Houser, Randy - Anything Goes Lyrics

Normally this time of night, you wouldn't find me here
I'd be reaching for a good night kiss instead of one more beer
I'd never take a second look at the blond across the bar
Much less invite her over and let things go this far
But anything goes, when everything's gone
You aint around to give a damn whether I do right or wrong
So bring it on, anything goes, when everything's gone
Another morning after, a crazy night before
I'm searching for my blue jeans on the stranger's bedroom floor
Shouldn't I feel guilty? Well I don't feel a thing
I'd wake her up and say good bye but I can't recall her name
Anything goes, when everything's gone
You aint around to give a damn whether I do right or wrong
So bring it on, anything goes, when everything's gone
If you'd a left a single thread for me to hold on to
I'd have one good reason not to do the things I do
But anything goes, when everything's gone
You aint around to give a damn whether I do right or wrong
So bring it on, anything goes, when everything's gone
Anything goes, anything goes, when everything's gone

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Houser, Randy Anything Goes Comments
  1. Double D

    What happen to the clean cut cowboy! I guess the sorry record people changed his image to look like the rest of the robots!

  2. Robert Campbell

    Still his best

  3. Clint Trinity

    Highly underrated song and writer

  4. 拓真

    anything goes!その心が熱くなるもの

  5. Tristan Exequiel

    SEPTEMBER 2019?

  6. Jackie Vanderwerf

    Enjoyed your concert in KCPL awesome thanks ! 👍🏻👁❤️🎸🎵🤗🌻

  7. Wayne Dunn


  8. Jackie Vanderwerf

    Awesome concert Thank you so much ! Love this song !👁❤️🎸🎶🤗🌻

  9. Jackie Vanderwerf

    Got my tickets for KCPL ! 👁❤️🎸🎶👍🏻❤️🌻

  10. Jackie Vanderwerf

    Got my ticket for KC Mo ! ❤️🎸🎶👍🏻🤗🌻

  11. Patrick Pylant

    2019 and still think this song is amazing.

  12. Chris Suggs

    My life story

  13. GrtWhtVvvV

    Definitely sounds a lot like Ronnie Dunn

  14. Sherise Sylve

    That is his best song ever.

  15. kim rose

    How I feel ....

  16. Manny Venegas

    This guy never got all the credit he deserves. Damn he can sing some country!

  17. John Boy Gordon


  18. Neal Williams

    One of my top ten. Great song

  19. Jason Milton

    Greatest line in country music history.."but shouldn't i feel guilty..well i don't feel a thing"

  20. uvcoach42

    I'd wake her up to say goodbye but I can't recall her

  21. Sunny Black

    I love this song

  22. Mary Crickett Drummy Drummy

    It is what it is... Damn..

  23. Valarie Lambrecht

    Still love him 2019. Never give up Randy, true country

  24. Mary Druck

    Add the fact that I'm married (almost 19 years now) and living separate from my husband, anything goes now. I don't care if I never care again. I'm 53. I suppose if I was going to it would've happened but now, oh well.

  25. Mary Druck

    I lost my ma almost two years ago and anything really does go. She was the Greatest love I've ever know. With her gone (she WAS my everything), I just don't care about much anymore.

  26. Mary Druck

    So true. My everything's gone.

  27. Debbie Sturch

    Wow, just came on it by accident. I love accidents!! Very good Randy!! 2019

  28. Pam Simonson

    I wouldn't say anything goes in my world . Maybe in yours and you forced me to be in it. I'll show you what happens when you forced people in your circle

  29. Bridget R

    Still loving this song 2019

  30. Wayne Blanchard

    Randy!! You are AWESOME!!

  31. Amiee Bracken

    Such a beautiful song

  32. Tracijo London

    Great song it never gone if it’s TRUE 🌹

  33. Kaleigh Campos

    Tate Stevens did it better

  34. William Blake

    Country is still alive God bless.

  35. Zach Hall

    Good song

  36. Tluangtea chhakchhuak

    2018 and still loving it!!

  37. Greg Emerson

    Never date a woman like that.

  38. Ronnie Hoard Music Channel

    Real country song right here. This brought tears to my eyes. Good song.

  39. Linda McDaniel

    Love me some Randy Houser

  40. ThirstyAF Zimmerman

    Don't start tripin cause you don't know me like that! Not no more you don't! Ha!

  41. Gale Brogley

    Love you music/songs Randy!!!!💟

  42. Joseph Zillmer

    Another song that gets my "bad eye" to leaking...

  43. Brent Hamilton

    Tate Stevens sings it better from America idol back then

  44. Meli

    Now, 2018

  45. Betty Morton


  46. Rockd

    Always awesome Randy. 👍👍.

  47. Patrick Wheatley

    Who’s listening in 2018 ??

  48. kytown 4444

    Randy Houser doesn't get the recognition he deserves, his voice is amazing! And this song is still one of my favorites...

  49. 랜서Elle Lanz

    listening to this song in 2018.. make me more pissed at current "trendy" songs where the lyrics mean NOTHIING

  50. Sharon Puckett

    That's song is so true went everything is gone . Love this song!!

  51. TheYanimal27

    I miss this Houser. Now he's singing pop country

  52. Amber Brown

    I loved when Tate Stevens sang this song!! great song!!

  53. Jon Cantu

    The song really tugs on the Heartstrings

  54. Brandon Hill

    The woman looks familiar

  55. Melissa Delagarza

    Hello may always leave drained with time searching for a man I now know is a marriage if obey , he may had gave a damn. Take threats and notice that I have endure at least every time see that save it you be at gave a damn.

  56. Julianna Estep

    I'm listening in 2017 ... Absolutely love this song

  57. Jon Brehaney

    Still a hit on my playlist

  58. Janet Feriova

    no coment ,,,,niceee

  59. Ron Hill

    Lauren Barnette

  60. Irun Kiljander

    Power houser

  61. Caden Comer

    Reminds me of Chris young

  62. Jon Cantu

    doing a lot of thinking about my ex

  63. Brandon Hinds

    Who's listening in 2017??

    Joshua Fahland

    Brandon Hinds 2018

  64. joseph parks

    listening in 2017

    Leyton Livingston

    joseph parks 2018 get on my level

  65. Steve Pierce

    great song I just love it

  66. Steve Pierce

    great song I just love it

  67. Jesus is king

    From New York love country music.take me far


    What I,m Goin Through Now...

  69. Misty Dobbins

    2017!!!I am listening

  70. Mike Price

    actually Tate Stevens sang this song perfect on X-factor so

  71. RainOnATinRoof

    Whoever wrote this, lived it. You can tell.

    Mark Hilbun

    it was written by Cole Porter

  72. junior venegas

    Who else was trying to get to the song by Cole Porter "Anything Goes". Just me... ok...

  73. GO440

    Absolutely one of the best ever !!!!

  74. metal guru61

    How awesome! The bartender is Mickey Jones. Musician and actor. He played drums for Kenny Rogers and The First Edition.

  75. Josh Dias

    Love some Randy houer I his Even sing Really do anycan Randy houer his sing of his life time opportunity love him I do he is my man I peacesn all you

  76. Jay Hoon

    Is this hot-line bling?

  77. TheNorthWolf

    Wow what a way to take a painful, hopeless situation and turn it into something extraordinary. I feel like I know exactly where hes coming from in this song. Beautiful.

  78. estanislao ramirez

    Really good Song, So calm and Heart Touching 👌

  79. Bryan Montanez

    Tate steven sang it better

  80. Logan Gray

    This guy's my cousin. Not even lying.

  81. Kaytlin Royal

    love it

  82. Kaytlin Royal

    love it

  83. ahmed almahdawi

    This is Better then drake

    therealslingblade 10

    Got that right

  84. Taylor Steege

    for Tom thomas taylor steege

  85. Billy New

    anything goes so bring it on!!!!!!

  86. TheKravika

    Randy being very optimistic with the girl in this video. Come on randy I have as much chance of pulling that fine woman. Good song though

  87. Taylon Holman

    gosh i love this song. 😌😌

  88. 69memes and counting

    I thought this was fallout

  89. GO440

    why don't you just sing my life ??  great song Randy !!!

    Betty Joseph

    67plymouth440 my life too

  90. Shawnster #94

    What an awesome song

  91. Theresa Ahearn

    this is a killer song woe love

  92. Robin Michelle

    My divorce anthem

    Andrew Ebert

    Robin Tracy Mine was "I'm going through the big D (and don't mean Dallas)"

    Ashley Howard

    Andrew Ebert

  93. Tom Pontarolo

    Who's listening in 2016????

    Dan Crane

    Tom Pontarolo a lot of people. It's still pretty new

    Ashly Saxer

    Tom Pontarolo I am

    Nelson H.

    I am listening as usual


    Tom Pontarolo 2018 here

  94. Ken Cromwell

    The bartender played Rodney"Hotrod"Dunum on Justified..this is a good song.

    Jason Elliott

    Mickey Jones....played in a lot of stuff and was an original member of Kenny Rogers and The First Edition (See Ruby (Don't Take Your Love to Town) and Just Dropped In). Great character actor and musician in his own right.

  95. lance weaver

    Love this song!!!!!!!

  96. Laurie Havens

    Incredible & ballsy for TODAY'S generic-type country. Here's hoping Houser,his good buddy Jamey Johnson, along with Chris Stapleton can save country! Gary Allan should be a huge star, but never has been thus far. Chris Young has a good, country voice, too.

    Takyi Ryiker

    Ever since I first heard Smoke ri gs in the dark , I knew Gary Allen was an Amazing singer. True he should have sored way beyound alot of the so called top artist of the past 17 - 20 years . Love to hear that man sing.

    Cody Pippin

    3 years later and Chis young has sold out

  97. Vesko Videnov

    great woman

  98. Nancy Jacobs

    Every time I hear it, I think it's Ronnie Dunn. Great song.