Houston, Whitney - If I Told You That Lyrics

Now tell me how you feel if I told
You that I have feelings for you
Ansd would it be so wrong to say
What's on my mind
I'm sorry I have to
We were friends but with time
What I feel inside for you has changed
But I'd give up on love, if I thought
That it was untrue for you

(If I told you that) I wanted to see you
(And if I told you that) I beg to please you
(If I told you that) I'll always keep you
What would you say (if I told you that)

I know that we were just friends
But what if I decide to bring somethings in
I hope it won't offend the trust
We have cause I don't want this to end
I you think that we'll lose what we have
Then I'd just rather stay (rather stay) the same
(I'd rather stay the same)
Cause I don't wanna choose
Between two of the most precious things to me
(tell me)

(If I told you that) I wanted to see you
(And if I told you that) I beg to please you
(If I told you that) I'll always keep you
What would you say (if I told you that)

If we take this chance and extend
To each other romance
I hope it would be
The right thing for you and me

(If I told you that) I wanted to see you
(And if I told you that) I beg to please you
(If I told you that) I'll always keep you
What would you say (if I told you that)

Would you be there for me
Could you dare to hold me
Will my feelings leave me
Lonely if I told you

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Houston, Whitney If I Told You That Comments
  1. elevate111

    i can't believe they're both dead

  2. Елена Елисеева


  3. cineva 000


  4. LaTonya McPhee

    Same beat as the boy is mine. RIP both n the songwriter of this song.😭

  5. Peace mel

    27 décembre 2019 joyeuses fêtes les gens ♻♻♻🚹🚺♿🚭🆒🚶🎺🎺🎺🎆🎄🎈💰💰💰💰 2020 🌞✊✊✊💪💪💪👅💋

  6. Daniele Lo valvo

    Due grandi della musica bellissima voce perfetta professionisti due grandi artisti ciao

  7. Elisa Nuzzo


  8. Shona Giffen

    Amazing !!!

  9. Shaun Palmer

    Still listening in 2019 into 2020.


    She should of stayed sitting down 🤣 soo beautiful tho

  11. TheLevobjk

    26.12.2019 ... WE MISS YOU WHITNEY&GEORGE ... REST IN PEACE ...

  12. Mary B

    Christmas 2019, still not wanting to believe that these two legendary Icons are gone.

  13. Patrice

    George and Whitney. Two amazing talents with incredible voices. Both gone too soon. Never will they be forgotten. RIP to them both!

  14. Светлана Томилова

    Два уникальных по своей природе таланта, два золотых голоса, потрясающе красивый дуэт, Светлая память!

  15. Mercedez Valenzuela

    George michael never looked so good as in this video, and he was fine😍 RIH George and Whitney .💞

  16. Ed Miller

    What is this bullshit about "ft. George Michael"? He was and is a *superstar* in his own right.

  17. Sabian 68

    2 of the greatest voices of all time. In 2019 there are no artists that even come close to this talent

  18. Another T800

    Wow they look so beautiful together

  19. Jodie Lewis

    Love them both FOREVER ❤❤❤

  20. Dewanda Allen

    Rip George Michael and Whitney Houston

  21. Belkis Vieira Furtado

    Dois gigantes q saudades

  22. Giacomo

    still kingin' on r&b

  23. Brian Stirland

    Fantastic song & video

  24. annette norris

    Thank you❤✌🏿✊🏾🙏🏾

  25. Serena Garaffa

    They're singing in the heaven actually I hope

  26. Carmine Russano

    there are not words to descrive them😍❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖💞💕💗💌💟❣️

  27. Sansan

    Mes deux icônes ❤️😔

  28. yas paj

    Sad to think they are bolth dead now.

  29. Anabela Guerreiro

    I Will love them Forever......😭😭😭

  30. Maria Luisa Olvera

    They've gone so fast .

  31. Timileyin Destinee

    Two legends dead😭😭😭😭😭😭 R.I.P Whitney Houston and George Michael

  32. Haydee Elizabeth Ortiz Castro

    My preferit

  33. Mira Kirous


  34. Mujigi Kabugi

    Am non believer but this two can't believe will never hear from them

  35. Astacia Mckinnis

    The legends, RIP

  36. Loecy thevoicetalent

    RIP Whitney Houston
    RIP George Michael

  37. Eric Howard

    Thank both of you for enriching our lives with your energy and musical talent. RIP

  38. Nomadic Colours

    This one I totally missed. Whoa!

  39. Oliver Bischoff

    wow.... what a song!!!!!

  40. Rebellious Spirit

    Both immortal !!! ❤

  41. Iam Maat

    RIP to both....

  42. Greg Pridgen

    Listening in 2019, carrying into 2020.

  43. What did you say?

    I miss these two humans.

  44. Dayna Williams

    2 radicals. Nice. Beautiful suit Georgio.

  45. Shadow 00


  46. Sunni D'Groovey

    I had no idea they did a duet. Nice song I’ve never heard it before

  47. MARYes


  48. Rajeswary Pillai

    Poor Whitney ☹️
    Needed a strong person in her life to steer her🥺

    Serah Olivia

    She had one. Kevin Costner. He was in love with her. Deeply. His fame scared her but he never left her side. She loved him but was scared she wasn't enough for him even though he fought for her.

  49. fintan darcy

    Both of them in the Prime of their life then.

  50. Gaetano Gagliardo


  51. Майра Серикбаева

    Две легенды....

  52. Майра Серикбаева

    Две легенды....

  53. Nena Radicevic

    So sad to see this two music Icons

  54. The Perfumed Garden

    It's just hit me that we no longer have these two beautiful souls amongst us.

    At least we have their music . . .

  55. Agnieszka Schreiber


  56. kishanabear

    crazy sad that they are both no longer here...

  57. Laura Twomey

    George dancing is epic xxx

  58. Rochell Barbara

    Two legends gone way too soon 💔

  59. Stephanie Holey

    Legends together make BEAUTIFUL MUSIC!!!! I miss them both, REST IN PEACE MS. HOUSTON AND MR. MICHAEL!

  60. Teuta Freedom

    Straordinari, due giganti della musica... ❤️❤️



  61. Theresa Eugene

    Watching this video for the first time, and they both had a good time in this video.

  62. adam blaze

    Love. This song

  63. putostyle

    3 legends on a track.
    Best rnb song on earth.
    This was music..
    rip wh,gm

  64. gretchen van den vouver

    Love this

  65. The wise one me

    To bad Michael Jackson didn't want to do this song with Whitney..

    James Bradley

    Didn't no that

  66. jrwxtx

    Great video!

  67. TheReturnofStephan1

    Directed by Kevin Bray.

  68. Mheartshape

    Both have gone to eaerly!

  69. Raisa Cherry

    😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 there will be another George or Whitney,they are true legends 💗💗💗💗💗😍

  70. jalen rembert

    Whitney Houston is so beautiful when she said “dark child” what a woman she was/is RIP queen of R&B❤️❤️

  71. Salema Gibbore

    George real good dancer

  72. debbie martin

    Oh yes i'm still listening too these great artist's..Rip too both

  73. shai williams

    I feel like crying rip

  74. Betti Lau


  75. theodorakisedu

    Two stars in the sky!!

  76. NOR-AYR*NORO. 49

    Whitney Houston 💋kingdom of heaven 🙏❤️🙏 thank you very much, to the Author.❤️❤️❤️

  77. MsLuvmusic81

    Loved this duet!

  78. Giancarlo Marino

    Forse le due voci piu Belle mai sentite uau Che bravi cazzo✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨💖

  79. Carla Aleixo


  80. Hodan Mohamed

    I do listen to this song 2019 I love

  81. Katherine Bugatti


  82. Jeu Roi-Reine

    Tip top bodyguard georges

  83. Bev Ryan

    Jam " IF I TOLD YOU THAT "

  84. Ronald Scott

    Ron Ron 2019

  85. Robyn Dismon

    I need 2 share this. I cried after I watched this. My life is undergoing such turmoil and its hard 2 know how 2 navigate through difficulties without much more than my own moral compass.
    That said I asked myself what Whitney or George would do if they were still alive (with my circumstances that is). I thought 2 myself it would have been so much easier 4 them because they had money. More than me anyway.
    I had come 2 realize that both of these amazing icons were gone from this world and guess what? Their money couldn't save them. Nor will it save me. Only I can do that
    Suffice 2 say that this beautiful track has helped 2 get my life back on track as well. Peace and love 2 this holiday season and 4ever 🐯

  86. Barbara West

    The Voice period miss u nippy

  87. eleni f. Vlachou

    i thought id seen them all and here's this one...i mean WOW....i don't know why they left this earth but there's a reason...maybe to inspire others? the truth is those people touching the sky are not normal..they do things normal people do NOT..their vision is different..their hearts beat to a different drum..they hear some other voices...they learn how to soar every day, breath a different kind of oxygen.. ITS A CHOICE..adn there's also a price to be paid.

  88. Elle

    Never again will we be blessed with such talent, but always grateful to have had these two icons provide a soundtrack to my life. Thank you, Whitney and George for the music. Forever in peace.

  89. Beatnik RN

    I just love that hug at the end!!! Two of my all time favorites from childhood! RIP Whitney & George.....

    Serah Olivia

    They had a blast.

  90. colin ross

    Hard to take in these are both gone 2 of the best voices the 80s produced

  91. SouthOz

    I didn't know they performed together..

  92. Travon Jones

    Whitney just couldn't help looking like a church lady!👍🏿😁 Rest in peace Whitney and G Michael

  93. gum tree

    Whitney and George wow super stars .... amazing people.

  94. Kevy Kim

    the beat to this song keeps you grooving ❤😍👏🏻

  95. Voice Of The Firmament

    2019 LIVING IT UP with Whitney And George! ETERNAL POP MASTERY! So sensual, so genius!