Hotelier, The - Piano Player Lyrics

Inside your room there's 40 few
Remaining figures of new moons
To curve around your axle heart
In hopes that something new will start.
They're winding down, they're closing ranks
To rest another 30 days.
You lay and watch them wax and glow.
You hold them in your hand and let them go.

A kid half my age, baby's breath and meadow sage
Clutched in her hands like trophy game,
Just like the wild world was tame,
Was granted home and tender care
Into an awkward piece of ware
Three-quarters full or quarter-drained
And both adversely sure how long they will sustain.

My eyes greet hers and hers do mine
And then the room becomes her shrine.
An older ma'am sets herself straight
And then she smiles with 88 remembered loves
And morning suns until her woven was sung.
Her fingers dropped like falling rain.
The entire room awash with the sustain.

You always said that you don't dance
But then a heel turn to a shadow stance.
I'm wrung like sodden cloth.
And the autumn leaves turn over across your floor,
Into the hall and I've declined into a crawl
And you decompress and fall away but
This floor is raised on beams of trust
And there's room enough for both of us so stay. Sustain.

Inside your room there's 40 few
Remaining figures of new moons
To curve around your axle heart
In hopes that something new will start.
The things you grow are set to die.
You cling to them with knuckles white.
So wind me up, damper to floor
And I don't know if I know love no more.

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Hotelier, The Piano Player Comments
  1. Martino Valentini

    still love them. from Italy

  2. domtron88

    This is awesome!!! I also like to guess where they are at in each scene ;)

  3. ItsNapkins

    The editing to this song is fucking vibe and a half. I love it.

  4. Lorenz Meyn

    bit random but anyone got an idea of how to get these kinda video effects? Like the transitions and such

  5. Biotic Storm

    one of the best songs my ears have been blessed to hear

  6. Schwanz Kacka

    After a long peroid of listening to extreme metal, this is a good twist! I love the feeling I get listening to this

  7. Josh Stanton

    This song is the sound of cross country roadtrips.

  8. Naher1mne1utub

    I don't know why I'm crying.


    I'd give you my shoulder, but I too am crying

  9. th3FT pUnK

    I've been jamming it for the last year still sounds so fresh

  10. David Mitchell-Baker

    But this floor is raised on beams of trust and there's room enough for the both of us, so stay

  11. Dominik Breuherr

    Listened to it a hundred times and still can't figure out what this song culd be about. What do you think guys, what's this song about?

    Domi Breu sustain

  12. Elgin Coates

    Glad to see that the band who did the Pete and Pete title song are still putting out music.

  13. tarrynlee mac

    yes holy shit it's good

  14. Stefarooh

    Lead singers voice reminds me of a mash-up of Michael Stipe and Adam Duritz

  15. ItsAlwaysRainingInWa

    Has anyone listened to this oon Spotify? The intro does this thing where it gets hella quiet and then slams back up to full volume when the first verse kicks in, but it seems completely absent from this video. Does the CD do the same thing? I thought it was cool and fit artistically

  16. King Meatball


  17. Mary Elizabeth Johnson

    this is so fucking sick i love it

  18. mynamesjudge

    Martin Shkreli brought me here.

    G.D. I

    mynamesjudge how


    I don't remember, I think he was wearing one of their shirts.

  19. Javi MILGRAM

    Does anyone else think the guitar is SO Blink-182 (old times)? :D

    Ethan Crane

    Yup! I thought the same thing

    Trvp visuals

    Same drum style and chord progressions from dude ranch

  20. C C

    I don’t know if I know love no more
    no I don’t know if I know love no more
    no I don’t know if I know love no more
    no I don’t know if I know love no more

  21. guteshoerenistwichtig

    Tageslied. Song Of The Day.

  22. Cameron Tipps

    LOL when he jumped off the cliff the first thing that poped in my head was 'whenever, if ever'

  23. vrod2

    bucnh of hippie hipsters

  24. Josh Morgan

    Even though the transitions were worse than all George Lucas movies put together.... I still love it.

  25. Jadograd

    this is my first time hearing this song or band and im so very in love with this upon first listen!! like wow!

    Trent Bos

    Great display pic.


    agreed ^

    No you

    their old albums are good. if you like this youll love those

  26. podwaydoors

    I love the instrumentals, but the vocals kinda ruin it for me...


    Vocals make it for me

    rainwatercasey rainwater

    podwaydoors If you like the instrumentals, the vocals and lyrics will grow in you and you will back it

  27. Zachary Parker Ingram

    i thought that was the mohawk

  28. Alec Alec Alec

    This video and song are altogether fantastic. Be right back, I feel the urge to stroke a cat.


    Dude you don't need to tell everybody when you're going to beat off.

  29. Meghan Arnold

    Does anybody know where I can find a link to the audio of "Sun" off the new album. I know they have played it at shows and i want to hear it!

  30. Puma Thurman

    are christian and chris z a couple bc im shipping it hard now if its not a thing

  31. Ned H.

    3:15 fuck yeah adelaide airport!

  32. McRiddles1

    This song is fucking phenomenal. I could only ask that the vocals come up in the mix a bit.

    Otherwise, haven't been so hooked on a Hotelier track since I first heard Dendron.

  33. James

    strong vaporwave influences


    Glitch art, not vaporwave you fucking pleb


    - irony -

  34. Ben Vlam

    I am damper than a rainstorm in the middle of April, followed by the brisk morning air that makes me fall in love with you all over again.

  35. tsss

    very good

  36. William Lim

    4:37 s/o to alyssa kai!

  37. Kool Rock Radio


  38. implosionsinapie

    Pretty much great all around.

  39. Not Cerce


  40. Ghosts


    rainwatercasey rainwater

    ConcreteRiver Exactly! You understand

  41. Liam Nilsen

    Who's the stud at 4:44?

  42. weeKenDGames

    5:25 . wtf ?

  43. Thomas Hofer

    The voice of an fucking ANGEL!!!

  44. Nemo Baize

    yes bitch

  45. Trystan143

    2:13 Ian from Modern Baseball

    C.F. Cessna

    1:28 (and other parts) Chriz Z from TWIABP
    4:36 Alyssa from Ramshackle Glory/Cutting Room Floor

  46. Kristen Sarmiento

    love this, so proud of you guys

  47. 10kfreemen

    Holden, marry me.

  48. Zoe

    chriss is big pimpin

  49. Vajarooni

    'Death to techie scum".....gotta be in San Francisco. lol

    Not Cerce

    +Vajarooni YUP

  50. mattmakescovers

    This is so good!

  51. Tom McGeehan

    YAS. Yas.

  52. TheButterism

    I love it, I also really like the transitions especially at 1:05

  53. Fenn Macon


  54. Alex Smith


    Andrew Harper

    +Cromulon 10/10 this made my shitty day

  55. Denis Nelson

    /300 bitchz


    +Denis Nelson I swear we are now some sort of club the way r/emo is talking about them atm.