Hot Water Music - Not For Anyone Lyrics

You were tenderly afflicted,
And it was cold as hell.
There was nobody there that you could tell
How it came out of the clear blue,
Like a vengeful ice storm.
You felt it come down,
But it don' matter now,
It will all be over soon.

You were tenderly afflicted,
And frozen in your place,
With your wonderful tears
And the tortures you faced.
But you wouldn't move anyway,
Not for anyone.
You needed the pain
To feel you had a connection,
But it will all be over soon.
Is there something you can stand on?
For seems there's nothing left to stand on.

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Hot Water Music Not For Anyone Comments
  1. Sunsray V

    2019 ♡

  2. Thank You

    I love this band

  3. NeoTheOne

    Songs about alien encounters.

  4. Yosh Talwar

    I don't even know how I know this song. My brain just started singing "tenderly afflicted.. and it's cold as hell". That's how you know it's a good song. God I hope rock music comes back one day

  5. BEATmyguest31

    HOT WATER MUSIC GASLIGHT ANTHEM & RISE AGAINST playing september 29th in ANAHEIM !!!! Whos going???

  6. Alisha Morath

    Andy Biersack sent me here hahah :)

  7. johaannabird

    so excited to see them tonight.

  8. Mccampbellthomas

    @detritusvibes Now a band again, and they're going to play The Fest!

  9. valdos01


    you can't open yourselph to music. If its the right, it opens you

  10. Amy Grindhouse

    love it °°!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Justin Wentz

    I'm really hating the link that youtube auto posts to "more popular music videos" underneath the related vids thing way to do everyone a favor and direct them away from good things youtube. this band is and was so awesome.

  12. Greg Mitchell

    amazing song from an amazing band

  13. Gabriel Planas

    Definitely, my favorite HWM song of my favorite HWM album.
    Five stars !

  14. t3hZm4n

    love it. many thanks for posting

  15. PunksInVegas

    Just amazing like most Hot Water Music songs

  16. Fight Stories Podcast

    My favorite Hot Water Music song thank you very much for posting this!