Housefires - Lifter Lyrics

Rivers of unfailing love
Sweep my fears away
The kindness of the Savior's touch
Heals the heart that breaks

You're the lifter of my head
Won't You take me higher and higher
And You show me love again
You alone my soul desire

The wonders of Your heart for us
Awakes the dead in me
His praises rise, it floods a fire
And stirs my soul to sing

That You're the lifter of my head
Won't You take me higher and higher
And You show me love again
You alone my soul... desire
(You're the lifter)
You're the lifter of my head
Won't You take me higher and higher
And You show me love again
You alone my soul desire

The King of kings, the Lord of lords
Highly exalted
The Son of God, the face of love
Oh You're highly exalted
The King of kings, the Lord of lords
Highly exalted
The Son of God, the face of love
Highly exalted

You're the lifter of my head
Won't You take me higher and higher
And You show me love again
You alone my soul desire
You're the lifter of my head
Won't You take me higher and higher
And You show me love again
You alone my soul desire

You alone
You alone
You lift my eyes
Oh, You lift my eyes
So I fix my eyes on what I cannot see
Mercy and grace all around
Oh, You lift my head
Oh, You lift my head
All I could see was everything wrong
And all I could see is that I wasn't good enough
All I could see is my selfish pride
Oh, You lift my eyes
Oh, You lift my eyes

'Cause You're the lifter of my head
Won't You take me higher and higher
(Teach me to see the night and You...)
You show me love again
(You alone, You alone)
You alone my soul desire

(Oh, You lift my head tonight)
You're the lifter of my head
(I set the Lord always before me)
Won't You take me higher and higher
He is at my right hand, I would not be shaken)
And You show me love again
(Lift my head, lift my head)
You alone my soul desire

(You're the lifter of my hea')
You're the lifter of my head
And You take me higher and higher
And You show me love again
You alone my soul desire

Oh, You show me love
And I was blind, You show me love
The scales fall off my eyes tonight
Jesus, King of kings
The King of kings, the Lord of lords
Highly exalted
The Son of God, You're the face of love
Highly exalted
(The King of kings)
The King of kings, the Lord of lords
Highly exalted
The Son of God, the face of love
Highly exalted

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Housefires Lifter Comments
  1. Unknown Unknown

    I was playing the song for my fiance while she was in labor right now 6 p.m. the Lord has blessed me with a son 🙌 even got married 3hrs before his birth.

  2. Jamilla Williams

    Amazing my favourite so far. Perfect lyrics amen!!🙏🏽😁

  3. Ryan Adams

    Does anyone know what kind of brushes those are?

  4. seth griffin


  5. SuperJeremiah333

    What is the matter with young people? Do they ever read the Bible?
    I hope not, because it's to be obeyed, so if they do there's a spirit of liberalism and rebellion loose in today's church, and it's full of people who's conversion isn't complete.
    The Bible clearly says that a man who covers his head in meeting dishonours his Head (Christ), and a woman who fails to cover her head is improperly dressed and shows the same lack of morality as a prostitute.
    So what do we get - a bunch of guys wearing hats (is it cold or raining in there, and if not WHY are they doing this) and a bunch of bear-headed women, the exact OPPOSITE to what God has commanded.
    What a shameful disgrace to appear before the Lord in this condition!

    L Chavez

    These men are singing to the Lord from the heart be careful that you don't fall into your own condemnation. If you knew that He searches your heart and mind and not your hair and chest then how can you not see His love present here. I'm sure you say I am not under the law yet are attempting to make law of those things which one should come to learn as beautiful through free will offering. Yes Paul spoke this truth as built upon the mystery and God willing all will consider these things in their own personal journey but who are you to command another's servant would it not be better if you in love explained why Paul spoke these things in the mystery rather than beat your brother on the head we all fall under the same safety and love of the One true Grace of God Almighty. Please make the truth desirable as a host of His light since He is Light and beauty. Any man who says to his brother "fool!" Is in danger of hell fire since you are passing judgement on the work of the Spirit that we all receive of freely in Christ. Be the love you would love to have as your own the Love of God in Christ

  6. G Augustin


  7. Tintswalo Teressa

    He is still taking me higher and higher #2019 Thank you Housefires for sparking a flame of fire in me through your music.

  8. Victorious Overflowing

    Just enough. Thank you Jesus!

  9. Aphre Kerhuo

    This song is pure heaven! Thank you Housefires and Jesus for the inspiration

  10. michael clarke

    Thank you for making worship what it should be. The Lord first .

  11. Yvonne Massie


  12. gr8vj


  13. Bart Mason

    kick ass song!!

  14. Brandon Comeaux

    Come to NY

  15. Lebohang Nkoala

    Pls come to south Africa

  16. YEMSXO

    This song deserves more views

  17. Yulia Keyrouz

    ❤❤❤all the glory to jesus christ

  18. Donald Dupree Jr

    Awesome intimate worship. I will love for you to come to Cleveland, Ohio

  19. summer day

    You take me higher and higher..

  20. Elvis Manyetu

    Great song.
    From south africa

  21. Rodrigo Ramos

    Uauuuu... Conheci esse ministério através do Spotify e foi amor à primeira música (Open Space) e ouvindo as outras me apaixonei mais ainda. Que Deus abençoe vocês!

  22. Jean Regis

    2018, He is my Lifter

  23. Steph F

    Please come to MINNESOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Elisabeth Murch

    Please come to the little town of Visalia California..Tulare county! 🙄 oh please

  25. cristiano carraro

    Jesus you are Faithful to me every day...I love to worship Jesus with these songs!!!

  26. Nedra Vereen

    One of my favorite songs! Lifts my spirit every time I hear it.

  27. Daughter oftheKing

    Jesus, lifter of my head!!! ❤❤

  28. Edward Zimba

    Fill me with you spirit King of Kings, Lord of Lords. I open my heart to you.


    This song is on repeat on my phone !! I ❤️❤️ it so much

  30. Ggsodapop

    i wish them and bethel would come to west palm beach FL, Its like no one ever comes to this area.

  31. Milena Raquel

    #Housefires God bless you for your worship! let's burn now! 🔥 Brasil

  32. Dipuo Mooi

    Housefires your worship has so much authenticity and anointing. Thank you so much for allowing God to work through you, to reach out to the nations. May God continue to bless us through you!

    I'm all the way from South Africa.

  33. eva sonwane

    So good

  34. Heather Fast

    Wondering if you have produced a Cd ( Lifter) if so please let me know where I can purchase. Love your creative worship ❣️ You guys and girls are my favourite worship group!!

  35. Nell Mark Lapu-ag

    I pray that the living God continually annoint housefires... Let your glory shine upon their voices and every lyrics touches the heart of those who are hungry for the present of the living God. In Jesus name. Amen

  36. Jeff Cyphers

    Awesome anointed song of worship! Thank you:)

  37. Chevalyn Cher

    Love love love this song.. It's so uplifting. Thank you for putting into words and melody the song in our hearts. God bless you and your team :)

  38. Tegan Juric

    housefires you are one of my favorites please come to Australia

  39. Alejandro León

    Rhythm is like The War Is Over - Bethel Music woah haha. Good song.👍🏻❤️

  40. Bola Osibodu

    Love it!!

  41. Harmony Botya

    thank you for this amazing song. Worship mode. What a blessing.

  42. Eva Awuni

    Please does anyone know what notes the violinist is playing?

  43. Christiana Boer

    We need this worship in Israel!

  44. Valarie Cole

    simply beautiful -

  45. Free Born

    Amazing song here. Thank you Housefires Rivers of unfailing love.

  46. Isaac wilkening

    Does anyone know the chords?

  47. Carol Catalano

    thank you house fires for coming to OK City. We were so blessed blessed blessed.

  48. Nicole Concepcion

    the strings in the beginning (no words)...what a refreshing sound of adoration to our Father.

  49. bethuel kiragu

    Lovely worship..Feeling blessed.

  50. Chakalisa Warona

    The joy of the Lord is my strength i will never walk alone

  51. Meriam Moreki

    Awesome. You did it again housefires. Glory to God. I am highly blessed.

  52. Menukha House of Worship !

    i love this song! praise to god!

  53. Don Kaffenberger

    Heart felt truth is what David's Psalms were. You were on track and I was blessed. King of Kings was an after thought. A good Segway to finish. Just the thought of a meandering fool. Blessings be to you

  54. Kayla Williamson

    This song takes me back to a specific Sunday in the thick of freshman year of college when I needed this reminder

  55. Audrey Smith

    So good!! Keep going and keep fighting to do what God calls you to do!! You may face trials and pain but keep pushing because you have purpose!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💯💯💯🙏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  56. Paul Gobeze

    come to china to wuhan

    Brandon Burrell

    Paul Gobeze God bless you!

  57. Justin Lau

    new housefires lit af!

  58. Lauren Holbrook

    Please come to California! :)

  59. Sartorially Black


  60. timothy alvarado

    Jonah 2:9 PRAISE GOD!!

  61. Richard LeBlanc

    Just want to say thank you for your blessed music. Teaching here in the Middle East would have been so much tougher without your music. Many days I needed to be reminded of who I am to Him. I wish you the best and hope that you will come to the East Coast, Connecticut sometime this year

    Brandon Burrell

    Richard LeBlanc God bless you!

    Richard LeBlanc

    Thank you Brandon!

  62. Ruan Gomes

    Lord you take me higher and higher!

  63. Ruth Abigail Castillo Martines

    que hermoso!!!

  64. PeterandAnn Towle

    When I was blind you showed me love... thank you housefires... son of God your the face of love...king of kings and Lord of Lords... this album is a blessing poured out for every believer in Christ... what a gift to be able to worship God in Spirit and reality...

    PeterandAnn Towle

    A great birthday present as well...

  65. JuRita Buckout

    chills. love it. thanks for posting!

  66. Warrior4Christ


  67. Rin Mawia


  68. Faber Clement


  69. John Paul Kasse

    My Lifter, Jesus

  70. Karl ludovic Yao

    please housefires could you substitles the songs great melody our god bless us

    Nils Wendel

    DEVENIR CHRIST karl ludovic the lyrics are in the description

    Karl ludovic Yao

    ok thanks bro

  71. Karl ludovic Yao

    holy and great wow jesus reign forever in us let rejoice with this eternal god's team

  72. Kermit Taylor

    Ok!!!!!!Please keep them coming guys the spirit Is yearning THANKS TO HE WHO SIT ON THE THRONE

  73. Olívia Alves Silva Alves

    lindo 😃

  74. Raine Ann

    Thank you Housefires for coming to Cedar Park, Tx last night with Bethel. I was so looking forward to worshiping with you all. So Amazing and beautiful. God's presence and love felt all over the place last night! God bless all you do! Jesus is truly the lifter of our heads! Praise God!!!

    Jose Gouveia

    Maravilhosa Canção Linda Demais Lord Jesus Love You Bendiciones

  75. Psalm Forty