Houghton, Israel - Secrets Lyrics

We lie to our lovers, we lie to our friends
Painting our pictures and playing pretend
We keep our secrets all to ourselves
Stand at a distance so no one can tell

And nobody knows us and nobody will
We all keep pretending we're better, but still
We keep our secrets to cover our shame
You see the darkness and You love us the same

We run from our troubles, we run from our pain
Gather the dirt up and sweep it away
And we put our mask on, pretending by faith
And carry our secrets with us to the grave

And nobody knows us and nobody will
We all keep pretending we're better, but still
We keep our secrets to cover our shame
But You see the darkness and You love us the same

We hide our weakness, we hide our sin
We feel the guilt but we keep it all in
We are just children, small and afraid
Your truth will unmask us and love us the same

And nobody knows us and nobody will
We all keep pretending we're better, but still
We keep our secrets to cover our shame
And You see the darkness and You love us the same
You see the darkness and love us the same
You see the darkness and You love us the same

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Houghton, Israel Secrets Comments
  1. Liz U

    My observation.... I wish she could use less makeup, she’s really pretty. Beautiful song.

  2. Mark Harris

    Holy Holy GLORY GLORY be to GOD

  3. Victoria Hewitt

    Gorgeous..... love this beautiful couple!

  4. Luis goncalvez

    adrienne your voice is beautiful please never stop singing

  5. Renee Joseph

    God is a God of second chances so Im very happy they've found forgiveness. I trust that they've also made amends with those that they wounded deeply by the genesis of their relationship. Im still deeply troubled by where their relationship stands in terms of Mark 10.11-12, but God is supreme and will have the final say. Meanwhile though, I've listened to a few of their songs and am troubled by the fact that while they allude to God, nowhere is His name mentioned. In that respect, I miss the old Israel who never left the person his praise/ worship was directed to in a cloud of mystery and uncertainty. Remember and recognize your first love, Israel...

  6. Doing it in Leopard

    Megan Goode did an awesome job

  7. Donna Myers

    2 beautiful voices, 1 beautiful couple! You two are God's blessing brought together!

  8. Princess Vanessa

    So love this couple

  9. Fantasy Torres

    Beautiful 🙏🙏

  10. Raquel Navas

    God bless the both of you. I hope you release this song in Spanish version some day.

  11. Gcebile Dlamini

    Wow. OMG

  12. Stephanie Nix

    beautiful music

  13. Pecellar Mwenya

    Adrienne has such a beautiful voice...😍😍😍😍😍

  14. PG13 Basketballclub

    This song is so beautiful, the video is. Amazing.. they are beautiful together. They would make a beautiful joint album together ❤️

  15. Bx Chelle

    Israel this is the first time me hearing you sing and you have an amazing strong voice my god it gave me chills and Adrienne your just beautiful your voice is amazing and soothing😍I'm just now listening and watching this video for the first time and I'm just in love with this song beautiful duet💕💕💕💕💕

  16. Achere Brenda Enoh


  17. Natlee Blair-Acquah

    I love this video whoever directed it put so much heart into it

    Jayne Gitau

    meghan good did it

  18. Pamela Guillaume

    nice beautiful songs God is a God of second chances... we are not perfect but God loves us even when we put our masks on to cover the shames and guilt

  19. Heaven's Kitchen

    Adrienne met her boaz....Israel carried her shoes wow!

  20. Sandy Namwinga


  21. Virginia Macias


  22. Godfred Awowani-Sebuabe

    Who saw what happened, from a lush garden to a dry barren place, and that beard was screaming "Daddy"

  23. Plain Jane

    Wow I’m crying, this is beautiful. God bless you guys.

  24. Titilayo Sarah Eguridu

    Who are we to judge another mans journey?

  25. Ruth Abelar

    So happy Adrianne is back to music as the flamingo on The Mask. I don't understand how she could have ever not liked her voice. It is undeniable talent.

  26. dre Day

    Disgusting!!! I feel for his kids!! Watching their father and his mistress!!

  27. Traseyy Bennett

    Adrienne’s voice reminds me of my childhood 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️

  28. bmwakaful

    Best song I have listened to ol year.

    If only humanity would learn to love the way God does.. That he loves us the same despite our secrets this world would be a mic much better place. Its a challenge to love like this but I'm up for this challenge

  29. Take Courage

    i have recently learned a beautiful lesson, keeping secrets, they haunt you and you cannot be free at all. you live with fear of being found out.
    It is what you hide that kills you. it is not healthy at all to keep secrets. see an extract from one of my favourate teachings.

    It is time you took off your mask. As long as you wear a mask, you are role playing. God is not interested in your role-playing. He wants to deal with you, the real you. He wants to know the real you that struggles with the secret issues of the heart. The you behind the false smile and pretty clothes. The you that is wrestling with all kinds of things. God wants to make you whole. He doesn’t want to put a bandage on a broken arm. He wants to reset the bones so there can be proper healing in your life. For God to effectively minister to you, you will have to take off your mask and reveal your real needs and challenges. If you are going to conquer anything in your life, you must first confront it.
    To confront it, you must be honest about it.
    See yourself for who and for what you really are. Why spend great amounts of energy trying to mask your painful inner struggles?
    It’s about time you faced your problems, needs, inadequacies and struggles. Stop role-playing.
    What you have to confront is the enemy within. The beginning of transformation takes place when you are willing to make that not-so-easy confrontation. God wants to set you free from yourself. You cannot expect to experience God’s best when you are living a double standard. You need to realize you are hiding.

  30. Melody Lupberger


  31. Lady Hawk

    I turned my back on Christ. How do I find my way back? I'm so lost and confused.

  32. Halant Hernandez

    Her voice is so unique I’m so glad she started to Sing again

  33. Faith Fani

    I love it am blessed

  34. Hammond M

    2:51 Sarah Jakes Robertson n her husband

  35. Steven Conejo

    That violin at the end, tho!

  36. Stephanie Wanjiru

    This is such a sweet song

  37. Shamfa S. Grey

    This is what i need. Authenticity
    A healthy relationship with my life partner. Thank you I was able to see this n love it✊🏽❣

  38. Dolly Bilha

    Your voices are soo great, I still thinking why this song not hitting millions view. Adrienne you are an angel and Israel is such a king. Together you are making magic..

  39. adeoti blessing

    I'm so going down the Aisle with this song

  40. Karon G

    Conscious talking. Intresting. Israel is messy, peridot!!!! Left wife of 20yrs pls, cheated, fathered at least 2 kids, allegedly 3, out of wedlock while married to ex he doesn't claim. Married desperate Adrian. No words; but, Lord have mercy.

  41. Zee SA

    We lie to our lovers
    We lie to our friends
    Painting our pictures
    And playing pretend
    We keep our secrets
    All to ourselves
    Standing a distance so no one can tell
    And nobody knows us
    And nobody will
    We all keep pretending we're better but still
    We keep our secrets to cover our shame
    You see the darkness and you love us thesame
    We run from our troubles
    We run from our pain
    Gather the dirt all and sweep it away
    We put our mask on pretending by faith
    And carry our secrets with us to the grave
    And nobody knows us and Nobody will
    We all keep pretending we better but still
    We keep our secrets to cover our shame
    But you see the darkness and love us thesame
    We hide our weakness, we hide our sins
    We feel the guilt but keep it away
    We are just children small and afraid
    The truth will unmask us and love us thesame

    And nobody knows us and nobody will
    All keep pretending were better but still
    We keep our secrets to cover our shame
    You see the darkness and you love us thesame

  42. Glenda Tonge


  43. djrebirth116

    Gutted... I can relate. ❤🤞🏽

  44. aery

    i’m trippin i forgot how amazing her voice is 😍

  45. Lord Enma and shoGUNyan


  46. Naila Mattu

    Love Love Love ♥️

  47. Andriana Sankar

    This made me cry..I love it,I love u guys

  48. Taylor Kiko

    Every time Adrianne sings she moves her hands exactly how she did in the cheetah girls lol , flash back .

  49. Mary-Ana Baker

    Just beautiful ❤

  50. Christina Sena

    It's hard to know weather this song is about God or them and the secrets they have before they got married

  51. Shirin Tobie-Paul


  52. Roses Lotus

    This music is beautiful and it made me feel better. Thanks


    Our Dru Hill, These are the times,
    GOSPEL version.
    What beautiful work, ambiance and parallel substance.

  54. Cassie Primus

    Played this on repeat!!

  55. Ligia Rodriguez

    Disgusting! A song about how he kept secrets of cheating from his wife and mother of 4 children.

  56. Mondo Phakathi

    Sarah Jakes is in the music video, Oh...Wow how I love this highly annointed woman.

  57. Aaliyah Williams

    I love how they sing it makes me feel happy that they are happy. And Adrienne and israel singing is so beautiful!

  58. Lana K Norman

    There was Encouraging... get to see her singing gospel they look good together hope to see more worship with them both so I can praise dance to it

  59. Siani Wilson

    This was great had me in tears because it hit so close to home
    We all need to unmask ourselves n not be discouraged by our past because God sees all and knows all

  60. Yolanda Harrison

    Amen 🙏🙌 Yesssss Lord! Beautiful Chioce Song!🎙️📯🎶🎵🎼🎤🎧📻🎷🎸🎹🗣️🗣️Very Strong ❤️ Love& Bond That can Not Be Broken 💔 Nor Come Between I am Very Proud 👏 of Y'all! Supporting! Each Other's Through MUSIC: CONTUINE TO Anointed US! God Bless To y'all!🙏my Hats Off to you Megan 🎩very well putting the video Together May God Continue to Blesses You!

  61. Bridget Robinson

    One of my favorite song 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌😘

  62. mariana padilla

    1:21 😍

  63. Ellie LB

    This is literally how my husband and I met... I was the church girl and he came from the “world”. People really disagreed and most were disappointed.... but we stuck together and now 9 years later and 3 years married and still so strong and united and so in love.... when you know- you know. Gods timing is perfect and Devine! I cried of happiness for these two!!

  64. The Bella Family

    I’m in love with this amazing song!

  65. Julia Alvarez

    Beautiful song

  66. Loraine Codrington

    Beautiful voices, beautiful song.

  67. Delilah Martinez

    I have been replaying this song non stop!!! Such beautiful and meaningful lyrics. Hit me hard 🔥🙌

  68. Chyna Barnes

    This so beautiful

  69. Claudette Brooks

    I'm not a Christian. But I love this song. You dont Have to be a Christian to he a woman of God.❤

  70. Felicia Brown


  71. Jafra Amanda

    Oh this is a beautiful music video and I am a started crying it’s so beautiful God bless and good energy

  72. Lweendo Kumalo

    This song is so healing to my soul

  73. Paloma Healing

    Loving both of you!! You sound so beautiful together💗💗💗🌺

  74. Shaloam Strooper

    This is beautiful! Praise be to God!

  75. Chengetanai George Jole Nyamakura

    great song. True story!!!

  76. Victoria O

    We keep our secrets to cover our shame but you love us the same amazing. Yes all have sin and come short to the glory of God is just by the Grace of God. God have mercy on us. Thank you Jesus for your sharing blood hallelujah amen and amen.

  77. Lisa Omingo

    how beautiful for them to portray God's unfailing love n such a powerful way . This is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen any couple do. Together professing the love that outstands and surpasses everything

  78. Jellieboo

    And I’m crying


    To God be the GLORY! Amen... needed to hear this today. Thank you Lord for subtle ministry...

  80. OutOfBondage MusicRadioSyndication

    This is one of the most beautiful videos I have witnessed as a woman of faith. The husband and wife Israel and Adrienne have truly blessed kingdom people with this reminder of how God loves us. Thanks guys. I will play this on the radio show!

  81. gloryharmony

    I love this song because there is so much truth to it. Speaks to me in so many way. However, I can't get past the fact that when we say we are God's ministers( gospel worker) we can no longer look like the world in the way we attire ourselves. Why do we always have to reveal so much cleavage ??? On one hand we are saying that we are Christians but it's okay to look like the world.

  82. Caitlyn Baartman

    Oh my goshhhhhhhh😭❤️😍

  83. O'Brien Mungofa

    HE sees our weakness and still loves us the same...

  84. aptginc

    Wow hard to tell Christianity any or the darkside ?

  85. Natasha Lee-anne

    I love you Adrienne... You my role model

  86. SC CHI


  87. Jai Sheha

    Wow! This is powerful

  88. DeAnna Mckinney

    This acting is comical..but it's beautiful

  89. Grace Keber

    I cried and cried and cried yes he loves me the same yes I messed up a lot yes I try to cover my shame but after all Jesus loves me the same - God bless you guys-

  90. Curtistine Miller

    Nice video ....love the lyrics.

  91. bmillermcghee

    BEAUTIFUL💞💞💞💞Great Job

  92. Angelous 777

    Such a beautiful way to show how God loves us and doesn't judge us like people do, the beauty in the second chances The Lord Jesus gives us when we come to him with our shame, sins and secrets and He transforms us into a new creation and gives us a new future. I felt very joyful to see how the Lord gave you two this beautiful new chapter to share a new begging together. God bless you

  93. L'ange Marie

    Beautiful emotional I am crying

  94. Tynia Tynia

    Me and my sister dance this song inside my room.

  95. Lashanna Thomas

    They are really great together . They sing so beautiful. This song is much deeper then what people see . Pray for those who are lost because time is short. Jesus is coming back

  96. Dede Ortiz

    Love love love❤

  97. Rock Start

    Love the song

  98. Michelle