How To Destroy Angels - Ice Age Lyrics

I find it looks the same, but everything has changed
I find remembering gets harder every day
Sometimes, I still believe who I pretend to be
Sometimes, the little thing's exactly how it seems
Exactly how it seems

I see the color of your eyes has turned to gray
I feel the wind is growing colder every day
Sometimes, I open up the walls and disappear
Sometimes, the crashing of the waves is all I hear

Ocean, oh, help me find a way
Ocean, oh, wash us all away

I know that everything we did will come around
I take the thought of you and burn it to the ground
Sometimes, I'm waiting for this ice age to arrive
Sometimes, I hate the me that's keeping me alive

Ocean, oh, help me find a way
Ocean, oh, wash us all away
Ocean, oh, help me find a way
Ocean, oh, carry us away

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How To Destroy Angels Ice Age Comments
  1. Christina Smith

    I think this song is about a gf covering for her old man after a family and her guilt I's killing her. She loves the ocean and if the polar caps melted she would allow it to carry her to her last breath

  2. Kevin Barron

    Remember when Q101 used to play this damn near daily?

  3. puppy love

    Wow, that imagery is so disturbing. It literally turns into a nightmare

  4. Ramen Rampage

    I remember riding riding on an old mountain road with my brother with rain hitting the window while this song played it felt almost like life was perfect just for a moment

  5. Scott Starr

    Damn I LOVE this tune and the video and her and the lyrics and the video and ALL OF IT...

  6. EatAtTheDanglingDiner

    I would prefer this band be instrumental. I know it’s his wife. So what.

  7. Wainwright

    What is that instrument? How can I get one?

  8. Nobody

    Really craving a new HTDA album

  9. AGuyOnAnApp #1

    Thank you Deadmau5. Definitely will be checking out more of this artist now

  10. John Sheets

    I love this song!

  11. Wakita Mobin’disbish

    Also deadmouse or whatever the fuck and trent reznors work, worlds away.

  12. Wakita Mobin’disbish

    Also The lyrics “the color of your eyes have turned to grey” is all too creepy. My favorite aunt started out strong and ambitious and she became religious because of maybe her dancing and using men for money? Her eyes were brown all throughout her life, now as an older woman they are literally grey. She’s not blind, she’s fucking sad, sick, and terrified.

  13. Wakita Mobin’disbish

    Trent and Atticus created dark electronic beats. BITCH.

  14. Rowan Ashwood

    I’ve loved this song for 4 years and am seeing this video for the first time now... imagery matches the feeling perfectly.

  15. John Sheets

    I just love this song!

  16. Mark

    Maryqueen you're beautiful and you have a wonderful voice!...

  17. Dawn Browning

    This never fails to amaze my Deadmau5 acquaintances.

  18. Miss Molly

    Its so surreal to me still because I had a friend named Marqi who looked EXACTLY like Mariqueen, loved NIN and Trent, but she killed herself about 18 years ago. I remember when I first saw a photo of Mariqueen, I thought it was Marqi and I had to question reality for a bit. I hope Marqi can hear this beautiful music wherever she has moved onto. I miss that beautiful, sweet girl. 🖤

  19. Thaylane Almeida

    Música hipnotizante e ao mesmo tempo trás uma paz ♥️ saudades dessa banda. I miss

  20. Robert Petit

    *Another flashback from Mr.P. He still fully appreciate the song even if the memories it bring are dark.*
    Roaring tiger radio: History is an inevitable part of anybody.


    While(1<2) if u know what i mean! ;).

    Bokaj Llensch

    I really enjoyed the remix and the whole album but I prefer the original in this case.

  22. F B I

    Wtf I was listening to parkway drive then this shit pops up

  23. Jonathan Langston

    This song has played within me for two weeks!! I'm so with it!

  24. Jonathan Langston

    Mr. & Mrs. Resnor.....OMG I am super impressed!

  25. undying ghoul

    Comeon give us another how to.destroy.angels album

  26. defmidi

    We mus'nt give this place up, there is good in the world and worth fighting for.

  27. Captain Rushings Adventures

    He picked the perfect wife. Shes influenced his music. After hearing this I hear her in the Hesitation Marks album. I love this.

  28. Dallas Boring News

    Winter is coming!

  29. Joe Farnell

    Goose-bumps & Misty-eyes.
    TY, TR

  30. Federico Panasiti

    John Hillcoat <3

  31. Emlyn Boyle

    This is amazing...(and why am i only discovering it now? lol).

    Gory Rory

    Better late than never. 🤘

    Crusnik Rage23

    love your channel and stories. your taste in music ain't bad either. heeheehee!!!

  32. Sekiz 8

    Trent's weird sounds are perfect

  33. ///

    haha nine inch nails meets sheryl crow

  34. Laura Froh

    Ich liebe dich Laura! Auch wenn uns die Eiszeit Erfrischung bringt, werden wir immer ne Kugel Erdbeere oder Banane geniessen!
    Every tenthousand years an ice age!

    Alex Arrizon

    Du ist eine schweine kot.

  35. Tranquilino Padilla

    The reason I love this band is because Mariqueen Maandiig is the opposite of Trent reflected in a mirror. He is hard, she is soft. He screams, she whispers. He is masculine, she is feminine.

    What a beautiful couple of opposites.....

    Masculine and feminine. 2 creatures. Not 1. Soon to become 1. Like Kagamine Rin and Len.

  36. G M

    This is why we can have nice things.

  37. The AnD

    Ce pizda mă-sii mă..

  38. Leo Espinosa


  39. james jmluke12

    Damn, that's pretty good for a country song.

  40. Buddha Bunny

    Is the cabin in this music video for sale...? It looks perfect

  41. thornmallow1

    This is the perfect video for an episode of Supernatural.

  42. Music Universe

    Sleazy gave his blessing to Trent to use “How to Destroy Angels”. Sleazy passed into the ether of the night before he could work on the music Trent sent him on an iPad.

  43. Primitive In The Extreme


  44. Eve Marie Post

    This makes me think of the calm after a storm. Not before. All the bad things are over and you got through it and now the world is darker than it was before but not as dark as death. And for that I am happy, in a melancholic kinda way.

    Eve Marie Post

    They played this and sung it at the concert I went to! It was fantastic! Dec-14-2018

  45. Andrés David

    I find it looks the same, but everything has changed
    I find remembering gets harder every day
    Sometimes I still believe who I pretend to be
    Sometimes, well everything's exactly how it seems

    I see the color of your eyes turn to gray
    I feel the wind is growing colder every day
    Sometimes I open up the walls and disappear
    Sometimes the crashing of the waves is all I hear

    Ocean, help me find a way
    Ocean, wash us all away

    I know that everything we did will come around
    I take the thought of you and burn it to the ground
    Sometimes I'm waiting for this ice age to arrive
    Sometimes the hate in me is keeping me alive

    Ocean, help me find a way
    Ocean, wash us all away
    Ocean, help me find a way
    Ocean, carry us away

  46. Maya37 !

    U can barely hear him singing 🎤 ! It’s too loud !!!

  47. james jmluke12

    My favorite country song.

  48. Buddha Bunny

    Wish I had a cabin by the sea

  49. james jmluke12

    Best country song song since johnny Cash !

  50. johnrmb20

    Deadmau5 brought me here

  51. Kim Ayrie

    So hooked on this song. Of course, the wife of TR has to be amazing....

  52. El B

    fantastic music I love yt

  53. CafeNightster

    I heard this and was wondering why it sounded like a Trent Rezner esk.

  54. Emi Krueger

    absolutely everything about this is beautiful

  55. Ramireza

    Tori Amos

  56. Geometry Dash Mau5Kids

    Prefiero más el remix de deadmau5

  57. David Wolf

    I knew Reznor and Ross collaborate, but I'm just now getting around to this group years later... beautiful!!

  58. jeremy fridley

    She has the most amazing lips I've ever seen. No actress or model compares.


    It's coming sweet lady, it always does

  60. 89x detroit

    new to me... and WOW
    true alternative sound
    and what a lovely wife with a true talent and style. Trent is genius!!!

  61. Valentina Parra

    Mariqueen, I love you but please fix your eyebrows

    Cassie Pooh

    Valentina Parra 😂😂😂

  62. Gemfyre


  63. Michael Rios

    Comfort in the sadness of the passing of my grandpa.. one of the best albums of our times... unrecognized and sad...

  64. The SenseNet Collective

    that floppy disk...

  65. Nomen est nomen

    Lips and face to send me right to heaven. Apparently Trent agreed.


    So pure

  67. Max Carle

    So much love 💘

  68. Adam Blister

    Who is this Chinese guy????? He has a pretty sweet voice! New member of NIN?

  69. Andrew Rice

    Ice cold.

  70. Jake M

    anyone else here because of deadmau5??

  71. Peacefully Epiphany

    i love this song <3

  72. The Hummingbird

    I love this song!! 👌😎

  73. Sgt Baker

    Trent could tell us he was gonna make an album by banging on a trashcan with a rake while swinging 2 cats around in a burlap sack, and there's no doubt it would be a phenomenal album.


    Omg that is soooo true!!

    Eyes Of A Puppet

    Hey, isn't that how St. Anger was made

    Ferensick Recs

    @Eyes Of A Puppet lol!!

    Yerbis Shmerpa

    My first wife was a rake

  74. CyPha SaRin

    The song goes for 3 minutes and goes fucking nowhere lol. i love Trent, i fucking dig the hell outta NIN, and i don't compare what he does to this, but it doesn't stop you from asking how a dude with so many fantastic pieces finds himself making this track. Like.. i get it. it's different, it IS music, and Joel does give it that extra bit it really, really needed, but it just rides a low for too long, it's boring after 2 minutes. oh here it is, the 5 minute mark, something added, a bit more depth, something to hold onto.. oh look it's gone 56 seconds later.. lol.. fuck that. glad it's not taking Trent's focus, i feel like this is what people would have felt like watching yoko on the sidelines all those years ago, just fuck off lady, don't get in the way of good shit haha. Even Spaces, a track i enjoy kinda drags, is this how you destroy angels? xD

    big guy

    You sound insufferable.

    deez nuts

    he's not wrong at all, this goes fucking nowhere for too long. the anticipation is killing me and then the song is over. ZZZzzzz

    big guy

    It's not supposed to be a Nine Inch Nails song, that's the whole point of HTDA, that's why Reznor was content doing only 1/4th of the work he would usually do. All the songs on Welcome Oblivion flow into each other. Pulling a single song out of the album is sort of like releasing one chapter of a book out of order. It's like TDS in that way.

    Slapping some fucking deadmau5 on it fucking kills any nuance the song has and becomes a fucking gimmick.

  75. dj- ganuo

    Thank u Joel aka deadmau5

  76. Alexis Arrizon

    how plucky strings and industrial music work so well together is beyond me🐇

  77. Walker Reviews

    This feels very similar to Ghosts I like it!

  78. Kenji M

    The art of with theet and year zero & sounds by hesitation marks.

  79. A Webster

    The glitchy lights in the window around 3:16 remind me of Polybius/Less Than

  80. NoiseCannon

    I didn't even know deadmau5 made a remix of this and now I'm so happy I'm in blissful ignorance

  81. Rafael Oquero

    I personally love both Trent and deadmau5, deadmau5 in my opinion is one the few electronic music producers that actually put an artistic meaning to what their music is and represent and it is not just a bunch of random sounds... both the original and the remix version of this song are great but I see some of you hating the fact that deadmau5 touched this, believe me it is 10000 times better that it was touched by deadmau5 and not just a ramdom producer out there... Joel actually is a big fan of Nine Inch Nails


    @B he's talking about the deadmau5 remix not this one.

  82. Mateo Stenberg

    I think the deadmau5 remix has a completely different feel from this song. it's apple and oranges, guys

  83. João Miranda

    This is the house that Trent bought when he wanted to kill himself. He ended up writting La Mer. This song is about that dark time.

    Matthew Kelly

    @Teddy Waldon Honestly with as many dogs as he's had over the years it's kinda hard to tell ;)


    The combination of the glitchiness, longing, and especially the images of people in memories covered in darkness made me think this song was about dementia.

    Psychedelic Lizard

    So directly after Le Pig?

    Ian Nelson

    @Artoricle He spoke about it at one of his concerts. He was talking about how hard it is for him to listen to La Mer because it reminds him of how he felt at the time. It was a pretty powerful story, and it was the first time I had heard he was suicidal. It made me sad because I love La Mer deeply.


    @Ian Nelson its truly a beautiful instrumental. You listen to his lyrics & you can tell he was in pain,but
    La mer you can feel it like glass.

  84. Jamis Ins

    It's like at the instrumental stage...he comes that Reznor chap with his musical bulldozer. Genius.

  85. zarid axe

    At 4:11, I just got "Duma Key" vibes. If you look at the cover for the book by Stephen King, you'll see it. Maybe.


    zarid axe I got it. One of my favs

  86. Joseph Loro

    badass song

  87. fab ste

    love it

  88. Jessica Ann

    If Trent was 'Yoko'd' then here's to being 'Yoko'd'. It ain't NIN but it's bloody good.

    Maddison Johnson

    Trent x Mariqueen forever!

    Taylor West

    Good thing Mariqueen can actually sing.

    Jackson Sexson

    It's from trents heart, fragile style song feel and chords, just with a female voice. Similar chords and idea as The Big Come Down

  89. josh reeper

    There are so many Reznor undertones and tendencies in HTDA and her voice is magnificent with them

  90. The Hiver

    This song has millions views more than the others ..... owwww it has been remixed by Deadmau5 ! I don't understand why this guy (Deadmau5) is so popular, I mean I love 5-6 of his songs but 70% of his work consist in a basic happy electro minimal for kids.

    Obesity Stupidity

    So, I see you've listened probably 10% of his "popular" music and ignored other cool stuff.

  91. Bonnie Hall

    "sometimes I wait for this ice age to arrive!!!"

  92. Kalpana

    lol man isn't this just so incredibly boring for most of it

  93. Aman G

    this song describes my experience when smoking weed... its kindda scary but comforting also

  94. Gregory Lara

    muy buena el vídeo también es muy bueno


    For some weird reason the background music is making my ass shake in my seat while the vocals is making my upper body sway

  96. master007v

    I feel somehow strangely comforted while listening this

    Jackson Sexson

    That's because it's NIN essence, the thread of Trent's musical heart

    Finbar Conlon AKA The Pretty

    We all feel the cold.

  97. Threlly

    PPG Realizer ❤️

  98. Aaron SittingUp

    joy division feel...all these songs are. Trent LOVES them.

  99. Zachary Jarboe Blackerby

    you can tell reznor did the music.

    Zachary Jarboe Blackerby

    lol oh wow...nice reaction. intelligent and well thought out. geeez, what a moron.

    Jackson Sexson

    You can feel his feel