How To Dress Well - Words I Don't Remember Lyrics

You know that I love you baby
Only wanted one thing on my mind
Who could I resist, ourselves, a risk I wanna try
But it's you that got all my time
What is love but nothing more than anything you wanted baby
And who could ever wanna be erasing all that time
What is there for me to say but words I can't remember
Said it was you for the rest of our lives

Yeah, who knows if I love you baby
But you're the only one thing on my mind
If you could let your angels out, I'd rescue one at a time
But stress just grows [?] in the corners of your eyes
So what is trust but knowing when to let you have your silence baby
To let you have your peaceful private corners of your mind
Just don't ask me to sing for you, these words I won't remember
And I won't tell you how to live out your life

Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm ohhhh
Whooo ohh ohh mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm ohhhh [x20]
Whooo ohh ohh mmmmm mmmmm

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How To Dress Well Words I Don't Remember Comments
  1. NightmareNearSakiNikaido

    I will always remember Colin "Kitty0706" Wycoff.

  2. The Sonic Universe

    Tom Krell rocks!!!

  3. G_Boy

    i still cry over his death

  4. Sing To Records

    Remix for listening pleasures:


    Remember guys, do what you love.

  6. Wolf Pack Longboarders_SA

    2019... Who's still here trying to dress well?

  7. CoolHunterHD / CHHD

    Rest in Peace, Kitty0706...
    You will be missed...

  8. How To Dress Well

    How To Dress Well’s new album ‘The Anteroom’ is out now on Domino Record Co. Listen & buy here:
    More from How To Dress Well on YouTube:


    Hi john wick

  9. Rob

    only made it to 2:15 before I had to sneak out. Does it get any better?

  10. Zone

    can you upload the anteroom? i randomly heard it on Spotify and cant find anywhere to download it

  11. Christian Canter

    Something about Chet Faker reminds me of this.

  12. Flight Of Spice Blog

    Amazing tips!!! Will try. Love the style!! Check out my style on my chanel!

    Brayden K.

    Flight Of Spice Blog shows how shallow and disingenuous your comment is since this is a music video and has nothing to do with dressing, so you didn’t even watch the video.

  13. Saint Jabroni

    Who is Elliot/Kitty?

    CoolHunterHD / CHHD

    Kitty0706 was a gmod animator that makes one of the popular gmod series called moments with heavy and popular video called Team Fabulous 2. He was my childhood youtube since 2012. He died of lukemia so RIP 😢

  14. Mister Mograph

    god, this song is fucking beautiful.

  15. Kiyamma Moss

    was actually looking for advice on how to dress

    Pankaj Ahuja

    Wear a suit then take off pieces until it’s not too hot.

  16. London LiketheBridge

    2:10 though

  17. JC. Denton

    Do what you love

  18. ONYX

    5:37-6:00 is like showing how life can be a rollercoaster it can be fun but also scary

  19. Sanskar Wagley

    3 years and still under a million views? total bullshit

  20. threedeafears

    3:35 - 6:00 is like nothing i have ever heard. wow just wow. no words. nothing prepared me for this.

  21. burblegobble

    Very catchy song good sir! May fortune be your companion!

  22. 산산물물

    who know what similar to this song? please recommend to me

  23. Eco - Shitbooxu

    Kitty0706 made me inspired to make videos *Well not his type but...* and made me interested in SFM. I discovered Kitty0706 few months before he died.

    RIP Kitty0706.

  24. Sky Talks

    rip kitty0706

  25. liz

    I love this song so much...I had to make a nightcore.

  26. Refuse Collection

    love remains is always be my favorite album

  27. Rocket

    We still think about you Kitty0706, we miss you Fam.

  28. Lenina Crowne

    la música de este chico es excelente :)

  29. Communist Hippie

    cool :) has anybody seen the "maceoplex boiler room berlin dj set " i just wonder if it is "how to dress well" whom is the dude that stands in the background at maceoplex set? :) sweden4ever

  30. Echolon X

    Miss you bud.


    yeah i also miss kitty0706

    Echolon X

    Look him up…
    He's up there w/ the greatest.

  31. Chase Seegars

    Too Underrated!

  32. PhillieD XO

    intro had a toro y moi vibe

  33. SystematicSarah

    what does p r&b mean? the 'p' part

    Sanskar Wagley

    PBR&B, a term used to describe hipster R&B

    Alexandru Guzzonato

    Pabst Blue Ribbon beer

  34. Hybrid

    a great song for the death of kitty0706
    we will miss you we hope your in a better place!

  35. hyybridd

    PBR&B Trinity:
    Frank Ocean
    The Weeknd
    How To Dress Well

    Diana Angulo

    +Hyybridd uhmmmm no


    subtract frank


    and Gallant

  36. a google user

    this is one of the greatest songs ever written. I've been listening to it for a couple years now and it's even better every time.

  37. Viddy

    I find it really weird he doesn't release singles, he'd definitely be much more popular.

  38. Víctor Cortés

    PBR&B is life. PBR&B is death.

  39. Tariq salim

    I came here to learn how to dress well and found this instead.. I don't regret. :)

    Марк Изумрудный

    хаха лол

  40. Mauricio Björk

    nose parece a james blake XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    tiene un estilo parecido pero la manera de exponer y los sonidos son completamntes diferentes :/

  41. jerrickoh

    wat genre is this?

    Citi Hampton

    +Adrian Leben pbr&b is horrible term to's just alternative r&b

  42. Anthony Salema

    Hi Tom, of course, we could start a debate about that point, but I really don't want to.
    I get as much pleasure out of listening to James Blake or Tom Krell.
    I just wanted to point out that for me How To Dress Well deserves listening to.
    Have a nice day and nice listening.

  43. Tabb Arnak

    I love "petite" women ;)

  44. Mieshia Dyches

    who's Kitty0706 ?? what happened?

    Defcon FG

    He was a great Garry's mod comedy video maker, who somewhat recently died of blood cancer.

  45. George Thompson

    I enjoyed the intro. I held my breath until he started singing. sold. this is gold. :)

  46. boniccal


  47. Lauxrd Gauxd

    he starts to look like nicholas cage during the climax

    Zachary Smith

    Lauxrd Gauxd Moonstruck-era Cage <3

  48. Snowman

    I miss you so much Kitty0706....


    +jotoo gaming He was a hilarious youtube animator. Look him up :)


    +british light cavalry he did die at janurary 25th of 2015 he died from leukimia

    jote singh

    i hate cancer so much


    @Jimmy Segrist it was this music i think was it the mechafourth tribute if so its this one


    +Creetz Thank you, cause I had no idea who he was? I'm so sorry he passed away from cancer. RIP....

  49. Nyctus

    When I listen to this song, I think of all of Elliot's work that I've watched rushing through my mind. All the laughs, the jokes, the memories.
    Good night, Colin.

  50. mindmaurader767

    it's alright...

  51. Richard M

    I won't lie, I only stumbled across this guy while looking up some of the smaller acts on the firefly lineup. I'm stoked to be adding this guy to the list of performers I must see, just a shame I didn't buy the super VIP package so I can actually have a shot at meeting him.

  52. Anthony Salema

    the other James Blake, just as good...and that deserves as much attention...
    anyways I like him as well, Please look and listen to his trilogy "what is this heart" ,
    just for the pleasure....

    Marianne Teulieres

     Merci pour cette découverte @toitarzanmoijane , je ne connaissais pas du tout "ce " Jake Bugg  , sa trilogie vaut vraiment la peinr d'être écoutée ... Merci ...
    Bonne soirée / nuit ...

    Anthony Salema

    avec plaisir Hervé


    +toitarzanmoijane I dont think this guy is as good as James Blake to be honest

    Adhesive Boi

    I think he's a good American foil to Blake: warmer, more straightforward.

  53. njm9


  54. Secrital Healthy

    "what is your words of wisdom"? "do what you love..........."

    r.i.p kitty0706

  55. unclepoopoof25

    the end of this song made me orgasm from my ears there is now white on my pants

  56. Jerrel Carpio

    This has a nice vibe to it. Reminds me of the weeknd

  57. john love

    Hey Manu Ginobli n the dude that be saying "I will find you" they act play ball n sing now that wat I call multi talented 

  58. MouseClicker3000

    This is the song I will listen to before I die.

  59. Ron Burgundy

    This track is REAL immense ... Any idea what is its genre?... I give a try and say it's a blend of trance/ambient ... What do you guys think?

    J. L. Sanguinetti

    @Ron Burgundy Its  PBR&B 2.0

    Jenny Davis

    @J. L. Sanguinetti future bass


    @Ron Burgundy fusion of R&B, Glitch hop and Future garage (Bass) about that one :)

    Perfectly Human

    @Ron Burgundy Wikipedia: ambient, experimental, alternative R&B (PBR&B), lo-fi, electronic

    Shahida Zeri

    @Ron Burgundy chillwave + downtempo

  60. Okamigeno

    I will miss Colin. ;( he is in a better place nao. R.I.P Kitty0706

  61. MrTungtarung

    what genre is this ?


    @MrTungtarung this is music.


    @Irving Vazquez *indie, experimental pop, alternative r&b


    Yes I get it. From ancient music to deep house, good music is good music. Thats what I meant.


    @Irving Vazquez that's great, but not a genre. people need genres so they can find similar music that they'll enjoy, you being pretentious doesn't help anyone.

    Beware of The man With One Eye

    +Darius Ezhno Keeton PBr&b

  62. Tricia Tan

    RuddyP's remix is a little more upbeat, if y'all find this dull.

  63. Rocket

    RIP Kitty0706 you will always be rembered in our hearts and we will always look back on your videos and remember how happy you always made us 👾


    im sadly saddened

    Augustus Caesar

    @That One White Kid this is how I found this song, I just found out today.

    Jot Singh

    @That One White Kid yup we will i cried 2 times in a day because he passed away


    Jot Singh still think about kitty today ? I do all the time

  64. Matthew Garcia

    This song fits elliots life.
    R.I.P Kitty0706
    -1994 - 2015-

  65. Andrew Alvarez

    "Do what you love"


    I will miss him so much. ;)


    Awe :( it's been 2 years now...

    Alex the wolf

    4 years


    _No, you're crying!_

  66. Goose McLoose



    I kno dude I know....


    The Butthurt

  67. Shea G

    માતાનો હું કેટલાક કેરી સાલસા ખરીદવા માંગો છો એક કેરી સાલસા ખરીદી જઈએ

  68. Banana Shark

    i wouldnt call this boring, its just... not interesting

  69. musicjunkie295

    Heard this at my job and I'm so glad I ran to the back to see who it was. I'm a fan now. 😌

  70. Sully Cortez

    *tour drummer

  71. Frontier Work

    If he really loved that baby, wouldn't he have thought of a more creative way to say it, especially in a song? NICE!

  72. Arna Thorarensen

    Love this! I wish this kind of music was played more on the radio

  73. Sebastian Contreras

    God you lame fucks. You will never understand the majesty of HTDW if you havent listened to his first album. Regardless, I hope yall can catch up.

  74. Mon Chichi

    Wow this is really good

  75. Ryan Bliss

    .... Are you fucking serious. Why is this a band. The title sounds like a how to video. Only reason I clicked this lmao.
    It's pretty good though :)

  76. Anthony Salema

    nice music to go to bed with and not only to sleep.....I like it..

  77. Mark Stewart

    This is great music

  78. moody

    I don't need your tips on dressing well. I can rock a garbage bag.

  79. skylinejones

    I hear that 'Prince' influence towards the end of the track. Nice

  80. skylinejones

    Love this. 

  81. Puja Jaiswal

    Love it!

  82. Nico93106

    Ouh oh oh ouh  ouh ouh ouh ouh aaaaa !

  83. Ryan Jones

    how to look at this guys face on lsd

  84. Isles Isle

    Ohhhh, now i get the video. He is transforming into Nicolas Cage.

  85. ryan evans

    That drop at 5:11 is the best part

  86. BiZZY B

    all these lame ass niggas talking shit and i'm just chillin like ..... :) <3

    fuck everything but music

  87. eccoboy

    sounds like this was recorded with an mbox

  88. KushPizzaSleep

    Reminds me of I Wish by the great R Kelly. Nice track. 

  89. pagan tori spelling

    beautiful music! but how is shallow, sergio? like your alt rnb to come from prom king types? [email protected]

  90. Matthew Hoff

    A smooth groove for your Monday morning:
    *How to Dress Well* - _Words I Don't Remember_

  91. Lime

    Dis my jam.

  92. Heshan Wijegunaratne

    Great beats and production, solid vocals and lyrics! Amazing!

  93. chunkyricesushi

    yuck. orrible synths and tacky fingerclicks. nasty falsetto. 80's whitebread soul?

  94. Colum Coyle

    super cool video for a super cool track.