How To Dress Well - Very Best Friend Lyrics

I want you, I need you, I need you, I need you
Get rid of Anything else, babe
I need you, I need
And times change and yeah we cry, babe
But still I trust you, I trust you
In your eyes baby, I see the right way
I see the right way

I know I can be extra sentimental
Yeah, it's dumb but sometimes it's just right
I could say it smarter but I want it gentle
Just save the rest for tonight
Cause you're my baby, want you to have it all
Want you to have my baby, please don't be appalled
And our differences won't matter in the end
Just know that you will always be my very best friend
My very best friend [x7]

I love you, I love you
I knew from the moment that I first saw you
Ya 1 and 1 boo
You know it don't you
You know you want to ohhh!


A truth like that, that opens up, kind of begets others truths
And when you discover truths like that how you think about truths within better concealed
It does sort of make you alter the way that you look within, and that opens up

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