Hot Boys - Bout Whatever Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Fatiuged up full of that dope ready for war
Me and Mark wit K's tearing yo station up
Baggin' that kill shooting at anythang that's chillin'
Wit a hundred u know there's gonna be a killin'
Better stake yo-self in a place we can't see
Ramble at night in the evenin' we creep
Bout whateva nigga killin niggas like a season
Duct tape body snatchin niggas for any reasons
You best believe we'z real
We too hot and hard to kill
Now (?) low as they could we get it how we live
Turn the (?) spittin' stainin' witnesses and all
Ain't no escapin' choppers gone set it off
Lil' Wayne bout that funky shit
Leave nigga fire if out of line get rid of quick
The.....Magnolia is where I be
Where a soulja I leave a nigga stain
messin' fo weed


[1: Turk] Bout whateva u bout whateva u want we can do it
[2: Wayne] Triggas I ain't and yo station I'mma run through it
[3: Turk] Bout whateva u bout nigga all day and all night
[4: Wayne] Look here man I ain't scared to lose my life

[Turk] Bout whateva u bout whateva u want we can do it
[Wayne] Triggas I ain't and yo station I'mma run through it
[Turk] Bout whateva u bout nigga all day and all night
[5: Wayne] It don't matter I ain't scared to lose my life

[Verse 2]
The young head busta
Eliminating niggas like nuttin'
Fifty shots I release hit yo block head bustin'
Turk and Wayne the youngest of the squad with the ride
Magnolia I represent til I die thats no lie
Infered beams chest head shots I'm givin'
Bullets flippin and still but nothing but gun smoke when u slippin'
And yo body hot like shit you drop nigga
Hit yo block in the jag wit the top dropped nigga
Soulja rags wit black bows I thugged out
Two times a hot boy wit' two slugs in my mouth
Before five we cocked back always ready for beef
Still got niggas on my side who gone ride wit me
I hope u bout what I'm bout cuz if not ya all in
I be in shitty colors A-K sex and ten
No heisitation in my blood line
Killin' niggas still no thang and I put it on yo mind


[Repeat Turk's line 1]
[Repeat Wayne's line 2]
[Repeat Turk's line 3]
[Wayne] It don't matter I ain't scared to lose my life

[Repeat over again]

[Verse 3]
I let'em sagg strap wit' automatics fully loaded
Gloc's wit' 17 for the haters is why I tote it...never loaded
I'm sobber nigga I stay on my shit
Nigga want beef wit me...I on that bitch
Bout that druggin' 17 nigga I'm thuggin
Nigga disrespect me get licked out like a ruggin'
I.......discharge like a hoe
Nigga fall like ceaser to the morge is where they go
i ain't no hoe for you niggas that don't know
I pack the A-K and the fuckin' I let'em flow
You get hit you crapped out
Head shots thats what I'm givin' brains be all out
You faint fall out when they hear about you
I release, release the whole clip not few
Nigga you through when u fuckin wit' me
Lil Turk the H-B from the U-P-T


Repeat Turk's line 1
Repeat Wayne's line 2
Repeat Turk's line 3
[Wayne] It don't matter I ain't scared to lose my life

[Repeat first three lines over]
[Wayne] Look here man I ain't scared to lose my life

[Repeat the last 4 lines over again]

Turk and Wayne
Ha...Ha...Hot Boys

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Hot Boys Bout Whatever Comments
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    1999 I got my License and this Album would be bumping ALL SUMMER 😎


    Young Turk & B.G. was the Best in the group

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    After alllzzz deez yearz I just caught on he said, “I be n shitty colorz”.....Camouflage❕

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    Man this helped me through all the b.s of a youngster coming up.. anytime I was stressed I would put this on and put an L in the air.. thanks for always being there boyz.. when music was good

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