How To Dress Well - A Power Lyrics

I don’t have the power

But while I’m here, standing on this earth
I want to love
I don’t want to be remorseless
I want to be sympathy
I want to see sympathy
I want to die in peaceful quiet knowing nothing but the silence
The silence of the truth
The silence of an open face


I want to close my eyes knowing I saw this rock teeming with life and float off to the void at the top of the sky
Just knowing that I loved and lost in all directions and that I lived to the highest of the highest

Just promise you’ll live like you wanted and if I died then tomorrow then you’d wake up and hunger for something to fill you
To take you and hold you, transfix you and change you
And making you stronger you’d open your mouth to the sun
And screaming you’d become a crystal of meaning in nothing
Dark silence and the void


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    this is gold