Housefires - You Are My Peace (Reprise) Lyrics

Oh my peace
Jesus my peace
Oh You are my peace

I'm letting go of fear tonight
Letting go of worry, letting go of pain
Oh, every hindrance upon me
Letting go of all my fear, all my worries Letting go of pain, every hindrance upon me
I'll let it go, I let it go, I let it go
We cast our anxiety on You Jesus
'Cause You care for us Lord
Yes I let it go, I let it go, ohh
'Cause You are my peace

I let it go, oh I let it go, oh just let it go
'Cause You are my peace
I let it go, I let it go, oh I let it go
Oh, You are my peace
Yeah I let it go, yes I let it go, I let it go
Oh, You are my peace

So I trust You, Yes I trust You, Jesus I trust You
Oh, You are my peace
Yes I trust You, I trust You, oh I trust You
Oh, You are my peace

All you weary, come and lay your burdens down
His yoke is easy, there is rest to be found All you weary, come and lay your burdens down
His yoke is easy, there is rest to be found

All you weary, come and lay your burdens down
His yoke is easy, there is rest to be found
All you weary, come and lay your burdens down
His yoke is easy, there is rest to be found

So I trust You, I trust You, Father I trust You
Oh, You are my peace
Yes I trust You, I trust You, I trust You
Oh, You are my peace

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Housefires You Are My Peace (Reprise) Comments
  1. hope 3017

    ❤💓 such a peaceful song

  2. Tintswalo Mhlongo

    Why isn't there an option to like videos multiple times😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Godschilddd 98

    All 2019

  4. hope 3017

    Thank you Jesus! for leading me to this song ❤

  5. Exposit The Word

    Cant wait to see you guys in London next month

  6. Trent Leach

    What a glorious gift I thank you and God bless you all of you in the video for you give my king phrase

  7. Godschilddd 98

    2019 !!

  8. Christopher Mullen

    Praise The Lord!!! ❣🙏👍 <><

  9. Joyce Faulkner

    Powerful worship song for Alter ' come all who are weary & lay down all your burden unto Jesus ' realized everything & let go what didn't work ! Come just as you are cs Jesus is our saviour & His yoke is easy ! He is our peace ! Thank you Housefires band ! God bless u all & be fruitful in the Gospel of Christ our saviour !

  10. Nathan Sinclair

    I heard this song for the first time going to my ywam base last week and preceding the worship time feeling nervous cause I was in a group that I didn't know many people and if I could participate and didn't think anymore, just wanting to get in and press in and be a blessing, so my friend Gavin started playing this song, but I learnt something that day. Gavin said whatever it is that is making you afraid, just confess it to God, cause he is our peace. Anyway, i thought of that nerve and I confessed it, and within a minute I wasn't nervous anymore! So grateful for your anointed music! I love my peace (Jesus) It's singularly made me bolder and more courageous in love with Him - im seeing my relationships restored and hope in my heart.

  11. Katy Ross

    It's so nice seeing so many young people enjoying God! Yes!

  12. Katy Ross

    I'm letting go of all the things I can't control


    Found this song or shall I say the Holy Spirit led me to this song as I was feeling low. Played it this song for more than 2 hours repeat. It ministered big time to my spirit. He is my peace. I trust you Lord, you are my peace. You won’t let go of me. Thank you Jesus.

  14. Vee

    Anthem 😊💛

  15. Naomi Thomas

    God I trust you! You give me peace that’s independent of my circumstances and situations! Lord you pour out your mercy and grace on me everyday!

  16. Louisiana

    I like!!!

  17. Kaneka Ramsey

    I trust you God, you are my peace! I love the lyrics to this song and this is a true testament. God brings peace.

  18. jan villanueva

    hermosa adoracion!

  19. Lynette Ware

    Love it Love it Love it!!!!

  20. dada-phillips wuraola

    Lord I trust you, you are my peace. Amen.

  21. Nissi Hires

    This was on my 17th birthday cool! I love this song!

  22. kevin andes

    thank you , cause every time i hear this song. i'm feel get a courage. Thank You So Much . Keep Praise Our GOD :D
    Love You Guys So Much

  23. victoriousone

    Absolutely love this song, its words and lyrics! Yes, I found rest in Him and I am so thankful for this.
    Matthew 11: 28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
    Since several months these words always come to my spirit and mind as I lead worhip in my Church.

  24. Karie Marie Gonzaga

    Thank you Lord for reminding me to lay all my burdens to you. I love this song. Praises to our God

  25. Sandra Garcia

    Thank you beloved brother Rick Garcia.
    Praise God Halleluyah Amen!!!!
    I am trusting God.

  26. gr8cious1

    I LOVE this song.

  27. Melissa Menezes

    Jesus 💝

  28. Ev Nathan Niyonsenga

    Amen 🙏🏾

  29. Michael Caldwell

    Beautiful Lord

  30. Ambikaa Madhoo

    This is the most beautiful song ever that gives us hope and peace. May the Almighty lords blessings be with all of us. Amen.

  31. Petro Moller

    Baie dankie

  32. ryan womack

    so im currently going through interviews for a new job. The new job is for a cook at a private school and It's something that's a little bit out of my comfort zone. I have been really scared and nervous that I'm not good enough for the job. That someone else could do this better than me. That I don't want to make a fool of myself. That im going to mess us while doing the job. After listening to this song it has brought so much peace. I fill like this is totally a god thing that I have been able to make it through the on the job interview. Don't know if i have the job or not. I have always loved the songs Housefires has done. Please be praying for me

  33. HOPE VOICE Ministry Official

    I love this song.. bless you guys..

  34. JuRita Buckout

    i just lost my baby at birth.. this song is strength in my grief.
    thank you.


    Dear sister. I'm so sorry to hear this. I also lost a dear loved one recently. My brother committed suicide in April. I pray for God to comfort us and keep us focused on Him. Blessings of peace, dear sister. In Jesus' name. Amen

    Reymundo Chavez

    JuRita Buckout I lost my son at 1&1/2 months old. Be strong. I love you and I carry your sadness in my chest in Christ Jesus for you and for all of us in Christ who bear this burden. Have faith. It will get easier as you come to see that we are just passing through and they are waiting for us just on the other side of our journey :) Lord bless you and your child who is now in ecstatic joy home with our Good Shepherd....

    Sunshine B

    I pray for strength and courage for your loss, may the Joy of the Lord be your strength now and forever

    You Are So Worth It

    Dear mama, praying for you. He is the healer of broken hearts. I have six babies in heaven and I can testify to His goodness, mercy and strength. Hugging you in the Spirit. 🤗

  35. Darlene Achille

    Beautiful Song!!!

  36. panda panda

    facing all the life challenges , i have to be strong.. since my strength is come from the Lord

  37. Palesa Bakker

    I'm letting go of me to have ALL of You Jesus. Thank you Housefires for creating this powerful atmosphere of worship and surrender😃😆

  38. Authentic Living With Jas

    Praise God! 🙌🏾❤️ also I was very excited to see the whole album was on Apple Music! You bet I'm playing this album on repeat and added it to my praise and worship playlist 🙏🏾🙆🏾

  39. Vladimir Inácio

    what are the chords for the song?

  40. Ahaiziah Shako

    When will this song be available to buy!!!!?????? don't understand why it isn't as it

  41. Dilores Alii

    nice song,thank you😍

  42. Kmac4him

    Surrender in that wholly-holy kind of way, laying down my expectations is such an amazing peaceful way to step into a new week.

  43. mieke4christ

    Thank you Jesus for being my GOOD, GOOD FATHER and always being right there with me so I learn to trust you more, I 💜💚💖💛💙❤️ MY GOD!!!!😃😃😃😂🙏🏻👏🏻

  44. Mister Paulino Dju

    God is with us .

  45. Justine Make

    Trooop bien...Merci Lord

  46. Amanda Best

    Awesome song. Love the intentional/unintentional placement of the men in this video. Grateful for men of God who worship.

  47. Iris Nxumalo

    This song ministered to my heart and spoke life into such a heavy, difficult season.

  48. Suely Monteiro

    Nossa!!! Maravilhoso, que Deus continue abençoando vocês povo de Deus.

  49. Laimi Abner

    you're my peace, hallelujah

  50. David Kim

    I love this wonderfull Name " Jesus" His love is really a reality

  51. Sarah Méguy Da

    It's so deep!

  52. Nancy Sesinyi

    This song just made me fall in love with Jesus all over again <3

  53. Bueller

    can't wait to hear the Chris Tomlin and Philips, Craig, and Dean versions of this one.

  54. Roberta Domingos

    que lindo 🙌🙌🙌🙏

  55. Caleb Sandoval

    No, we are strong because He is strong. We hold on because He holds onto us. We don't have to do anything but we have the choice to rely on Him by letting go of our OWN strength, therefore BE STRONG because He is Strong!

  56. Johnathan Costa

    Aquele louvor verdadeiro que sentimos a presença real de Deus🙏 continuem assim, com essas adorações que acalma nossas almas!

  57. Maina Faith

    I needed this. Great song, great message

  58. Ahaiziah Shako

    where can i find this song to buy?

  59. Naomi T

    My favourite song of the album ❤️❤️ god is great !

  60. SunKissNicole

    everything is going wrong its 2:30am woke up out of the blue from sleep, crying and God told me to listen to this song. these lyrics are my life & its my first time listening to this song

    Beulah O

    Hi Nicole, I'm praying for the strength and peace of the Lord God almighty to uphold you and comfort you! God bless you my sister in Christ ❤

    TArisai Banda

    SunKissNicole we bless God


    Beulah O God did it. He delivered me today, I give Him all the glory! I, thank you for keeping me in your prayers. My soul needed them.

    PeterandAnn Towle

    SunKissNicole God is our peace... god is our rest... he is able to do more than we can ever ask or think...

  61. Fihavana willis Mihamimanana

    I am now like in the midst of darkness, but you are my perfect peace Lord

  62. Desde ariba siempre

    how i wish to be ther. waoo! God bless you all. forever.

  63. Kaytlen Tursi

    This song is so encouraging and it's coming to me at a time in my life where I really have to trust God. So simple and to the point. I love it!

  64. Danielle Calicdan

    such a perfect prayer

  65. Danielle Calicdan

    letting go *insert surrendering emoji*

  66. Debora Braga

    Deus é perfeito ♡

  67. PeterandAnn Towle

    This song is God breathed... it speaks to the depths of my being this morning... God is walking with you housefires... hidden treasures in the house of God... I say yes and amen to this beautiful song...

  68. PeterandAnn Towle

    Praise the Lord!!! His yoke is easy... the housefires know... you are my peace... I trust you...Jesus our peace... letting go of all my fears... thank you housefires... let it go... you are my peace...

  69. Father's Heart International Ministries

    The deeper the surrender the deeper the encounter...

    PeterandAnn Towle

    Father's Heart International Ministries amen amen amen...

    Mute LarsOrhougbe4


  70. Chabala Musonda

    Awesome Song!!!! your worship songs, make me fall, in love with God more..... May God Bless your SOuls more

    TArisai Banda

    Chabala Musonda we bless God

  71. Stefanie Jacobs

    Awesome! I NEED the chords for this song!

    Ryan Selvius

    Is there a way we can dm or email without sharing contact info publicly for all to see here? I have a pdf of the chords as well as the sheet music I can give you if you don't already have it.

  72. Dany Rugamba

    God is good!

    TArisai Banda

    Dany Rugamba so good my brother!

  73. Sammy M

    I would of loved to be there ! Glory to God🔥

  74. Jan Mart Daluz

    Im letting go to have all of you <3

  75. Daniel McKinney

    Then the Spirit of Christ has penetrated my eyes to see his glory so I can be more like him. He is the way to the cross.

    Nico Bottema

    Oh how grateful those moments

    Nathan Sinclair

    Amen! worth it! oh press into him today!

  76. Jody-Ann Watson

    released at the right time ♥.. letting go and letting God. thank you!

    TArisai Banda

    Jody-Ann Watson amen

  77. Joshua Michael

    John 14:27 _Peace_ _I_ _leave_ _with_ _you_ , _My_ _peace_ _I_ _give_ _to_ _you_ _;_ _not_ _as_ _the_ _world_ _gives_ _do_ _I_ _give_ _to_ _you_ _._ _Let_ _not_ _your_ _heart_ _be_ _troubled_ , _neither_ _let_ _it_ _be_ _afraid_ - Jesus

  78. Psalm Forty

    *God is Real*

    Let us encourage you all in that.
    *Stop over* and help us Bless you.

    Sarah Méguy Da

    So real!

    Brondena Fanning

    Psalm Forty
    June 7, 2017
    PRAISE GOD! He's actually more real than we are because He created us! PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME, NOW AND FOREVERMORE!!

    Psalm Forty

    Brondena Fanning

  79. Mister - Royalty Free Music

    Great! Keep it up!

  80. SoleTies

    Perfect love cast out all fear, The Fathers love makes me bold, I don't have to be afraid!
    “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
    ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:6-7‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  81. A Quiver Full of 5

    Perfect word in perfect season

  82. Markfourtwenty Heart


  83. knowhat

    1st one

  84. Joseph Robinson

    Loveeeee It.