Horton, Johnny - Shotgun Boogie Lyrics

There it stands in the corner with the barrel so straight
I looked out the window and over the gate
The big, fat rabbits are a-jumpin' in the grass
Wait'll they hear my old shotgun blast

Shotgun Boogie, I done saw your tracks
Look out Mr. Rabbit when I cock my hammer back

Well, over on the ridge is a scaly bark
Hick'ry nuts so big you can see 'em in the dark
The big fat squirrels they scratch and they bite
I'll be on that ridge before daylight

Shotgun Boogie, all I need is one shot
Look out bushy tail, tonight you'll be in the pot

Well, I met a pretty gal, she was tall and thin
I asked her what she had, she said: "A Fox Four-Ten"
I looked her up and down and said: "Boy, this is love"
So we headed for the brush to shoot a big fat dove

Shotgun Boogie, boy the feathers flew
Look out Mister Dove when she draws a bead on you

I sat down on a log, took her on my lap
She said, "Wait a minute, bub, you got to see my Pap
He's got a sixteen-gauge choked down like a rifle
He don't like a man that's a-gonna trifle"

Shotgun Boogie, draws a bead so fine
Look out big boy, he's loaded all the time

Well, I called on her Pap like a gentleman oughta
He said: "No brush hunter's gonna get my daughter"
He cocked back the hammer right on the spot
When the gun went off, I outran the shot

Shotgun Boogie, I wanted wedding bells
I'll be back little gal, when your pappy runs out of shells

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Horton, Johnny Shotgun Boogie Comments
  1. Gary Oak

    Never knew he did this one. Was just thinking to myself he could have done this one well and then I stumble across it. Weird.

  2. manoel luiz teixeira

    Demais. maneco - Porto Alegre-rs -Brasil.

  3. Wookie Monster687

    God danmit I love the 50s

  4. love1country

    ..kind of country i love.........for more than 5 decades

  5. John Jurkewicz

    I love masterpiece like this so great

  6. David Fabian

    He does good on this song but Tennessee Ernie Ford does it better. I enjoy both


    chris scruggs does good job too

  7. jesse black

    Huntin song

  8. gilles le bretton

    Tennessee Ernie Ford-Shotgun Boogie

  9. urgrfntg

    ps-puoluetta en äänestänyt. enkä äänestä. keep the line commies!

  10. Rav99

    Twinkles !

  11. Kayla Hemenway

    hehehe I am related to this great man <3

  12. Dominique FARAUT

    Excellent !!!

  13. rankoutsider

    Had an old Red Sovine record with this tune on it. Searched for it and found this. Nice. Nobody's better than Johnny.

  14. windstorm1000

    He had a great voice--sense of humo, great range, color, phrasing. Johnny is easily one of the best voices of the 20th century.

  15. hammer289c

    Now this is country!

  16. Corrie121

    This is a great rendition of a T. E Ford composition.
    Thank you for sharing, and thanks to sessnazx for sending.

  17. Lionel Pomar