Hot Boys - Bigtimers Lyrics

[Mannie Fresh]
Straight off the project steppa
Nigga, hot like pepper
I fucked your ol' lady last night, then I left her
That pussy was a fool, I wish I woulda kept her
Niggas in the hood sayin' I'm a repper
But I bet cha', neither one them niggas gone check a Hot Boy
No your not, boy
Your heart pump Kool-Aid
Watch out, you'll get chopped boy
From the hottest, of the hottest of the hot fo
Project hoes, scatterd sites, and whole block see ya
Baller Blockin', standin' in my way
Cash Money, Hot Boy$ bout their presidents everyday

Since we got papers, the feds be tryin' to stop us
I'm playin with millions, fuckin uptown poppers
Goals and hoes
Niggas doin videos
Fuck Versace, Reeboks, and Girbauds
I bought a Hummer that's sittin' 32's
Fuck stun'n, we givin these hoes the blues
A mouth full of gold, diamonds on my whole crew
Rolex to show we done what we had to do
So muthafuck you nigga, and yo' whole crew
Ca$h Money Records bitch we be com'n through
So show love, Baby, Mannie, and the whole crew

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Hot Boys Bigtimers Comments
  1. Kenny Evans

    Damn it October 2019 still bumping

  2. Jovaan Mills


  3. Shamiya Smith

    Juve new shit brought me here yes gud times

  4. Amoni C.

    They stay biting new orleans style

  5. Amoni C.

    Hot boys to Hot girl

  6. Slim Arcane Z


  7. MzSherry Pettye

    I was 19 years old then.... Loving them back then

  8. TIMEFORA187 ig officialsharkey_tv

    Turks last verse go too hard . I wish they put that verse on the album version.

  9. Sneak Ez

    Edited version better.. shit lit lol

    Adam Stelly

    Sneak Ez I think so too, especially for BG, Turk & Wayne

  10. Abram Acosta

    Damn birdman hit Bgizzle in the face with no chill @2:50


    Abram Acosta 😂😂😂😂 All these years &I never seen that


    The disrespect...

  11. Jerra Maurice

    Dat was my shit back in 2000!!!!!


    The BOX (MTV but played just music videos) summer of 2000, this and Get Your Roll On are what got me into Cash Money

  12. TwilightForever

    This The Real Birdman,The Other One Is A Clone,I Can Tell

  13. Niama Cathey

    I was always dancing to this 😛😂😂😝

  14. deedeelove93 forevermore

    This was the shit 😂😂😂🎶🔥🔥🔥miss those days even though I was younger

  15. Eric Allen

    BG madem

  16. Tiffany Tatum

    This was 1999 and I was 11 twerking to this at a cook out in South Ozone Park Queens NYC lol


    I was 11 too.

    Trina Bolts

    Tiffany Tatum kdpfChgzzcnkjgg

    Trina Bolts

    Tiffany Tatum fkfokddvjb

    Trina Bolts

    Tiffany Tatum fyogjgsotjgdjghd

    Chris Smith

    I was 9, y'all still twerking let me see

  17. Casey Miller

    Is y'all finished or is y'all done?