How To Dress Well - Precious Love Lyrics

You say you “wanted to relax”
Say you “want to live this right”
But you know I can’t hold back, baby
“On and on over again?”
This is the question you must ask yourself
But I see what I want and I see what I got and it’s a perfect match whoa ohhh

What would mean to relate? To relate, to relate, to really relate?
When all the symp- all the sym- frustrate –toms symptoms frustrate?
We’re on a weird adventure, made to meet, so no, don’t go
Just wait just wait just wait just wait

Come on be my precious love
You said you’ll wait so wait even when you wanna go, you’ll make it safe for me to stop
Be my precious love

You say you “wanted to relax”
I know you want to do this right
You say that I’m holding on too tight
But you say with regret that “it goes too fast”
Ya it goes too fast!

I see you pulling in for me, you want to go, but baby wait for me to say
That you’re holding it and when the morning comes you’ll be awake for me to see
You want it all I know you want to be the one to come to say to me
Be my precious love

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How To Dress Well Precious Love Comments
  1. Jaydn Turley

    Holy shit it's hold music

  2. night fire

    why do virgin media cut it to just the back music when your on hold

    Smithicus Media

    Cpt NightFire because the hold music is done by Derrick Deel, it's his tune, this band sampled it in

  3. Daniel Hernandez

    like si estas aqui por luccy♥

  4. Johnny Atkinson

    this is the gm techline hold music lol

    Akil Alleyne

    +Johnny Atkinson A bunch of other companies' hold music, too...I recognized it as soon as I first heard this song! Always thought it was creative of hime :D

  5. anthony conrod

    That hold music sample though.


    Been looking for this song for years. Bugged out when I heard it. hahhaa