Houghton, Israel - I Hear The Sound Lyrics

I hear the sound of the new breed
Marching toward the gates of the Enemy [repeat]

We're armed and dangerous
strong and serious clothed in Rightness
It's a new breed (new breed)

It ain't a black thing
it ain't a white thing
it ain't a color thing
it's a kingdom thing

We're armed and dangerous
strong and serious clothed in rightness
It's a new Breed (a new Breed)

When we get the gates(when we get to the gates)
We're taking it back
we're taking it back
we're pullin it down
we're pullin it down
We're armed and dangerous
Strong and serious
clothed in rightness
it's a new breed (new breed)

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Houghton, Israel I Hear The Sound Comments
  1. Tony Lancer

    7:09 If you're musician, please do tell me what's happening here. It's so misplacing that it feels good but makes me very guilty.


    I play drums and my understanding is that they shifted the beat slightly along the bar...so while they're still playing 4/4 time, the 1 lands on a different beat in the bar. I played a metronome while counting what they did in the change and so I found that the 1 landed in between the 1 & 2 for the original beat. So his snare hit on the 3 for the "changed beat" landed between the 3 & 4 of the original beat that's why it sounded weird but not completely off. It's genius!!!! I've never heard it before and never heard it done in another song since, must be Chris Coleman that came up with that lol 🤣

  2. G Will

    Chris Coleman on drums, the goat

  3. BBT609

    the recorded this in Atlanta. lol

  4. Hubert Floyd

    whew, they went straight in at 6:00 on... yes taking it straight back from the devil

  5. T Davis

    Awesome! My sister in law hipped me to this
    and I ended up buying the CD. Really powerful'
    and holy spirit anointed, real wrap!

  6. E.w Edwards

    I hear the sound!

  7. Brandon Salle

    faith thing