Houston, Whitney - Things You Say Lyrics

Oh baby oh baby yeah yeah yeah
Such a pleasure loving you
It's all mine

I feel better knowing you
Ooh you've got me thinking
It's better to give and take
I don't have to beg you too
You're so good to me
Carries me from day to day
I appreciate the things you do
Ooh but there's one thing I had to tell you boy
I dig your actions
But a lot of things you say

I listen to the things you say
Who you're calling me oh oh
I listen to the things you say
To me baby
In a poem on a card
Serenade my heart
I listen to the things you say
Who you're calling me oh oh
I listen to the things you say
To me baby
In a card of a song
Say my name please

Lovely letters come at times I know I don't deserve it
Any weather you'll come through
Ooh you've got me gleaming
I feel more than I worth
You're my treasure
I'll take you
Over anything
That's pleasing on this earth
I appreciate the things you do
But there's one thing I had to tell you boy
I dig your actions
But I love your words


Every word that you say
Makes a day much brighter
Melody that you play
I hear by the way and the love is lighter
Speak to me


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Houston, Whitney Things You Say Comments
  1. NYC

    When love and passion was in music.

  2. Wellister Santos

    2020 someone?

  3. Anthony Randall

    This song bring back to my high school days. When she came back to embrace us with her wonderful voice. Raw talent like this is now hard to come by. I miss you whitney.

  4. Mztee Deschamps

    2019 still listening....

  5. enriquetheprofessor

    This should have been a single, for its cross-genre worthy (R&B/Neo-Soul). Its my favorite from the album.

  6. Chandler Saunders

    this album could make it in 2019'

    Ebohon osa

    And beyond

  7. MayFlower Mayflower

    Sean Gordon my love is yours I love u baby u mean the world to me 💋💋💋💍

  8. Denise Nelson

    My Superman is Amazing ❤️

  9. Steven Ware

    sang Whitney!!!! You're truly missed!!!

  10. Mpumelelo Webster Rantsolase

    All the good ones are always called to soon.

  11. LewiRicH


  12. Josh P

    I like the song, but be honest. When your background singers sound better than you, it tells something. She doesn’t feel this at all, it’s just delivering.

    Eugene Davis

    Josh P it’s her vocals on the background as well man... it’s all her . Lol nobody can do it better than Nippy.

    Josh P

    Eugene Davis, I apologize if I am mistaken. I have every Whitney album and almost every single, some still shrink-wrapped, because the Japanese or overseas versions had more. I need to pull out Just Whitney to see who sang the backgrounds.

    Late Nights In The City

    Eugene Davis read the video description

    Shell Stewart

    Her vocals and Tweet's are nice.....this is supposed to be just smooth.....not over powering

    Narly waves

    Youre stupid as hell.

  13. Anthony Randall

    this song used to be on repeat still my jam

  14. D. Mrls

    Tweet brought me here... she wrote this song and it sounds like poetry

    Daenerys Africa

    Explains why I keep coming back to it...

  15. Daphney Tate

    I was asleep and this song wome me my 18 year old son was playing this song. Me and my husband look at each other and started to laughing. I said oh boy my son is smitten with a young lady at his school he plays it every day.

  16. Babe29doll

    Hmmmmm smh what a sexy person and song

  17. Shante Barze

    This was a over looked album BC of the media, yet I loved One of those days an love that man, an this one.


    Shante Barze this album is Pretty good

  18. Marci Freeman

    I listen i swear i do

  19. Lernesiah Campbell

    I love Whitney. Her voice . Her message. The words. And the way it comes out

  20. Jay W

    You got me thinking it's better to give than take- ❤

  21. santonianone1

    I loooooove this song! No one had ever heard of it until I played it over and over again when this CD came out!

  22. latanya winters

    yesssssssss ms.houston. sing on. things you say......

  23. fawnsworld81

    I love this songs