How To Dress Well - Salt Song Lyrics

I want to learn to care for my soul like I wish you'd cared for my soul
To feel my heart is my home, something to call my own
I want to fill my house with light, with flowers and things that grow
And feel at home before I go

But if happiness were safe wouldn't be so hard to find my own
Everything I've heard them say, this danger justifies my hope
If I saw myself inside a dream, would I recognize me as my own?
Now every song that I sing: just feel at home before I go

True love's never hurtful this you know!
And time alone won't ever heal your pain, you know
Boy, if time will never set you free, then they won't see unless you choose to show
And who can you show if you're all alone?

And all your love so ready to be seen and received!
Yet you still believe you don't deserve to grow
Who you've been won't guarantee just who you could be
What's the future hold? Someday we'll know

But if happiness were safe I wonder if I'd sing this song?
An exchange of trust and grace to feel at home before I go

Last night I dreamed that I was older
And the room was filled with flowers
And I opened up the door
And found myself there as a toddler

I said: 'Hey Tom you're ok, in here you can feel no pain
Yea we have the same name, you're just a little bit smaller!'
The boy laughed and he said to me: 'This is the feeling of real human dignity.'
When I woke up I felt my face expecting tears

And if happiness were safe I wonder if I'd sing this song?
But as I touched my face, felt so alive and felt so strong
That little me in my dream; what he meant not sure I'll ever know
But with everything that I sing I wanna honor him and help him grow
Until happiness is safe this is how I sing his song!
Every single day, sing for a heart to call my own
And every night when I sleep, danger I won't wake no more
And leave this earthly scene before I find a heart to call my own

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  1. Her Highness Aga

    I'm flying now. . .

  2. How To Dress Well

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  3. Michał Miszaxxx

    Dobra nuta poland

  4. Gábor Molnár

    this song is [email protected] briliant!

  5. Igor Kalinski, OP

    i love your music, you change my heart <3

  6. Igor Kalinski, OP

    oh i want this song on my funeral!

  7. Alicia Nieto

    Perfection on this lovely song.

  8. Saint Jabroni


  9. Max

    spectrum pulse thanks!

  10. Jonny Colón

    They literally made a compilation of paint drying.

    Ryan Goodenow

    Jonny Colón A metaphor hmm that people's lives now equate to nothing more than paint drying?

  11. J H

    this song is on repeat anyone else

  12. Michael Taff


    John Arundell

    Someone's got a new iPad.

  13. Breeana Solomon

    How does this not have more views

  14. Daily Salvation

    Thank you for uploading this! This is literally my favorite song on the album :D
    The entire album is brilliant tho and each song is amazing. One of my favorite albums of 2016 <3

  15. jobc

    This is the first one I got hook from your new album, so special and so refreshing looking foward to experience something like this. Love the guitar echoing in the background and the ending part was just so so good.

  16. engingsay

    video clip pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  17. Tito Oktavian

    This song deserve more views

  18. dumdumdadida

    I hope we're still getting an actual video...

  19. Abraham Moreno Lerista

    😍 💜