Hotel Books - Nicole Lyrics

I think I'm losing you, but I will never regret choosing you
Because I am in love, and for now that will be enough
And the ones around me convince me that I was the only person who was dumb enough to believe that you and I had hope.
But now I know even after you began to let your emotions slow the only reason I stood alone was because I was the only one who knew our love was never going to let go.

Everyone wanted me to see that we could not thrive, so gouge out my eyes.
Because if this is reality then I guess I'm not alive,
Because I don't know a life in where I can't make things right.
And when life teaches you to drive and you finally say goodbye
And you won't let me stand by your side
Ill know that though some feelings are hurt, none will have died.
Cause I used to stay up at night and picture myself looking into your eyes
Shouting as you would sigh “how dare you think you can fall asleep with water dripping from the kitchen sink, how dare you think you can fall asleep with all these little leaks in this home we built in our dreams”

A picture is worth a thousand words or whatever people say to me.
It's hard to believe when your mind is lost and in need,
And all you can picture is a memory inside of someone else's sheets.
A prayer that nothing will keep,
A hope that light will seek before the dark sinks too deep.
Or at least the sinking feeling inside of me will decrease when the release of perceived dreams burn in the flame of feeling free.
So feel free to be free if that's what you need.

And if someday you feel alone and everything caves in when you try to breathe,
Know that you are not alone as far as I can see,
Because you were everything to me.
Through this I have realized that if I were God we would have all just died,
Because darling you were mine and now I feel so dead inside,
And what good am I if all I can create is a projection of my own mind.
A dream of finding time to remind you that I'm still here and I'm not fine.
And darling if you're going to leave just remember who you are,
And do what you can to remember me.

Maybe someday we can talk about our past and we can talk about the weather.
Whenever you leave I don't care what I'm remembered for,
I just want to be remembered.
Because even if I failed you at least I tried,
And maybe our lives don't add up now but someday our graves will look the same when we both die.
And if I had a chance I'd give you one last kiss and I'd bite down on your lip
And I'd try to puncture it so you'll never forget that time,
But you'll always regret.
And darling I know sometimes life will take a turn for the worst,
And sometimes life will even hurt.
And I know some days, some days you'll be afraid of the lessons you'll have to learn
And some days you'll even feel burned,
And I want to let you know that I want to love you through them.

But I always get what I deserve.

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Hotel Books Nicole Comments
  1. Mikayla T.S

    Nobody may care but I’m seeing this at 555k views. 555 means that angels want me to be ready to embrace change. This hits me so hard because earlier today I was crying because someone that I cared about so much moved on. And after taking to a friend I realized that I can heal and soon I’ll be ready to move on too.

  2. Guaje18

    We fell in love and started a long distance relationship , 8000 miles apart. We made plans for 2020, you told me you wanted a future with me. How I’m your everything... that you loved me... we talked about establishing a future... but You were gone for 3 days and when you came back you came to tell me you’re returning to your ex...another 3 days later and I’m telling you how I’ll always wait for you and you asked me “what if I get committed” I asked how so and you told me the two of you are planning on engagement.

    I’ve never experienced heartbreak like this....
    Im so numb.

    I miss her so much... every day and night I cry for her..

  3. Janet P

    its been about 3-4 years and I still know this song by heart;-; it will always have a special place in my heart.

  4. Travis Shelton

    I miss you more than words could ever describe. Why did you have too leave me here so broke. I love you Amara

  5. Cierrah Brown

    yeah no everything's cool i'm just sobbing

  6. Craig Cole

    This is not music 🤪

  7. Nathan Green

    "All you can picture is a memory in someone elses sheets" damn

  8. Castle

    I'm not even heart broken, I don't have anyone, but I feel like I did and I'm heartbroken from a relationship that never happened

  9. (° ͡ ͜ ͡ʖ ͡ °)

    im trying to forget a girl named nicole and this pops up in my youtube homepage

  10. Rowan x

    He manages to make every single line a memorable quote

  11. Wolfycrystalmoon

    My name is Nicole 😶

  12. Zalex Standall

    I posted this song but playing rain in the background <3 feel free to check out

  13. Aia Ross

    We both like each other
    But i doubt she loves me more than i love her
    And I doubt, her love will last
    I like her and she likes me back
    I like her and she likes me back
    Finally after a long time
    My doubts finally came true
    I like her and she likes me back
    I like her —no, scratch that, i love her
    And she met someone new

  14. Ariel Paul

    ... I wonder if your still listening to this. If so. And if your reading this. I miss you. Come back to me doll.

  15. Agent_driftz

    This song fucks me up till this day but I love it. Makes me think back in my life when I was so naive in my relationships and how badly I was hurt from them. Stay strong guys ❤️ it gets better, trust me

  16. Fizz CW

    Ive just recently just broke up with "her" and this song hits me really hard. She tells me she still loves me but shes not in the right mind set to be in a relationship and now i can't go an hour without thinking of her, it makes it hard to breathe to the point where i want to rip out my own lungs. Ill always love her and still hold out hope because she was the one who showed me love in its full capacity. If you ever read this thank you for everything you've done for me and ill always always be there for you when you need it.

  17. Blood Lust

    This hits so freaking hard you know? Like, am I the only one who thinks this was made just for them? I was in such a good relationship for 3 years which is a success for me cause Teenage love never really worked out for me...then he had to go and cheat on me.... This just makes me want to sit in a corner somewhere and just cry my eyes out

  18. Ethan Gauthier

    I always send my back in time, when I use to feel she was the only option. Life goes on and your lovely with or without her. It took me 27 years to realize this. I hope it only takes you 27 seconds.

  19. Sweet DreamzMSP

    I'm here bc my name is Nicole

  20. Kirk Russ

    This song is about my WayBee/Miranda

  21. Kirk Russ

    I Love you WayBee!!!

  22. Kirk Russ

    I love you WayBee....

  23. samuel .westlin

    i am heartbroken so much that for the first time in my life i prayed to god that this girl would love me the way that i love her...

  24. orangepat panda

    still thinking about him from time to time..

  25. emily nicole

    literally sounds JUST LIKE hobo johnson it's kinda scary lmao

  26. Mason Lausier

    man this song is not a good idea halfway down the bottle

  27. tyler davidson

    Levi the poet?

  28. Mardee Shackleford

    I always listen to it twice in a row

  29. Nicole Ordyniec

    It doesnt get better with time. Dont believe the hype

    Nicole Ordyniec

    Im still here and im not fine


    I'm sitting here crying cuz my relationship ended of 4 years ha

  31. SkimaskCurly

    The white blueface

  32. ATOMIC

    We’ll both die the only difference is that you’ll be remembered and I won’t

  33. Noodle Hands crying.
    This is a great day.

  34. bbyscumjon

    the pain , the emotions :(

  35. Lee Torres

    It’s crazy I remember the first time I heard this song I broke down and started crying because my ex name is Nicole and it was like he put it into perfect words the way I felt and still feel it’s crazy how a person can come into your life and change it forever like I just want to say I’m sorry Nicole that we didn’t work out but just know I will always love you even though I know you don’t love me anymore and never will again just know you where everything to me and I’m sorry I wasn’t in the right frame of mind mentally at that time to give you the love that you deserved that saying is so true that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone 8/8/10 was the day where it all began I hope one day you see this song I don’t care what I’m remembered for I just want to be remembered ❤️💕

    Timothy Roncal

    your first name WAS nicole?

  36. Nicole Collins

    *-Before song-*
    Me: “my name is Nicole, this would be a cute love song”

    *-After song-*
    Me: “I’ll stick with Demolition Lovers by MCR”

    Nicole Smith

    Nicole Collins my names Nicole aswell

  37. Daniel

    “Only give what they’re willing to give”

    Don’t listen to that quote. It’s what caused me to lose her, and now that line haunts me in my dreams.

  38. Maddie

    god. i love him and he loved me and i cant let go.

  39. James Denton

    I will never regret, my love.

  40. Papi Chulo

    You were everything to me, Hannah. God I miss you.

  41. Cern

    Shit gets to me so hard

  42. Shiloh Stout

    Ah. My exwould play this around me before we broke up. I never realized what it was cuz I didn't listen, and now I am. This song is the equivalent of pouring salt on a wound.

  43. Aleenah Young

    I feel like hotel books is lowkey hobo johnson. It sounds like him and its his style of music

    emily nicole

    EXACTLYYY. they sound exactly the same and write the exact same kind of music.

  44. cyanide kitty

    So feel free to be free if that’s what you need.

  45. Genevievre Toussaint

    This was out on his birthday. I wish I never loved him bc I knew he would eventually break up with me he left a empty whole inside of me that can never be fixed

  46. memento mori

    Hobo johnson who?

  47. Anna Rauch

    Every week we talk a little less you're slipping away and I'm sorry

  48. Angelo James Mordini

    The songs I right would fit this kind of genre, it would sound a little bit more like a rap though, but like 21 pilots rap, you know what I mean? It can also be sung. It depends

  49. Steph anie

  50. SEA_ 7

    2019 anyone

  51. Rhianna Hutchins

    *hits replay for the 4th time*

  52. Haley :3

    oh eugene

  53. Ash’s World

    Reminds me of my best friend. ...we got in a fight and I lost her to the fight..I miss laughing like an idiot and messing around..she was my happiness in is dull without my best friend..

  54. Salem Lewis

    does anyone know what I can look up or where to find tracks like this with no words that I could read slam poetry over like him???

  55. countrywoman

    I'm so sorry that I broke your heart and it's still bleeding.
    I know you tried everything to just hold me in your arms. I know that there's so much love and pain inside of you and I'm sorry that I'm the reason why you are broken.
    I'm sorry I couldn't take it any longer and I'm sorry that I left you when you needed me the most. I know I've done things just so wrong and all I've done was blaming you for your faults. But at the end of the day your love is pure and mine is shattered. And I'm so sorry for leaving you alone when you need me the most.
    I'm so sorry that I can't give you the love you need from me.

  56. x tonib x

    Lmao so I was literally drifting off to sleep right when he said "How dare you think you could fall asleep?"
    His music literally spoke to me lmao.

  57. Caroline Evans

    could you write poems or books

  58. Butterscotch Raptor

    i’m not crying. you’re crying

  59. Clementine TWD

    I always get what I deserve...

  60. Dawson Schofield

    This song makes me think of my ex because it's literally named after her lol

  61. Clarissa Vela

    Ouch. It hurts

  62. Baylee-Marie Clements

    These are so good. Gotta hold back tears.

  63. Happy Bedlamite

    This reminds me of him. He left, but he was everything to me. It hurts so badly. I always get what I deserve

    By Dev

    I'll catch your tears and put them in my pocket

  64. • Tiredrunaway •

    This song 🖤


    but I am Nicole....

    By Dev

    cocky much?

  66. Grapes m

    This song is so accurate man

  67. Juliana Patino

    why am i crying in the club ?

  68. Coey Von Monroe

    My ex dedicated this song to me when we were broken up:(

  69. i love beans

    he reminds me of tyler joseph.

  70. Devronicus

    Holy fuck I haven't heard this song in years. Instant full body chills and tears.

  71. fatman248

    This song is amazing but I'm numb to it now

  72. marrym3mayday

    Sitting up at 5am bawling to this song because its so raw and relates to everything going on in my life🙃

  73. nayara suarez

    anyone here cause they’re sad? i love you keep your heads up high loves. stay safe

  74. Stormy Lovely

    I can feel her slipping away and I don’t want to lose her. I feel like I’m dying
    Edit: I lost her. I found out that our relationship wasn’t real. She never loved me. She lied and she cheated multiple times.

    By Dev

    Ditto brother, ditto

    Stormy Lovely

    By Dev it sucks sometimes

  75. Stormy Lovely

    This is the hardest a song has ever made me cry

  76. FreshyMcFreshy

    I jam to this

  77. xMidnightQueenx

    It is my name coupled with my love for spoken word/slam poetry. I love this so much

  78. Datt Boii

    My (ex bestie as of today) best friend told me she couldn’t trust me anymore, so we aren’t friends and now I’m crying

  79. Fi nale

    God this song is just amazing i love it so much wow. I cant even put it in words like its just so good and powerful. Thanks for sharing it

  80. Cher Adorno

    0:53 ,, 💔

  81. Yaren Öztaş

    i want to be remembered

  82. Carvlosmancia Spraypaintings

    My girl broke up with me and I still love her with all my heart and it hurts to see her forgetting about me and flirting with other guys. I don't know how to move on and it hurts so much. This song hits so close to home I can't listen without crying.

    By Dev

    I am here brother, god bless you

  83. Stephanie Williams

    I wish I could show this song to him. Maybe he’d understand the love I have for him will never die but it’s fine

  84. Poofter Man

    Every time I listen to hotelbooks I get really inspired to write

  85. Reek Nation

    Funny thing is people say we’re so unique and different but if you look closely we all feel the same and have the same problems, I mean look at the comments. People have the same problem here and we don’t judge one another

  86. Matilda Kemp

    Init. He gets it

  87. The crossroads

    I love her and i need herand shes slipping away

  88. Nicole Sciacca

    Is it just me or does anyone get Being As An Ocean Vibes from this? It's a great song and I absolutely love it

  89. Fucking Felix

    I come to this song when I need a good cry.

    Fucking Felix

    Oh look I'm back.

  90. Micah Wolven

    Damn, I’m in a happy relationship and this shit still gets to me

  91. Feezy

    how many of you guys are here because of a heartbreak?

    Obama Care

    thanks rodrick

    Llama Sweater

    Yeah me too rodrick

    Stormy Lovely

    Here. Except I’m a girl. And the one I loved was a girl

    Fizz CW

    Yeah me too.


    me and heartbreak? Pffff, i will die alone.

  92. James Falk


  93. Alexis Rayne

    this reminds me of slam poetry and i absolutely in love

  94. renegaids

    ..... I wanna be gone.

  95. scarypotter777

    real suicide hours click that like if its late and you are still thinking about her

    Aiden Blake

    Damn bro


    I still think about him. It's been almost 4 years.

  96. Xans Flowers

    It's funny. The girl I'm in love with, her name is Nicole.

  97. Faraaz254

    Fuck man.....