes me want to shake my head. I do apologize for the fact that the last message was not as clear as I had hoped. That is all

  92. William Smith

    I'm thinking this should be our new national anthem.  


    +Philip Croft Definitely a punch at the end.

    Darko Babic

    Finally I've found full A Bit of Fry and Laaaurie movieeee here =>


    You think you`d be able to remember the lyrics...?

  93. Danger Mountain

    240p, BBC? Really?


    Cuz it was uploaded in 2008.


    One of mine was uploaded in 2007 and is 360p - but I guess the BBC don't want people downloading it anywhere near the original quality.

  94. KiberNet Vio

    Такой шедевер прервал

  95. sasquatchdrizzle

    i sure love Hugh Laurie!! and steven fryers ;D 

  96. Vincent Van Gamer

    I just imagined it was Bruce Springsteen the whole time. so thanks, Fry. 

  97. kaiya thomas

    I love your acting, Hugh! =)

  98. Lindsea

    Is there a lyric video somewhere?

  99. Ronin Dave

    Happy 2014th Birthday, America! Thank you, Dr. House, for the beautiful song! I'm trying to learn the lyrics for my BQ party.

    Clint Tapper

    Ronin Dave America (as in name) the country, not the piece of land on which it technically sits, is not 2014 years old.

    Neither is the land on which it technically sits.

  100. Sammy Keyes

    Happy Independence Day! But why is an Englishman singing about the U.S.? :P


    I have to assume you didn't watch through to the end