Hotel Books - Visions Lyrics

There's clouds and sunshine drawn out on a piece of printer paper
And we're gonna thank her cause this picture is worthy of the front of the refrigerator
A picture of a house with a door, a window and a chimney
With five stick figures labeled mommy, daddy, brother, sister and me

And it's so adorable cause the artist is only six
And she spent her whole recess working on it
And to us, no, it's not perfect but it's worth it
Cause to the artist it's a work of art

And little girl, you're getting older now
And you look in the mirror and you don't like that image
So you cover in cosmetics and skip meal after meal to loose the shape
That your artist intended

But I'm here to tell you, you're made in God's image
And if that's not enough for you then what is?
Don't change the shape that the artist intended
To cater to the mindset of some useless pigs

Cause in the eyes of the one who made you
Babygirl, you're perfect

You're perfect
Don't change
The shape
You're perfect
Don't change
The shape

Cause in the eyes of the one who matters
You're so perfect

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Hotel Books Visions Comments
  1. Radical Mermaid

    pls pls pls put this on spotify

    Dustin Jolley

    If only...

  2. gaylord dylan

    heck this helped me through a lot

  3. Ronald Plainview

    Jesus christ. This is the most low T thing I've ever seen in my life

  4. un known

    hey bro that's good

  5. anna leto

    beauty in all the way you are and shine!

  6. Benedict Rodrigues


  7. Staci Perry

    You're beautiful

  8. fluxcapacitor

    ha ha ha ha ha
    ha ha ha ha
    ha ha ha
    ha ha

    Iyan Diaz

    fluxcapacitor I hope we both are laughing at the same thing

  9. Sander Breidaks

    This is perfect

  10. Megan

    I love the lyrics and I love Hotel Books but they should have hired some professionals to help out with this video.


    @Megan Miller the raw video look is pretty much their thing and fits. I love it!

    Andres Olea

    @Megan Miller This is literally years old. Not everyone has money to blow on music, especially when you aren't signed. this is when they were starting out.

  11. Brianna Vaughn

    This makes me cry. fack

  12. Izzyisnotcool

    Says so much in 2 minutes

  13. Jesse Serrano


  14. Cam Seeger

    I get that some of you don't like this sort of music/poetry, but please show respect to the people that do enjoy and/or make this music.

  15. Akiogahara

    Wrong. Better luck next time.

  16. Rachel Biddle

    I'm not religious at all but this is beautiful and I love hotel books

  17. Suzy

    Soo.... a disabled singer told me Im not allowed to put make up on because "god loves me"

    Rocky Death

    Suzy Ocean you don't get it ? You're beautiful :)

  18. Amber San

    i love you hotel books i fucking love you guys

  19. disluxia

    I hope you get jumped hotel books

    Talon Slaton

    disluxia oof wtf

  20. Finn Palmer

    How could you dis-like this video, hotel books are 10/10

  21. Kelsie Rich

    from embarrassment?

  22. Lord Selvmord

    yeah well , he did a cash car. not sure what he have

  23. Sarah Jay

    Fuck all your negativity. This is beautiful.

  24. Viking God

    Is he disabled?

  25. Salamex Movies

    absolutely awesome <3

  26. Yung Gnome

    goosebumps all over, man

  27. Schuyler Sowell

    I want to reply to the negative comments...but I think it would be a waste of time. If you can listen to something so beautiful and heart felt, then have the nerve to post something hateful. I guess it's a reminder of the world we live in. But at least someone is trying to do something positive. Every person I show this artist instantly gets chills.

    Rocky Death

    Schuyler Sowell Same here !

  28. Smoked Pork Ribs

    This sucks... your voice sucks!

    Jajy Morales

    he’s not even singing

  29. welcometheplagueyear

    reminds me of going to church.

  30. Greg Drudy

    I like being naked while listening to this and imagine how it would be if my body was built of orchids

  31. hojima

    what the fuck are you talking about.

  32. Zack Zampini

    This is AMAZING with a capital AMAZING

  33. reowjor

    Gutsy witness! God bless.

  34. jschalembier

    Sweet vid brah