Houston, Whitney - Whatchulookinat Lyrics

[Unidentified male intro:]
It's time for you to strike back
They're lookin' at you
Whitney Houston
Muhammad 2 G
They're watching your every move


[Unidentified male:]
They're watching you

Why you lookin' at me
Don't get mad at me
'Cause I'm still gonna be me
(Tell me, Tell me, Tell me)
(Tell me, Tell me, Tell me)
I feel your eyes on me
You been telling lies on me
(Tell me, Tell me, Tell me)
(Tell me, Tell me, Tell me)

See I don't understand
Why you keep peepin' me
When you don't even like me
You're after me and my man
Don't think you're stressing me
'Cause your lies don't excite me, no no

(Never thought)
Never thought, Never thought
(Never knew)
Never knew that you would do this to me
Do this to me
(Try to ruin me) Ruin me
(Be my enemy) Be my enemy
(Never thought)
Never thought, Never thought, Never thought
(That you) That you
Would act as if you're cool with me
So why you lookin' at me

Why you lookin' at me
(Don't get mad at me)
Don't get mad
('Cause I'm still gonna be) Gonna be me
(Tell me, Tell me, Tell me)
Me, Me, Me
(Tell me, Tell me, Tell me)
Tell me whatchulookinat
(I feel your eyes on me)
Feel your eyes
(You been telling lies on me)
Telling lies
(Tell me, Tell me, Tell me)
Tell me
(Tell me, Tell me, Tell me)

Oh you know you're wrong
Don't wanna respect my song
But it's okay 'cause either way
My following is real strong
You try so hard to show the whole world what I do
Now I'm turning the cameras back on you
Same spotlight that once gave me fame
Trying to dirty up Whitney's name

(Never thought)
Never thought, Never thought, Never thought
(Never knew)
Never knew that you would do this to me
Do this to me
(Try to ruin me) Try to ruin me
(Be my enemy) Be my enemy
(Never thought)
Never thought, Never thought, Never thought
(That you) That you
Would act as if you're cool with me
Why you lookin' at me

[Chorus (2x)]

Messing with my reputation
Ain't even got no education
Trying to mess with my concentration
Don't even have a clue of what I'm facing
All you know you need to stop it
Defaming my name for a profit
God is the reason my soul is free
And I don't need you looking at me

[Chorus (2x)]

[Unidentified male:]
Look atcha self

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Houston, Whitney Whatchulookinat Comments
  1. JayJayFN

    1000 comment

  2. melanated and loving it with a melanated woman

    It's funny Mike Epps said he will drink her bathwater years later she's succumb to bath water

  3. Robin Alexander

    I’ll drink your bath water, eerie

  4. Robin Alexander

    Still great
    Miss her

  5. Bighearted Sunshine

    Love this song & video! Rock and Roll Hall of Famer 2020!👑👑👑👑💔💔💔💔💜💜💜💜💋💋💋💋💃💃 I miss you Nippy so much!!

  6. /////

    This is how I feel about my neighbors. Seriously, they are so miserable they do everything to make people not like me. It’s been hell for the last 9 years, I’m finally moving.

  7. dennismaryanski

    "Ill drink your bathwater"

    "Okay you just calm down" 😂😂😂😂

  8. Munchkin NuffNuff


  9. Kam. Melay

    Love this song like Crazy!!!!!R.I.P Beautiful .

  10. quaishilitha pace

    I miss Whitney

  11. Madelyn johnson

    It's 2020 and I still love this song. I think she's telling off the media and rightly so. They can never stop Whitney Power!!

  12. Tyiana shihōin

    Whitney was tired of the media and she was going off. I love this song and video

  13. Davon Mcdonald

    She looks like shes having so much fun in this video. And shes so beautiful. I wish this album did better. It was really good.

  14. Hope Burks

    The kids put hurt on that dance, Whitney's thumbs up, God bless they heart's. R.I.P. our queen

  15. Felita Evans

    I sick child on vonage. Pleasecall corporate ask to come to nc and remove it asap. So what guys i heard what you said.

  16. Mardline Cadet-Prevot

    I sleep in your bath water, dam man

  17. pkij140

    Everybody's talking about offset and I don't even know who he is lol. I'm here for GOOD music!

  18. Kevaun Mitchell

    I'll drink your bath water

  19. paul verma

    Do you recognize Offset to 0:53 ??

  20. smain gauthron

    Toujours au Top dans la Divercité de ces clips vidéo une diva un ange au ciel smain gauthron

  21. JSB Brown

    [email protected]?

  22. halimah hajar

    i saw a clip about wh n mj had a romance before...mayb it cud b true with this almost like scream?

  23. uknow who

    You take the good you take the bad you take them both and there you have The Facts of Life. Whitney chose this life.

    Sammy smith

    Friend. Get lost.

  24. Denise Johnson

    Faith Evens in this video! Newark girls!

  25. Miles Moody

    Whitney's scream

  26. GMANKOOL23

    Nah , this is not even Whitney's best . Respect to the Queen , R.I.P

    Sammy smith

    This is the best song Whitney ever made.

  27. Massimo Giordano

    Charming voice and woman imagi ne

  28. Sunni D'Groovey

    I never knew about this song. Sounds good

  29. camp Rich

    That's not the whitney we knew back in the day

  30. Anika Austin-Lockett

    Forever one of my favorite songs

  31. Lady Diana

    The skinniness/ drugs took her looks by then

    Sammy smith

    Lady Diana - Ha,Ha. You're funny. Whitney looks great in this video. But you don't have the guts to post a picture of your face and that's without drugs. Who doesn't have any looks? It's O.K. to be unattractive Diana.

    Lady Diana

    @Sammy smith calm down. Im a whitney fan. Im just stating the obvious, she was a natural slim girl but was too skinny here(which is why they covered her arms) and her voice wasnt the same anymore due to cigarettes, not drugs

    Denise Johnson

    Lady Diana Even at her worst she was the best ok. This like the 2000s her marriage had became more volatile by then and the drug use more heavy but she was still showing up for work. Whitney had to make that money.

    Sammy smith

    @Lady Diana - With kind and adoring fans like you Whitney doesn't need any enemies. Why don't you go and be a wonderful human being for someone else? You know you have more of your brand of kindness in you.

  32. Akil Abraham

    Now you know this is a response to Wendy Williams

  33. gorgeous wales

    Mike Epps crazy lol... Whitney as always “ fabulous another great song!❤️

  34. smain gauthron

    une Déesse une Diva un ange au ciel

  35. Andre

    Not Whitney's natural style! It just sounds wrong! Listen to How will I know ; live! That's Whitney!

  36. Loving my life Murray

    What in the trickery Drag man whitney video is this.. Never seen this video before.. Hmmmmm Something fishy going on here.

  37. Jeremy De Almeida

    Suis je le seul à trouver qu'il y a vraiment trop de pubs sur youtube?

  38. Sammy smith

    "......God is the reason my soul is free." Tell'em Whitney!

  39. Johanes Albrechtsen

    this could be called "the paranoid crack song" ;). still a big Whitney fan. RIP

  40. Simone Mercer

    i will always love her just because i understand where she was coming from miss her so much a serious fan god has his angel back home

  41. Muanda Chris

    Looking at the woman behind Whitney Houston’s reaction after the guy said: I’d drink your bath-water 🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️

  42. Greece HellasJr

    2019 who is here and listen this song?

  43. adreanline5548

    I personally feel like this song didn't reach the tops just because Whitney didn't want to promote it at all, she was angry with media finding out how bad she's doing. Sadly, the strength she was showing in that video was fake, and at this time she already lost the battle with addiction. Poor girl. :(

  44. Leon Blackwell

    Just got Internet this is the first song I listen to since I’ve had Internet

  45. the unreal player

    My dad used to change the channel with the TV remote each time this song appeared. I wanted to listen to it...

  46. miss 2000

    Her face in the thumbnail. She ain't playin.

  47. Eduardo Merino

    When will this song be a drag race lipsync song?

  48. Jade Locke

    how gorgeous were her teeth. flawless.

  49. Keith B Jones

    Who gives a shit if offset is in this video

  50. Chandelle Ross

    Who else's here 2019! 😁

  51. PC Consulting

    This video and song soooo cute ive never seen it harlem shake ayyyeee

  52. Jose Bermudez

    No ay otra mas grande


    Bobby Christina is here

  54. Dezanay Grier

    That moment when you realize freaking offset was in this video as a kid.

  55. Kim Ames

    So Offset been been. Thought I was a big Whitney fan. However I’ve never seen this video or heard this song. Crazy Mike Epps says I’ll drink your bath water and that’s where she and her daughter were found lifeless.

  56. Mamodiehi Ranyane

    archbishop modise- your eyes can create downfalls for u cos they get tempted

  57. harry kingdig

    No u anyway

  58. Najerea


  59. Rudolph Mcneill

    YASSSSSS MS WHITNEY!! One of those artists that I loved everything I heard her sing. Even if I didn't at first it grew on me. Continue to R.I.P. Beautiful Queen. Always loved and never forgotten. ❤❤❤

  60. Relly Rell Daily Vlogs

    Whitney in her young prime days lol gorgeous bruh 🖤😍 hanging with friends chilling looking good it’s good to see her young and chilling

  61. India Miller


  62. Dallas Morgan


  63. Leon Blackwell

    Best voice ever

  64. Princess A'mirah

    this is me every day with this song.

  65. Leon Blackwell

    Come back Whitney

  66. sunrise77

    love you Miss Queen The Voice!

  67. André Blondelle

    Earth Weet... Women Perfume !!! Hubert de GIVENCHY, Paris.

  68. Jared Mitchell

    She's 39 in 2002, still beauty!

  69. جمال صالح الصباحي

    ههههه يدلال .

  70. mwajuma salum

    A perfect clapback for social media stalkers.

  71. Jamie Case

    I came here for Whitney only , OOOOOOOOOOK

  72. harry kingdig

    Poor whitney certain not you cause where u r now in heaven as an angel

  73. Gershon Nundkumar

    Whitney so damn talented man.. she even put her own flavour on this contemporary RnB style (voice and video personality wise). That's what she was GENRE DEFYING!!

    She remains such a giant. incomparable.just pure genius

  74. Steven Badu


  75. Steven Badu

    produced by DarkChild


    She was so pretty. Her smile was bright as the Sun.

    Tanja Markovic


  77. Cat 2pan

    lol that's mike epps?

  78. benjamin isaac

    Is that #FaithEvans🤔🤔🤔

  79. Kathy K

    Wondering if this song is about anyone in particular. Everybody has a hater. They say hers were in her camp.


    This when we all realized whitney can no longer sing it was sad to see her not able to hit the high tones she easily used to hit.
    What a waste of talent.

  81. pebblesduckmurray

    Wait is that Faith Evans with her in the beginning?

  82. Snooks

    offset still look the same cthuuu

  83. harry kingdig

    Wht u luking at poor whitney shame for her eh tbt she had it all the voice the looks the wealth but tbt no pockets in a shrowed god bless her she had it all too live for and the demon got too her poor soul may she rest in peace

  84. A'Jonay Hawkins

    Offset know how to dance


    I never seen this video...how did I miss this gem..I love it!

  86. Megan Carter

    Fuck a Offset, damn I’m here for Whitney!! And this is definitely her “SCREAM” type video.

    Sammy smith

    Megan Carter - PREACH!!

  87. Massimo Giordano

    TODAY PRESENT ,,,,,FOREVER,,,,💔💔💔❣️❣️❣️❣️💕💕💕💕

  88. kenterius lamar


  89. aslanovaleyla80

    August 2019?

  90. AnnetteWhat a Blessings Mcintee

    Happy Birthday Whitney....... Real is Rare 🥰 Anybody notice Bobbi Kris @ 3:17 RIP Baby Girl 🙏🏾❤️

  91. Ryan Akwar

    3:34 What we all came for tbh

  92. Ryan Akwar

    He said he would drink her bath 🛁 water 💧

    She died in a tub 🛀

  93. flavia romano

    Fantastica Whitney ! Ciao wherever you've gone ,still love you you youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  94. smain gauthron

    on en veux encore tellement quelle es belle avec une voix de diva smain gauthron un ange au ciel .

  95. Basfonico Direita

    Maravilhosa 🇧🇷❤️🌈. Julho 2019.

  96. Marvin Williams

    Not her best song 👎🏽