How To Dress Well - Burning Up Lyrics

Yea you hold on to our love and you know that I won't look back
Where did everything go? I can't remember our dreams or all the things you said
If I knew it all then I wonder if I'd do it differently?
If I could take it all back I would do it in a heartbeat, baby

And what will it mean?
Looking back will you wish you'd let it take you over?
How would I know now?
If I had only been about five years older
Yea if I could hold on right now would you love again?
But every face that you see will turn to ashes in the end...

I know your heart's on fire, yea you don't want nobody
You say you're burnin up
But when you got no one and you can't get any higher
You'll see you're burnin up
Boy your heart's on fire the way you doubt everybody
I see you're burnin up
But when you got no one and when you're down to the wire
You'll see you're burnin up

When there's no way that they're gon' stay
Yea it's time to move past it

When there's no playing and it's all dead
No time to look back, babe

But when there's no way in and there's no way out
Then there's no way

Well I think it's time to go babe...what do I know?
Maybe nothing?

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How To Dress Well Burning Up Comments
  1. Walter W

    This needs to be in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

  2. Sobia Hanif

    ❤️ The Handmaid’s Tale ❤️

  3. Da'k!DD

    U burning up"-"

  4. Giyong Lee

    So beautiful.. Thank you :)