Howard Jones - Cross That Line Lyrics

It's not my fault if you didn't live out your
youthful dreams
Now you want to backtrack, how different it all seems
Love seems to be like alcohol, evaporates before your eyes
The bonds that once were welcome, become the chains we despise

When you cross that line, there's no turning back
When you cross that line, don't come knocking at my door

Everyone has got to take some responsibility
The grass is rarely bluer, but you wouldn't take it from me
Finding out the hard way can be an endless affair
I'd stop you if I could, but then again, I wouldn't dare

I'm telling you when I say these words, that
they're not spoken in bitterness
That destructive emotion has long ago left
and these tears that cleanse the soul and let me
start afresh

When you cross that line, what more can I say
When you cross that line, we are no more
We are no more

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Howard Jones Cross That Line Comments
  1. Roberto Rojas

    Temon, un clásico de ls 80'

  2. Sergio Rivera

    Howard Jones
    "The Prisoner"
    #30, 1989.

  3. Weston Huffman

    Wonderful 1989 classic!

  4. Thomao

    That guitar rift reminds me of a Metallica one a bit.

  5. Ed Barczynski

    Absolutely brilliant!!! Bravo Howard!! I am in awe of your musical prowess! Your first song alone blew me away!

  6. 1silvervespa

    Keeping with the times .....
    Can't live in the past .
    Artists can't keep putting out exactly the same stuff that's not being creative at all .
    Still like some of these tunes .

    Obssesion Beauty

    Published on Mar 21, 2007

    Music video by Howard Jones performing Prisoner

    (1989) Music Records Inc

    Obssesion Beauty

    My Dads gonna redo the hard drive on my laptop. So I made this video before it got wiped out. Basically it's a few extended clips from prior movies and some kids TV By this time tomorrow my hard drive will be wiped out clean


    Genial Howard, que ricura de melodía,

  8. Kai W.K

    His weakest album. Howard Jones kind of vanished after this album. Sad really. Love H.J. But this album was....

    Graham Cole

    He has always been active up to now with great albums, In The Running, People, Revolution Of The Heart and tours regularly.

    Shawn Williford

    Kai W.K wrong on so many fronts. This album was amazing

    Bruno Primas

    But this album was......Great! I think it holds up very well in 2018.


    I think most of the songs on this album are pretty good, they just don't flow well together at all.

  9. Jacob Ramirez

    This song reminds me of Halo by Depeche Mode.