Horton, Johnny - They'll Never Take Her Love From Me Lyrics

If today the sun should set on all my hopes and cares
There is one who's smiling face the Gods would see
'Cause she'll walk along beside me up to golden stairs
Oh they'll never ever take her love from me

What a fool I was to go and break the trust she gave
And to see her love turn into sympathy
It's the one regret I'll carry with me to my grave
Oh they'll never ever take her love from me

I'm so thankful for each golden hour of happiness
That we shared together in the used to be
Someone else's arms may hold her now in uncaress
But they'll never ever take her love from me

I thought I'd make her happy if I'd step aside
But I knew her love would never set me free
Even on the day that she became another's bride
Oh they'll never never take her love from me

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Horton, Johnny They'll Never Take Her Love From Me Comments
  1. jennifur sun

    who played that pretty lead guitar on this song

  2. Ruth Boykin

    Back to share to our group Jackie!

  3. Ian Farmaner

    Truly an iconic country singer Johnny never received the accolade he deserved, he was up there with the best.

  4. J Tom

    Johnny Horton fucked the same pussy that Hank originally sang this song about.

  5. David Hudson

    This is one of the very best songs Horton ever recorded.  The results speak for themselves.  It is very special traditional country music song and it was done in very special way by a great performer.  It is another Hank Williams Sr. song that Johnny recorded.  He just slowed it down a little from the original and made a ballad out of it and it turned out great.  I honestly believe Hank was a huge influence on the music of Johnny Horton.  Horton even married Hank's second wife after Hank died.

  6. Daryel Miller

    My bad Sharon K

  7. Michael Randall

    A truly wonderful recording second only to the Great Marty Robbins

  8. John Jurkewicz

    He is Great to listening to and I love it

  9. Basil Nedic

    pearl.you.cant.take.your.love.from.me.even.thoe you.maried.someone.els..love.you.forever.xxxx.

  10. Lena Andersson

    Realy lovely Thanks🎵💜

  11. Ruth Boykin

    Another beautiful song from Johnny Horton, sung with so much emotion! Love, Love it! Thanks, Jack!

    Milton Moore

    One regret I'll carry
    with me to my grave is that Johnny Horton
    left this world at
    age 35.😭😭😭
    (Google Johnny Tillotson on two
    versions of WHY
    SO, (1) on the Catspjamas1 channel, (2) on the SVansay channel,
    then Johnny on
    John Sandiford channel.😃😁😀

    J.W. Gauntt

    you're very welcome , appreciate you listening

  12. Milton Moore

    Certainly the most gorgeously orchestrated version of this immortal song by
    Leon Payne, although the version by Cal Smith is equally as powerful, touching, and beautiful. Don't
    know how this
    gem eluded me
    all these years.
    Thank you Mr.
    Gauntt for helping to keep this song

    J.W. Gauntt

    appreciate you listening Milton

    Ruth Boykin

    Thank you, Milton!

  13. tn tuxedo

    This is the perfect storm of a recording. Marvelous writing by Leon Payne, voicing by a true music master, and a background track that was very carefully planned out. A song like this could never be cut today because our current generation lacks the writing skills, the vocal skills and the production skills of this era. Johnny's cut of this song, in my opinion, is the best out there, followed closely by George Jones'. No offense meant to any other artist.

  14. Julian Hazlett

    This is perfection. I love Johnny Horton's voice.

  15. Buddy Lowe

    Sammi Smith's version is the only one better on maybe the original by Hank the great.

  16. Primrose Haran

    love this song really beautiful

    J.W. Gauntt

    appreciate you listening

  17. Carol L

    My favorite Johnny Horton song!!! I was raised on him and know every song..my mother was the president of his fan club...her name was Billie Laabs and she started "As long as there is a Johnny Horton to play, never let his memory die"

  18. Ron McMunn

    Johnny Horton for the real country music hall of fame. This is him at his best!

  19. Ron McMunn

    MR. JOHN GALE HORTON! Awesome.

  20. betty stephenson

    lovely version thanks for sharing

    J.W. Gauntt

    you're very welcome

  21. Jerel Fritts

    One of the most beautiful songs that I ever heard and one of my favorite Johnny Horton recordings...

    Sherman spurr

    Jerel Fritts

  22. Judith Jones

    Marty Robbins does it best

  23. cyndy estep

    Johnny horton an hank williams sr are the only ones who do this song justice.

    J.W. Gauntt

    @cyndy estep appreciate you listening

    Max Mendoza

    +cyndy estep i dont think anybody dose it better then waylon.but then im parcial to the hoss.

  24. lovinjesusmuch harrison

    just can't get enough of it!!

    J.W. Gauntt

    lots have sang it, but i like this one best

    Sandra Byers

    J.W. Gauntt

    Sandra Byers

    J.W. Gauntt l like this sung best by Johnny Horton too


    beautiful song!! one of my favourites!!!!

    J.W. Gauntt

    @SARAH Y HUTSON appreciate you listening

  26. basil nedic

    no one can pb love you

  27. lovinjesusmuch harrison

    O what memories this brings, and you are a doll for posting it too!!!!!!

    J.W. Gauntt

    @lovinjesusmuch harrison thank you for listening, much appreciated

  28. Károlyné Szépvölgyi

    Csodálatos ez az énekes, és tetszett a dal.
    Köszönettel Klára Szépvölgyi

    J.W. Gauntt

    you're welcome Clare, i agree he's an amazing singer

    basil nedic

    @J.W. Gauntt one of the best man thanks  so true words