How To Destroy Angels - The Loop Closes Lyrics

The beginning is the end
Keeps coming round again

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How To Destroy Angels The Loop Closes Comments
  1. TheFailLord72

    Well... did it fix what was wrong with you? Welcome Oblivion.

  2. Cross Durazo

    Old CNC machines and early 90s computers as industrial music Is what I feel and think about when I listen to this

  3. Eddy Summers

    2019, still on mah dailyeee... c'mon! More HTDA!! Get a nanny mrs Reznor and get in da stoodio!

  4. big guy

    Atticus' smoking is fucking awesome

  5. jericho domingo

    pertaining to kurt's death.... that what am hearing all about this song....

  6. Joan 887

    Great song ❤️ and Mariqueen looks incredibly beautiful ❤️.

  7. Anthony Umina

    Keep with this style

  8. Dead Children Playing


  9. Primitive In The Extreme


  10. Elvira Ramos

    HTDA! Love them! Music for the deepdown!

  11. Ralph Chunksoup

    He made loops of his voice ...fits really nice with maandig

  12. Ralph Chunksoup

    Trent's wife was the perfect fit

  13. Ralph Chunksoup

    All of this is amazing ...

  14. big guy

    2:09 A person running down a Downward Sprial
    2:44 A Bad Witch

  15. X LanDer

    old medicine spun in new ways. the beginning is the end it keeps coming round again.

  16. Jamis Ins

    Just impossibly good. The man is a Genius.

  17. Kenji M

    The fragile 2 con un toque de Year Zero

  18. Dylan Dankowski

    Thanks beats headphones haha. amazing music definitely.🎶👽👽💊💊🐿🐿👽👽

  19. colintesla

    Some tasty advanced synth sounds.

  20. Victoria Pinter

    this always makes me think of the epilogue of "the stand."

  21. Dennis Kuntz II

    all I hear is the following line from "Into the Void" from off the Fragile. "Tried to save myself but myself keeps slipping."

  22. gmakerc1

    Not to scare anyone, but you're all high as fuck right now.

    Scatter Brained

    I know @[email protected]

  23. Gloria Arellano Ruiz

    great song

  24. Nicole Machi

    guh I love this. put it in my mouth

  25. Nikki Hoopengarner

    Thank you

  26. Zen Shaman

    I love the progression from the ghosts album to this. seems natural, and atticus and mariqueen complete the closed loop. ✌❤

  27. WilliamVSWilliam Productions

    Did Trent just blow us a kiss at 3:21?

    Jessica Ann

    If he did,well spotted!!! He blew it to me only ;)

  28. AzazelZaphorOmega

    Listens to this song...Then "So impressed with all you do...."

  29. AzazelZaphorOmega

    I like listening to this on a loop...

  30. Shaun Bukuth

    This is to be listened with an open and clear mind freely without comparing it to anything Reznor has done previously and you will recognise the musical genius in him, Atticus and Mariqueen. For me it's a success. Peace.

    Dennis Kuntz II

    it's sounds like a chopped and sampled version of Into the Void. I just keep waiting for tried to save myself but myself keeps slipping

    John Montalbano

    Chopping and sampling something is a new take on it; what you're saying here is 'this reminded me of this other thing he did, except different, and I couldn't overcome that to enjoy it'


    Agreed, I don't understand why HTDA gets so much hate

    JX Side

    If you look at the crediting for HTDA on Wikipedia I found that from what I'd take that the foundations of the material stem from Atticus Ross. I'm a producer of 30yrs and synth programmer. HTDA has some involved programming, layering and noodling with a strong electronic backbone and structure... often stemmed out from something organic merging from experimental noodlings with gear going somewhere from something quite simple to spring from. I think a lot of HTDA was sprung from bits and pieces Atticus had to throw on the table and Trent would have helped him bring it to something focused and they made something of it all and themselves more so at the time. To produce something of it. I hope they do more for the HTDA thing... but I will say since NIN is now both him and Atticus and the 3 new releases are killer. Share & share alike

  31. eJacob Cornelius

    I can't believe it's been 25 years since this was released.

    Kami Nana

    @eJacob Cornelius Don't confuse me like that! XD >.<


    +eJacob Cornelius How long?

    eJacob Cornelius

    Sorry - I'm posting from the future.

    Myotic Tesseract

    +eJacob Cornelius

    Yeah, I can't wait for it to come out in 115 years

    Ice Emerald

    +Michael T.S. Lol, right?

  32. Timothy Grable

    Pretty Hate Machine 3.0!

  33. whiterabbit126

    The first time I heard this I swore he was going to bust out singing "I want to fuck yoko like an animal" and hey, who can blame him... She is pretty hot. Seriously though cool video.

  34. el rem

    Rob Sheridan's work... This guy is a genius.

    Kami Nana

    +el rem Not Trent Reznor? O.o

    el rem

    Yes of course, for the music (with Atticus Ross and Mariqueen Maandig Reznor) but the video is a creation of Rob Sheridan. :)

    Kami Nana

    @el rem Ah, I see.

  35. e.l.r.e.b.e.l.d.e.g.

    Ouroboros!*The Most Famous Convert*


    its concert


    +Starlord I have a pocketful of sunshine, Easy A ;) ...`` You're A Germ`` *Day of the Animals*

  36. Snobbish Hipster

    This song has Trent Reznor written all over it.

  37. Brock Duplechien

    Love how Trent and company were doing glitch art literally decades before mainstream picked it up and now they're just toying with people with how amazing the HTDA collective artwork is. It must be so frustratingly gratifying to be that far ahead of the curve.

    Gil Saraiva

    +Brock Duplechien so-called glitch art in these bands comes from Coil which Reznor worshipped/worked with even ....not too sure about older avant garde/ contemporary people such as Stockhausen and the like .The `mainstream` can go get fucked.


    +Seedr0 why the hate on saul williams? i find his collaborations with Trent great, i didn't check the reviews online, honestly i don't care, are we supposed to hate it?


    +MarathonInfinityHalo no i actually do like it

    Ben Bancroft

    +MarathonInfinityHalo no but as time has gone on better industrial hip hop has progressed more as a genre and Niggy sounds pretty weak compared now

    Ben Bancroft

    +Jim Grove ignore the better in that sentence

  38. John B

    I love "the downward spiral" staircase

    Jessica Ann

    @JOHN B Ha...Good one.Very fitting! I think we all go on one at some point.


    Im thankful Trent, for everything

    Pedro Kupersmit

    @Tripp Griffin amen

  40. Kami Nana

    The beginning is the end, keeps comin' 'round again.

    Musical genius.

  41. Underwear Jackpot

    This video doesn't do the music much justice.

    Scatter Brained

    I entirely disagree.

    Underwear Jackpot

    I entirely agree.

  42. Nicholas Vladd

    The beginning is the end, keeps comin' round again...

    JX Side


    Du Fung

    Eternal Return

    JX Side

    @Du Fung it's been the theme for which the work has project from since 'With Teeth'... that lp was to be released as the album called 'Bleedthrough' but he diverted from an obvious direction to a possible conceptual framework to the material of the lp... and changed it to 'With Teeth' at the last minute. Google NIN Bleedthrough and you will see the artwork etc that was to be for that as its release.

    Du Fung

    @JX Side Near every truly intelligent person comes to that conclusion eventually, cosmic consequence/cyclicality.

    JX Side

    @Du Fung and forgets that it could and can remember this to be known to it too... that can be sence to the logic of the straight line, and much to what can be measured for within the straight line of life... from the beginning and then to end and no absolute or infinite. We can apply intellect to achievement for a lifetime and apply it to that of achieving merit to such for a outer to ones life time... but wisdom is intelligence cycled and is a measure to know, or have the 'eye' for a way to know a way too it. Mysterious often to measure. We as individuals can see of it to make point of It, and too it... to us it's not hidden in plain sight. There will be those older & younger in this linear of a lifetime who won't get it, know matter how much It will continue to transform u to know... there will be many in the sleep of reason not to. Even for the majority of the fans who are into this or NIN... won't know... so it's quite empowered to know what and who the purpose of this art is for. The lateral in the literal

  43. Gregory Dunbar


  44. Alex Orozco

    lol, my pc is out of ram, and it plays the glitch video with audio glitches whenever I switch tabs lol

    Old Nicholas Cunningham Account

    RAM doesn't "run out". That may be a different problem.

    Alex Orozco

    @Nicholas Cunningham
    well, how can I write it good, like it maxed up all of my RAM and it was already consuming my virtual memory?

    Old Nicholas Cunningham Account

    RAM is not used up like long term storage. If you have 4gb in your PC when you got it, you will always have 4gb of RAM. Your RAM does not go away. Do you just mean that whenever your computer is doing strenuous tasks it is temporarily using the RAM (Kind of like a constant supply of energy that is capped at a certain level)? I'm not sure if I know how to put it. Also, just because there are audio and video glitches does not mean RAM is the issue.

    Alex Orozco

    @Nicholas Cunningham
    oh, well, in this case I normally leave my pc on for nights and days, since I work side projects with photoshop, illustrator, FL Studio, and other software that consumes RAM exponencially if left open. I know that RAM actually is the same always, but, as I understand, when you keep using the PC without rebooting or turning it off, RAM can temporary diminish and starts using virtual memory of the PC which is slower. I never meant to say it was long term or anything, just in that exact moment, because this glitching sounds and freezing image was not there a night before (before using some of those software at the same time).

    Old Nicholas Cunningham Account

    Ah ok, I was just making sure. I restart would probably fix it. I guess it just sounded a bit odd so I was a little confused.

  45. Alex Orozco

    This song is quite addictive. I'd like to know how to fix my pictures with that video glitch effect lol

    Robert Stever

    @Alex Orozco VHS tapedeck with a real CRT screen.
    Sorry; final cut pro can't replicate the analog domain correctly.
    Trent even shows how it's done.

  46. zennglenn

    Coolest shit on the album... next one needs more of this duo style jam with more guitar fuzz, reverb and echo which would really elevate everything :-T

  47. ff789n10

    Man, this song is wonderfully creepy. Like the theme about cycles, looping, repeating. Says a lot about life and human nature

  48. Ariel Jones

    *Phone rings*
    Me: Hello?
    "Seven Days."
    Me: Sh$%!

    Justin Underwood

    lol had chills watching it after I saw that comment

    Jack K

    Ariel Jones It would be interesting if the tape showed your future.

  49. Dan Harvell

    Digging this, hugely.

    Saulmon Phishbass

    D.L. Hugely is good rapper but acting? Additionally, he host of CNNbreaks News, a correspondentt for de Jayjay Leno Show on tv networkk, local raadioo person and interviewe in popuular american contrii musikk. In early 2013 DL Hughley landed in 9th place Dancing with the Stars, rip it hardcore like porno!

    Gavino Gustavo

    @Bouyaka Bumbaclot my hero.


    @Bouyaka Bumbaclot jesus christ what the fuck man

  50. John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmitt

    I didn't know trent was buddhist

  51. AtmaRising

    Typical Trent. Always edgy.

  52. DGX24

    This reminds me of intro credits for a tv show or something.  Wouldn't matter what kind of show, I'd fucking watch it.

  53. gago444

    shit is tight!!

  54. Joanna Lai

    Anyone knows what software or adobe could achieve this effect? x

    Joanna Lai

    Was it Final Cut Pro that he used?

    Daniel Cox

    @Brian Young of course, but I wasn't guessing the person asking the question had that type of thing in mind given they asked for software. @Joanna Lai It really doesn't matter what he used. All he did was sequence and cut footage that already looked like what you're seeing in the video.

    Joanna Lai

    @Daniel Cox  Cheers, I was trying to get this effect using Adobe Premiere though.

    Darren D. MacDonald

    It's glitch art.  it's not done through after effects (not primarily).  It's done by putting video on Tape (VHS or whatever you use) then using magnets and messing around with settings to get that glitch, and filming the result on an actual screen with properly timed shutter speed.  It's all manipulation, not effects after the fact.  

    Joanna Lai


  55. lingojac

    The analog visuals of everything associated with this album are stunning.

  56. Quetzalcoatlv3p14

    Anyone know of any good remixes of this song?

  57. Nagy Adam

    That's what i thought as well.

  58. V0lk

    This should only be watched in full screen mode.

  59. Ryan Hom

    i would say the name is an homage to coil than theft. they did great work together a couple of times. but yeah coil is the best i just listened to the remote viewer album now im gonna put on time machines for sleepy time music

  60. Twelvselvs


  61. Bryan Koch

    Somebody should degauss that.

  62. Sean Gillespie

    seriously so much visual overload in the best possible fashion

  63. cassidymav

    How may a song possibly feel so good?

  64. Truedag101

    I don't entirely disagree with you I just have a problem when people lump an entire country into a category.
    The truth is every continent on this planet is populated by some really amazing and wonderful people.....and some assholes.

  65. Sister Sister

    linear thinking "Ignorant generalization FAIL" - Yankee learn your langue et l'esprit de votre affaires lol

  66. Truedag101

    I'm an American,I don't own a gun,I got laid friday night and I'm at work right now.
    Ignorant generalization FAIL

  67. Sister Sister

    That is your opinion, I am so sick of you gun happy American motherfuckers always finding negative about something, anything for that matter - do to a lack of a working to sex – Facebook is for that

  68. Jason Chamberlain

    So exquisite.

  69. Jason Chamberlain

    I do listen to Coil. But you think that people listen to Trent Reznor's work because they like "industrial"? Is that why you listen to Coil, because you're a "real" fan of "industrial" music? I don't give a rat's ass what it's called; I listen to whatever I find rewarding and meaningful. Coil is something completely different, and while they did influence this band's sound, you haven't won my trust nor will you anyone else's by talking like that.

  70. teofeo333

    You've got to be kidding...not the godfather of industrial gold...more like the messiah of glam synth pop for strippers.

  71. interceptor

    Fucking Trent Reznor

  72. Tkivo

    I thought so too.

  73. Jesse Pinkman

    Man, all of the VHS distortion makes me think I'm watching the Broken Movie version of Gave Up.

  74. druzgotor

    Hear, hear!

  75. berkmeister

    this is the sound track of my worst nightmares from mid 90's: "Dial up modem failed to connect to the internet"

  76. Jacob Marks

    Reznors still got it, this jam is groovy.

  77. bld316

    did Sheridan use old nin clips and distort them? Aren't those flies from help me im in hell video?

  78. sparkydeltorro


    HTDA have grown on me.. they've been salvaged... please go back to NIN LOL

  79. NoizeIndexMusic

    It caught me off guard but dude was it amazing, mariqueen can really sing. Also in the beginning I thought they weren't real, i thought it was a video projection.

  80. NoizeIndexMusic

    The visuals were so surreal, it looked like they were pixelated. I recorded ice age, I might throw it up on my channel.

  81. NoizeIndexMusic

    Same!!! I was right up on the stage.

  82. NoizeIndexMusic

    Were you at the Fox Theatre last night as well? :DDD

  83. Figure .09

    haha you funny

  84. Jason Ryan

    we should all have eargasms together sometime.

  85. hollowprozak

    Fuck Skrillex, this is the shit!

  86. NicoBlue

    Just got Welcome Oblivion, had never heard any of their work before, but I was aware that they were out there, and Trent was in the band....I took a listen and became VERY attached. Wish I would have gotten the EP that has the song The Space In Between, too. I watched that video and got chills! Trent has done it again, and his wife is amazingly talented! :) Im definitely in love <3

  87. Jason Chamberlain

    Alright Trent Reznor is a musical Deity, there is no question, but we have to recognize the magnificent Rob Sheridan for his work on this video. The band's visuals are amazing.

  88. tweek763

    The beginning is the end and, keeps coming 'round again.

  89. kate

    does anyone else keep getting the album advert with this song on before the actual song starts playing when they watch this video? haha

  90. Pablo Stancanelli

    Mixing with Ghosts too... BUT IT'S GREAT!

  91. Towardabettermusic

    This is a piece of art. This transcends all of the meaningless mundane music videos that abound in today's music market. This is excellent use of video editing. Props to Rob Sheridan for the great work.

  92. Amaya Jones

    The video reminds me of The!!!!

  93. NoiseCannon

    everytime I see flies having to do with Trent, I remember the Broken EP's film... and then I don't sleep for a week.

  94. Sean Moses

    I love this album, it feels like NIN/Trent, but something new and great at the same time.

  95. genomyoshida

    I think Skrillex is more what you get when R2D2 rapes a keyboard with a broken chainsaw while making sexual noises the whole time.
    Regardless, I like the fact that now Skrillex fans can hear the master at work.

  96. violationoftheart

    this guy has good glitches

  97. cjeclypto

    ^ Highly likely.

  98. Justin Mooney

    He could be talking about the fact that Trent starting playing piano at 5.

  99. Jonatan Emmanuel Freyre

    seven days!

  100. Xavier Allen

    There's something about seeing Mariqueen in this video...