How To Dress Well - Anxious Lyrics

Why am I so pathetic?
Why am I addicted to such attention?
When all I want is that love and affection
Had a nightmare about my twitter mentions
Wonder why I feel so vacant
And wake up so anxious?
Dreamed of an endless game that there's no way to win at
But you keep giving everything it asks you'll never get it, never get it back

Then all the things that you wanna say
Come crashing down around you like a tidal wave
And none of your words have any meaning or weight
They're just partial shapes
There's no way to escape because

This is only happening
Because something has to happen babe
You're only panicking
'cuz you thought you could have changed something
If I don't want anything
Could I merge into the shadows baby?
But it's all shadows babe;
Bodies dreaming in dark

Why do I feel so anxious?
Like the world betrayed me
Why do I feel like praying?
I don't believe in god to save me
Someone told me not ironic
That less meaning means more profit
Never once could I remember
Somehow thinking I could stop it

If someone out there could just tell me how it ends
Did I open up my feeble heart and bleed out on my hands?
Did I write something that someone hears and really feel they understand?

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How To Dress Well Anxious Comments
  1. Dontlikenaimepas

    We are not on Soundcloud .. you need to put your name on the video title. But nice song anyway

  2. sarah enke

    My favorite song we play at work. I finally ran back to see who it was so I could listen to the whole album!

  3. Alex Mathew Mendoza

    This is tropical as fuck.