Housemartins, The - Me And The Farmer Lyrics

Me and the farmer get on fine
Through stormy weather and bottles of wine
If I pull my weight, he'll treat me well
But if I'm late, he'll give me hell

And though it's all hard work, no play
Farmer is a happy crook
Jesus hates him every day
'Cause Jesus gave and farmer took, took

(Won't he let you go?) Probably no
(Won't he let you go?) Probably no
(Why does he treat you so?) I just don't know
(Why does he treat you so?) I just don't know

Me and the farmer, like brother, like sister
Getting on like hand and blister
Me and the farmer

He's chopped down sheep, planted trees
And helped the countryside to breathe
Ripped up fields, bullied flocks
And worked his workers right around the clock

It may seem strange but he'd admit
Intentions aren't exactly true
And through God loves his wife a bit
He hates the farmer through and through, through

(Won't he let you go?) Probably no
(Won't he let you go?) Probably no
(Why does he treat you so?) I just don't know
(Why does he treat you so?) I just don't know

Me and the farmer, like brother, like sister
Getting on like hand and blister
Me and the farmer

All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small
All we've got is London Zoo
'Cause farmer owns them all, all

(Won't he let you go?) Probably no
(Won't he let you go?) Probably no
(Why does he treat you so?) I just don't know
(Why does he treat you so?) I just don't know

Me and the farmer, like brother, like sister
Getting on like hand and blister
Me and the farmer
Me and the farmer
Me and the farmer

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Housemartins, The Me And The Farmer Comments
  1. fletchertristian

    they certainly don't make videos (or music) like this anymore

  2. Gema Perez Maragato

    Me gusta mas el baile

  3. on-board the crazy train

    @48 seconds is Arg from Towie circa 2010 doing in this vid???? 😳😉

  4. Georgina Coffey

    Its all in the genesx

  5. Gary Doyle

    Love these guys back in the day .. BRILLIANT

  6. Félix Anguita

    Paul Heaton, Stan Cullimore, Norman Cook and Chris Lang... probabilly not!

  7. sebastian perez

    en el bajo FATBOY SLIM

  8. Chris Boardman

    Crete '86, 18-30's holiday, flat cap, The Housemartins and booze. Happy Days

  9. nameko

    eat sleep farm repeat

  10. shana verghis

    He sounds like he's singing through his nose. Nice melody though.

  11. Luís Alves

    Abraços de Portugal

  12. earman8

    Great song for stress ,that and beer and dancing in your shead 🍺

  13. Mackey Wells

    What a band,criminally underrated, my five year old son is being brought up on a diet of Housemartins!


    Housemartins and New Order. Can't beat it


    always happy to read about underrated things on yt! i think the word underrated itself is badly underrated!

  14. Susi su


  15. M I

    Beste abesti ederra. Garai hura ahaztezina izango da beti!! Euskadin ere arrakastatsuak izan ziren!!

  16. 1415fabiana

    Eu assistindo em 2019 ..hahaha as danças são engraçadas ahhha

    Rafael Ramone

    Finalmente achei que alguém conhece a banda além de "Build". Hehehe

  17. nick stevenson

    Remember when they opened the Brid Spa (kind of hometown gig) with this, the place erupted, literally

  18. Nate does stuff

    i listened to this song when i was little i love this song

  19. yaser5572

    ❤ I love this song

  20. Catie 01

    Any ones dads grate tase in music bring u to this song

  21. Joan Moll

    quin temps mes collonuts!!!!!!super

  22. su fc

    Paul Heatons videos are all class


    This is like fun, inept in many ways but alright in the end.

  24. rachid benmoussa

    The most underrated band ever ,least the cool cunts of Britain knew how good they were

  25. Casual Fox

    If you were born in the 80's we are the last generation keeping songs like this alive. These new age kids know fuck all about music so we must keep reminding them what proper music is. Starting with this song....

  26. Maria Jose Gomez Cruz

    uno de mis grupos favoritos

  27. darren robinson

    Magical memories.

  28. KJ D

    My happy song...even now!!

  29. mark theblue

    Sooo 😎

  30. WhyAlwaysMe? JuanClawdGahwd-Damn

    I Want to 😢

  31. Terezinha Perdoná

    esses cara são bom saudades 😂😂👍👏

  32. merlinja la grise

    Love their musicvideos

  33. Bill Wellington

    Must try out this dance routine down the pub tomorrow. Should get arrested and sectioned in no time.

  34. AlternateMusicAddict

    so is this the smiths or something?

    jk but they sound like them

    Will’s MM2 UNWILD Vlogs Minecraft Channel

    AlternateMusicAddict they sound nothing like the Smiths.


    AlternateMusicAddict no, they were happy. House Martin's rule!

  35. Valter Quadros

    I love Housemartins
    Hugs from Brazil

  36. Vítor Guimarães

    2018 here...

  37. Sasha T.

    Love their music hate their videos.

  38. Alison Mccormicj

    my god how young does Paul Heaton look in this video please.

  39. ana cristina

    E esse dave é muito lindo😎😍😍

    liana Linda

    deve ta so a caveira pelo tempo que morreu

    Lucas Marques Pinto

    Ele era novinho nessa época tinha 27 anos

  40. Jackson Borges

    Gosto muito das músicas de casa de Martins eu se escrevi no seu canal agora se escreve no meu aí

  41. Diego Irrazabal

    que video de mierda


    Diego Irrazabal más mierda eres tú

  42. Katharine kennedy

    Lol, a trip back to yorks!

  43. Bill Moore

    Great tune. Fun video - with visual references to The Monkees! Great fun.

  44. maria eugenia

    that boy band choreography aahhhh!!!!!

  45. Ricardo Francisco

    2017 still rocking!!!

  46. Slarty Baadfast

    no idea how i got here but so glad i did!

  47. Celine Canavan

    hup hup hup!

  48. Universo Nostalgia

    I love them <3

  49. Frank Goodall

    Paul heaton is related to Famer Jack..ask Tony Bennet he sung it.It goes like From a jack to a queen...Get it !!!!  X :)

    Howard Davies

    Just really cool to drink your Diamond White and Holsten Pils snakebites to,then really enjoy making a prick out of yourself on the dance floor.All that for ten quid back then eh?.

  50. evgarcia90

    Fantastic band from the 80s! Thanks for uploading this great song.

  51. Frank Goodall

    Incredibly good....I have the feel good factor..X :)

  52. Dinet K

    Love love love them Still

  53. Oliver Kloseoff

    I've never heard of them....where are they from? What year was this video made?

    Joe Weinmunson

    When I was in high school the Housemartins song "Happy Hour" was a big song by the standards of college rock. The lead singer, Paul Heaton, is better known nowadays as the lead singer and songwriter of The Beautiful South. They never made a big impression in the U.S. but they're big enough in the UK to have a greatest hits compilation.

    Vicky Wilson

    Hull please, no such place as Humberside :-D

    Frank Goodall

    Formally known as Humberside then dear lady..So pleased to put the record straight. X :)

    Vicky Wilson

    Chloe Delores a lot of people still use humberside, being a Hull girl it's not something we like to hear now :-D

    tanner1ie :) .

  54. Oliver Kloseoff

    "Getting on like hand and blister"....good one.

  55. Paul Edwards

    these, the smiths and the cure best ever


    Don't forget Echo and the Bunnymen


    Love this band !!

  57. Josephine Roque

    they so cutest bands

  58. maxpower252



    the liner notes on the debut album praise MARXISM ....does that make them commies or socialists ?

  59. Miguel Angel

    Son los mejores ya no se escucha música como esta

    noelia._ gomez

    Si verdad

  60. Garth H

    43 Def Leppard fans have made their opinion known.

    Helen B

    +Garth H Why don't they like this? i like both!!


    +Helen the raver I'm listening to this on that personal playlist Youtube makes for you sometimes and 'Def Leppard - Let It Go' is literally next up.

    Helen B

    +Mine0Taur Well they're all from God's own county so i don't see the problem!

    Michael Murphy

    Well done Sir! 100 up-votes for you today! : )

    Gar Mar

    Fan of both!

  61. Rich Smith

    haha. i had this on tape. class memories

  62. Brian Barger

    1:01 lol

  63. SpeedbirdConcorde

    Without a doubt, this is my favourite farm based song.


    "Mary had a Little lamb"?

    Simon Bosley

    "Old MacDonald Had a Farm"?

    Steve Forest

    Altogether Now - By the Farm

    Steve Forest

    Maggie's Farm - Bob Dylan

  64. Switch

    1:01 spoopy


    In this band bass quitar palyed Norman Cook.

    Andy D

    +Count Basie Yes, I saw them at Leicester University in 1986. 20 years ago? They split up in 1987 Count?

    Count Basie

    It was my 14th birthday I was born in 76 my maths is shite


    +ΒΑΓΓΕΛΗΣ ΚΑΖΑΚΗΣ sure is, he has worked with the Beautiful South and is still friends with most of the band too... A reunion would be superb!


    +Andy D beats international Dub be good to me etc came immediately post housemartins. fatboy slim came well after. He';s maintained that dorky floppy persona throughout though. Love him.

    figurehead1971 would have been 10-11 as was already said, they split in 1987.

  66. kenoshakid11

    Unspeakably cute. I'd marry all four of them.

  67. Adam Williamson

    Fucking best band from hull plis fine young cannibals. Good times top tumrs

  68. JimmBailey

    I really had a fondness for these lads, and they had some real catchy tunes such as "Build" and "Happy Hour" among others. I think they may have been misperceived as "Smiths-lite" with a smidgen of Haircut 100 and a bit of Madness thrown in. Sadly they broke up and didn't live up to mature to the possibility of their full potential.


    Most of the band continued in the Beautiful South though. So you can listen to that and listen to them as a 'mature' band.

  69. tylsimys67

    I guess they died so fast after this "anthem" (better to me than Sheep or Caravan) that I didn't saw a clip from it while collecting other videos by thousands in 1987-1997. 

  70. Bernardo Saez Fernandez

    El video es lo que se veia entre los 80' y los 90' genial y sobre todo positivo y alegre

  71. Ripped Knees Scooter Store

    now thats a video, none of this digital bollocks these days. Paul Heaton is one of the best....

  72. Darren Singleton

    To the 28 people that voted this down..... I dislike you. I dislike you strongly

    Fela Kuti1

    but there are thousdens Likers, much more interesting

    Jamie Davies

    Its Jamie Davies I live the UK I love this song Darren Singleton mate.


    Me too! Great Song, Great Band! IMHO :)

    Jamie Davies

    @manikpop Its Jamie Davies can I be your friend please manikpop mate.


    @Howard Davies did u get laid before going home, then?

  73. mikey p

    ah the 80's good times

  74. delacour leasand

    dédicace à mes amis suisse !
    bisous from France 

    Monica Bravo

    The house Martin caravana of love

  75. delacour leasand

    moi et les fermiers ! lol !
    merci à celui qui a mis ce clip sur utube, 
    ça me rappelle mes 18 ans ! lol

  76. Charles Tonn

    Me gusta :D


    Una de las canciones mas gamberras que recuerdo¡¡

  78. Stephen Reid

    Fantastic! That Rickenbacker break is a straight lift out of CTA-102 by The Byrds. Excellent.

  79. Soundman1963

    One of the best underrated bands. 


    your comment is underrated, too!

  80. Alessandro Piredda

    621.887! didn't think That masterpiece would be so appreciated!

  81. joneksi77

    It's completely impossible to be in a foul mood when listening to this song

  82. Marco Figueras

    esta cancion es una mierda

  83. Leandro Oliveira

    Fatboy slim.


    Andre Valle

    Fatboy Slim tocando baixo na árvore! kkkk

    WhyAlwaysMe? JuanClawdGahwd-Damn

    Fatboy slim iya já tinha esquecido de onde ele veio.

  84. Pedro de Santiago


  85. Huffy05

    I've got a little Hull story for you YTF's, as a young boy I used to get up at 6am every Saturday to pick up Roy of the Rovers & Tiger from my local Newsagents on Greenwood Avenue in Hull.  I remember watchin' one of The Housemartins early interviews before they released 'Happy Hour' was either 'Sheep' or 'Me & The Farmer' on Wackaday or The Wide Awake Club!!


    Off Endike myself, Huffy. Moved to London since but always take advantage of time up North to get down Newland/Prinny Ave for a few cheekies...

    illiterate thug

    quite the anecdote you've got there, have you spoken to anybody about the serialisation rights yet???


    WOW - You could get a book deal or a movie out of that story!

  86. mark clutterbrook

    paul heaton has been my alltime favourite singer since i was a kid

  87. Hicham Tsouni

    very beautiful song

  88. Mir Reggae

    Amooooo... este temaaaa!!!!!!
    me hace muy feliz al escucharlooo!!!!
    me hace recordar mi infancia!!!!!

  89. Camila Callieri

    His voice is really similar to Morrisey's!

  90. Nadine Jensen

    nice song , the farmer !

  91. Pan Tani

    Grandissima band che ha segnato la mia adolescenza!!! The Housemartins 4 ever! :-)

  92. peter lodge

    you got it. makes you feel upbeat



  94. Very Doge

    Fat Boy Slim :D

  95. Rabea Ballin

    ...reminds me of the summer my favorite cousin introduced me to The Housemartins and I introduced her to Al B.Sure! haha (not a fair trade I admit)

  96. meinerzweier

    I fucking hate stupids.

  97. Luis Contreras G.

    Nice Song

  98. haleybear222

    Who's the guy at 0:47?

    Robin Hoens

    Most certainly he's @Mega Machine's brother in law