How To Destroy Angels - How Long? Lyrics

How long?

Always been here.
It almost seems like yesterday.
Hard to picture.
It's the little things that slip away.
Build away the blisters,
But they find a way to take a little bit.
They won't find us.
If you believe in it.

How long?
How long?
Can we keep holding on?
How long
How long
Can we keep holding on?

A house on fire.
Burning all the past away.
And what defines us when,
It's the little things that slip away.
And if you're honest,
What do you think would happen if
We stood for something?
If you believe in it
Keep believing it

How long
(Burn this all away)
How long
(Burn this all)
Can we keep holding on?

How long
(We keep holding on and on)
How long
(Can we keep, can we keep)
Can we keep holding on?
How long?

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How To Destroy Angels How Long? Comments
  1. Cross Durazo

    This shit is fire

  2. Dm Vk

    December 2019..... How long? how long should we wait?

    Crusnik Rage23

    depends on what you're waiting for.

  3. Jon Park

    This is..

  4. Andy Hagen

    This song is evil

    Crusnik Rage23

    is that a compliment. or art thou afraid of what you fear it may be saying to you about this so called society around you?

  5. AC Dev Mycell

    I remember I had re-master this song for my mix and mastering class man it sounded better than the original I added a reverb(echo) to this jam and I did some more stuff killed it

  6. Du Fung


  7. Megan Perreault

    Rat-a-tat! tat!

  8. Megan Perreault

    Do you play how to kill a mocking bird? Alongside of it?

  9. Ordoz

    I miss this band...... even though Trent bans me everywhere

  10. scot shabalam

    Good song for 2x Speed setting.

  11. Brent Cenkus

    If she wasn't married to Trent, would this song and video exist?

    big guy

    Reznor was discussing creating a HTDA styled band as early as 1999. It was always going to happen.

  12. Falcon one

    That was some scary shit at the end

  13. Turtleproof

    What a lazy video, just pointing a camera at New York or Indiana.

  14. kinghadbar

    Death Stranding is looking good.

    Jerrod Schembs

    I was just thinking that lol

  15. Baruch Levine

    does this remind anyone of Igorrr's ieuD?

  16. givemewhatsleft

    2019 anyone??? How much longer do you think we can keep holding on?

    Stew F

    Their oldest is probably just starting to make music now and we just don't know it yet :)

    Som nambulants

    We have to let go to regain everything.

    Crusnik Rage23

    all that requires holding on yearns for that security once you truly and honestly let it go.

  17. Turtles Are Purple

    Thanks SO Much Lol. Yw Angelt

  18. Primitive In The Extreme


  19. Temporary LoGG7


  20. king cold

    We all feel like this for sure my child of the dark

  21. Alessandro Mello


  22. frostek

    Their eyes look like that because they've lost their humanity.

  23. Buddha Bunny

    How long can we keep holding on?

    Jack don't let me go... Lol

  24. the big large

    olivier de segazan?

  25. Nathan Varner

    HDA would be fucking amazing if it wasn't Trent's wife singing.

    big guy

    HTDA was conceived back during The Fragile. Reznor had Aaliyah in mind.

  26. - Nemo -

    It’s like we’ve always known how this all ends - since the whole thing began.

  27. The Hummingbird

    This is probably one of my favourite songs!

  28. mph seti

    I did that once. The mushrooms fucking rocked. Not the murder part, the naked, painted, and glowing eyes part.

  29. Diego Ortiz Rodriguez


  30. abaabaaba

    And that is how Smeagol killed Deagol to acquire the One Ring.

  31. dubseedz757

    This song sounds exquisite in my car !!!

  32. Brock M

  33. Andy Boyd

    Oh shit.

  34. MJ G

    God aint the enemy, wake up

    Crusnik Rage23

    nether is the devil for along with god are just personifications of what's within us all. the fight to find balance between the light and the dark. once its fought within an individual, they will see the beauty of how it all fits instead of being scared by it.

  35. Telma Figueira

    The best

  36. Gloria Arellano Ruiz

    great music

  37. daetymn awdae

    yeah. if I was looking to destroy angels, that's how I'd go about it.

  38. matale66

    It only took me 3 years to find out this band...

    Jules Juno

    U_U I'm JUST getting here. Its great to listen for the first time though!!

  39. L.I.P. Productions

    This guy loves whipped cream

  40. Miguel Angel Lozano

    This clip make me feel so lonely...

  41. 1985year

    Post traumactic cold war experiance. That's what I receive from both sound and vision here.

  42. JeroxB

    I thought about getting the LP of Welcome Oblivion but the other tracks on it just all sound like random noise with no cohesion to any of it. Like beginnings to a song and just that, the start of something without working it out further. Seems like this is the only decent track to me which is a shame.

  43. R Bess

    Description of the masses current situation...

  44. Six String Bayonet

    It's a great song and a great video. very powerful.

  45. Nathan Paul Prince

    its predatory, you and your others, who takes advantage of each other and tries to smile the most and profit at the end... you don't like this Planet or what? you don't value yourself? document yourself - record your words, replay what you say, take photos, prove where you were... relook what you did 0 are you satisfied yet


    I hope you are agreeing with the song/video.. and not questioning it.

    Crusnik Rage23

    if we as humans were self accountable there would be no need to document ourselves. this current society is born being rife with insecurity and shame. being too afraid to confront their own darkness ignorant of the wisdom that comes as a result. we all will hang by the weight of our own ignorance. and rightly so.

  46. Volkfire

    Cannot get enough of this.

  47. dubseedz757

    I love Trent Reznor and all of his music.. <3

  48. saga

    Does anyone know the actor's name?

  49. Zdzierczyni

    I love it!!!

  50. Richard Floyd

    Amazing song

  51. Erica Wright

    It's here! Everyone is so stupidied by their own little bubble of bullshit and propaganda, that Americans make Neanderthals look intelligent! We are more afraid of offending, than dying, so our insticts and intuition have disintegrated, and created a nation of brain dead zombies! ..from the lips of God himself.."WAKE UP MOTHER FUCKERS!!!"

  52. Erica Wright

    It's here! Everyone is so stupidied by their own little bubble of bullshit and propaganda, that Americans make Neanderthals look intelligent! We are more afraid of offending, than dying, so our insticts and intuition have disintegrated, and created a nation of brain dead zombies! ..from the lips of God himself.."WAKE UP MOTHER FUCKERS!!!"

    Erica Wright

    +Elle Cats Likely one of my intoxicated moments. Unfortunately, I don't get a life as boring as yours, and have real fucking problems, so I don't have time to spellcheck other people's comments on you sometimes I have to numb myself from reality. Maybe people like you should go shoot some more innocent apes, so are planet is even more fucked up....LIKE THE VIDEO REPRESENTS IT TO BE!!....then idiots like myself, can drink some more, to cope with the disgust of people like you killing our planet!! Then we can misspell some more words for you to hate on people you don't know about....AND EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT!!


    +Erica Wright that's a cop out if ive ever heard one. suffering is what makes this world beautiful. the moments in between are meaningless. nothing come from happiness true art comes from suffering. you numb yourself because you are a mindless troll.

    Erica Wright

    +FuzzyEbear Wow!! why are you watching a mindless troll's video then? I'm sure he didn't become an addict because it sounded like a good time! I'm not an addict but occasionally I escape and that's not my life! Mindless trolls judge others by calling people nameless trolls, that who they don't even know anything about!! when you watch your dog and children get beaten and you have a hard time call me up bitch, if it hurts, and then we'll talk. people like you are why Trent had to make survivalism video! to warn us that their are people who want to destroy the innocent, just for speaking the truth!! likely why he gets death threats, and rude attendees at shows! I know a few people who'd love to beat the living Christ out of people like you!! I'd not stand idly by, either!!


    Wtf is your comment about ???? that is so insanely strange to say. You misunderstoof the entire comment lol


    You are a useless human. the exact  thing you bitch about is the thing you are. This has nothing to do with trent or his music only you!

  53. Bri Ludwig

    this song is great but the video is fucked.

  54. Chaz Einriech

    I wonder what type of video editing software they used on this. Those eye effects look pretty natural.


    +Chaz Einriech I was thinking about it and it seems much easier and more cost-effective if they used contact lenses that reflected light similar to a cat at night.

  55. No thing

    i love how they are not updating a single thing on their social media...and ofc we all know they have at least 1 album in work coz u don't just put "on hold" band with persons/musicians like i cant wait a day when album is going to appear on apple store and its going to be personal Oblivion all over again... <3 ....enytime now <3

  56. Nikhilgovind Shenoy

    I am not really a fan of this genre, but then this music as well as their other songs are great and I really think they need to get some recognition. Is this band active currently?

    Nikhilgovind Shenoy

    +Lonelyguy91 ahh yes, I've read about that. Glad to know, because this is indeed a different form of music and is really deep. I like it.


    +Lonelyguy91 Underrated? Dude's got an Oscar and Grammy and a net worth of $70 million dollars. I'd call that plenty of recognition.


    +Lonelyguy91 Hes won an Oscar is is generally recognised as one of the most influential artists of the 90's and back then he got a ton of recognition and the downward spiral took the world by storm. I don't think he is underrated its just since With Teeth his popularity in the mainstream has diminished.

    Ameer Triggs

    +Bachishaman Trent's musical genius has thankfully assured his diminished popularity from the talentless mainstream.  Trent's and Atticus's experimentation with glitch and blip on this track, pure genius

  57. Photon Videos

    this white paint reminds me of Trent's Hate90 tour


    Sorry instructions were complicated, got my dick stuck in a ceiling fan and the angel escaped

  59. pentalway

    That bastard killed Jeff Bridge


    lol. he does bare a striking resemblance that's for sure.


    He's the Dude. So thats whatchu call him, ya know. That, or, his Dudeness, or uh, Dude'r, or uh, you know, El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

  60. Fantast 73

    Mariqueen Maandig is the best woman in the world!

  61. φι άλην

    um ... how deep?

  62. crowchild21

    make up on vanity I love the story of  biblical Bullshit i thought i was in the rock section

  63. negative creep

    Is that Jamie bell from Billy elliot

  64. Valeria

    love htda very much, but their songs without video are not the same and not complete enough

  65. A. Vorclaw


  66. Александр Лисовой

    Rule number one in post-apocalyptic world: if someone waves his hand to say "Hello", wave your hand in response. Otherwise, you will be killed.


    Александр Лисовой ....rule#2 Have white body paint for camouflage

  67. Paloma Monteleone

    I almost gave that same name to my band but I didn't want to get sued so I went with How to Train your Dragon

    René Moncayo

    Paloma Monteleone it's originally the title of an album by a British band called Coil

    Jarod Johnson

    Are Gerard Butler and Craig Ferguson in your band?


    @Jarod Johnson and Jay Baruchel ?

    Martin Straka

    I dont speek english IM SO fucking happy


    you could mix the two names together to get something new, like "dragons training angels to destroy", or maybe "how angels can run a train on your dragon"?

  68. Eric Edward

    NINE INCH NAILS with a vagina.

    Joseph M

    @Eric Edward Literally. It's his wife on vocals. Reznor on production.

    Matt Sproule

    Joseph M
    So NIN with a vagina, then.


    Joseph M Well, that explains its brilliance.

  69. Barbara Wilson

    Love this.  

  70. tim

    Listen to And As Picher Supplied Your Bullet by TiMayall #np on #SoundCloud you may like this

  71. T-Jay Anderson


  72. J L

    @HTDAVEVO is there a way to get in contact with this singer / group ? i like the lyric like hell thou the music background could be turn in to a whole new way of seeing ourselfs, "free like the wind"


    Sure, look up Mrs Mariqueen Reznor in the phonebook. I'm sure you know better than Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor.

    J L

    okey :D well i check with elton john then instead. i would guess guess my mothers brother still got his number

  73. 187SicknesS

    nah, im cool.

  74. empyrealvoid

    Great song. 

  75. Gary Shaw

    damn he killed that guy because he loves that old woman so much

    Josh White

    Or because he's wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey.

    Karl Herzog

    Nah, he killed that guy because he snobbed him off. He didn't wave back or anything....

  76. Bridget Flanery

    Love this song! :)

  77. rhoover5o

    jeff bridges?

  78. J Vega

    P O W E R F U L

  79. Shaun Whitfield

    I'd love to see a tutorial to produce that eye glow with After Effects or something.


    Shaun Whitfield ....thry probably have contact lenses that reflect infared

  80. Jose Gabriel Mejia Ortega

    Trent reznor is how t
    o destroy angels

  81. Nichola Moreland

    These guys are so underrated! I can't stop listening to them. Everything Trent Reznor touches turns to gold....amazing.


    110% agree.. the HTDA project is one of the most amazing things ever... it's not just Trent, it's the full crew putting everything into this.. it's beautiful.. but I agree that I love everything Trent has done.. well.. aside from some of the more modern stuff.. it seems more rushed and chaotic .. I do like this more produced and thought out works.. this is like pure artwork..

    I apologize for replying 5 years late.. but that is also to point out.. 5 years is too long =) we need more

    Dazkojin 357

    @oneduality Totally agree, Trent is my favorite musician and HDTA is incredible as well. I'm actually thinking of getting a NIN and HDTA tattoo eventually.

  82. Meredith092011

    Hey Youtube.  Why are you stupid?  12 minute commercial?  DAFUQ?

  83. Chroma Red

    Very emotional video. Good job.

  84. jeremy

    reminds me of Ace of Base.... Lol I wonder how many of yall know who ace of base is..

    Nasty Nate

    maybe they will see the sign

    LittleMissJmoo Moo

    Ace of base are like the worst pop band known to man. How could you put Trent Renzor in the category?...Its not completely my cup of tea though with the singing...may get catchy though. Though Ace of base? You might aswell put the gun to my temple and blow my brains out!

  85. P N

    In the future, there is only... Michael Cera

  86. casey savell

    awesome song everyone should listen :))

  87. Devan Bailey

    Everything from the music, the vocals and lyrical themes, to the cinematography, and those haunting glowing eyes makes this one of the best music videos ever made. Very talented group. Love Trent Reznor and the rest, and I can't wait for their next offering.

  88. Amber Spasske

    I love this band

  89. arcticfffox

    Just saw this video and got mesmerized. Beautiful. Too bad it absolutely doesn't match the music for me. It's just too dynamic for such a relaxing song. It looks like two separate things forcibly put together. :/ (Just my opinion...)

  90. von gibson

    Preposterous, you can't destroy angels.  Sorry.  Interesting vibe to the song but, very flawed. 

    James Foster

    @catherine walton No worries. I wasn't talking to you. I appreciate your skeptical/inquisitive approach. I was talking to Von Gibson, in response to his presumptuous approach.
    The "fact" that angels can't be destroyed, or are notoriously difficult to destroy, and are notoriously good, is why they chose the name. There must be some extreme darkness to something that could possibly destroy an angel, even if in the imaginary/abstract.
    Or maybe they just wanted to get under the skin of these overly religious types...


    @James Foster Your last sentence pretty much describes Trent Reznor whose in the group lol.

    Devan Bailey

    The band name could, other than referencing that Coil song, be a reference to human fragility and failure.

    catherine walton

    @Ryan Bailey Correct.Humans are certainly more fragile and some a failure more than we care to admit.Myself being one of them.

    Devan Bailey

    That's been a theme in Trent Reznor's music since the 80's, failure, loss, etc. I'll always like his music, because I feel the same way.

  91. Cory Baker

    Been jammin' this for a year now :)

  92. TheSpoartsNetwork

    We're doomed.

  93. barry barinson

    This is video is very captivating. Awesome feel. Great work Shynola. 

  94. Panicmatt

    Amazing sound.
    Astonishing video.
    Survival and Family.

  95. Safet Neziri

    damn, cant stop listening to this song..

    Saulmon Phishbass

    70 men trap in China swamp lake after listen to this songg !!!!!

    Safet Neziri

    wft are you talkin??

    Saulmon Phishbass

    @Safet Neziri  China big problem after this song!!! 911 call him now song soooo goooooddd helelelelelele !!! vietnam is BIG floodd!!!

    Safet Neziri

    you ought to see a shrink! I see you have serious problems with your multiple personalities

  96. Martin K

    4 1/2 inches

  97. Natalee Parochka

    She's two dollars if you find her sexy!




    Okay, listen up, Trollceratops. Firstly, this is the third HDTA on which I've seen you make a comment about Maandig. Secondly, you seem about as quick as a snail on Valium, so lemme put this is real small words just so you can keep up: Grow. The. Fuck. Up.

    Seriously, do you honestly devote your time on this planet to trawling YouTube making derogatory comments about a singer? I mean, come the fuck on.

    Natalee Parochka




    Oh, sweetheart, if you think calling another woman on the Internet a faggot and yelling about free speech makes you win the argument, then I think I'll just leave evolution to do what it does best and let you fuck your life RIGHT up all on your own.

    Have a nice day, Princess.

    Natalee Parochka

    @catherine walton She trashed my art you junkie!  Get off the drugs! 

  98. Dark Cognitive

    Just over half a mill views, thats all. Well, it's not gangnam style.

    Humanity has lost the ability to listen. Everyones hearing, but no-ones listening.

    Mike K.

    Actually have heard notofman before, they are very interesting. I liked a few songs if I remember... gunna go check them out again, thanks!!

    Hariti Khatri

    Yeah, well, I am still listening to this. We probably all are. I can't say the same for gangnam style.

    Michael Charlton

    EnderDragonFire yep, still listening!

    Fran Lovel Šimić

    Dark Cognitive very cringey

    Eyes Of A Puppet


  99. FeltDownHard

    Does anybody know what sort of paint he puts on himself in the beginning ?


    thanks for trying to anwser ;)

    catherine walton

    @Emilee West I think Feltdownhards question wasn't answered by you,with all respect.She asked about the white paint he put on his body at the beginning,not the leaves/herbs he was eating.Although you were probably spot on about them being herbs and which ones.~^~very unusual video regardless!

    Emilee West

    Ah its fine sorry for being confused ^^

    Emilee West

    Thats odd i think i messed up on who i commented on?

    catherine walton

    @Emilee West Don't be sorry for being confused.I get confused all the time