Hotelier, The - Goodness, Pt. 2 Lyrics

There is a kind and immediate hushing.
There is a setting enveloped in cold.
Withered down to our basic components
We are naked, at rest, and alone.
And the drone of the open air yawning
Couldn't help me feel any less small.
In these days we will wear the same blanket.
In these days we feel nothing at all.

When the floor was all littered with pictures
Like the flora was drenched in the thaw,
I was grasping to stay in the present
But your negatives flipped what I saw.
A little bird from the side of sidewalk
Sings me hymnals of comfort in pain.
Said "Give me you all disarmed and uncertain
And I promise that I'll do the same"
And it sounded like something you'd say.

If we spin without compass in circles
Will we fall in the same exact place?

When this began
This was a thing
That we could both share.
A bit of shade
The goodness fades
And we begin there.

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