Horton, Johnny - Johnny Reb Lyrics

You fought all the way
Johnny Reb, Johnny Reb
You fought all the way, Johnny Reb

Saw you a-marchin' with Robert E. Lee
You held your head high tryin' to win the victory
You fought for your folks, but you didn't die in vain
Even tho' you lost they speak highly of your name, 'cause

You fought all the way
Johnny Reb, Johnny Reb
You fought all the way, Johnny Reb

I heard your teeth chatter from the cold outside
Saw the bullets open up the wounds in your side
I saw the young boys as they began to fall
You had tears in your eyes 'cause you couldn't help at all, but

You fought all the way
Johnny Reb, Johnny Reb
You fought all the way, Johnny Reb

I saw Gen'ral Lee raise a sabre in his hand
Heard the cannons roar as you made your last stand
You marched in the battle of the Grey and the Red
When the cannon smoke cleared, took days to count the dead, 'cause

You fought all the way
Johnny Reb, Johnny Reb
You fought all the way, Johnny Reb

When Honest Abe heard the news about your fall
The folks thought he'd call a great vict'ry ball
But he asked the band to play the song Dixie
For you, Johnny Reb, and all that you believe

You fought all the way
Johnny Reb, Johnny Reb
Yeah, you fought all the way, Johnny Reb

You fought all the way
Johnny Reb, Johnny Reb
You fought all the way, Johnny Reb

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Horton, Johnny Johnny Reb Comments
  1. Bill McIntosh

    I'm a Yank who says elfin A Johnny Reb!!!! Our modern Commies think you were evil. No. You fought all the way, I heard your teeth chatter, you had tears in your eyes cause you couldn't help at all Johnny Reb. After 47 Years I met my birth mom. My name is Johnny. No more desecrating the graves and statues of our brothers!!!!!

  2. jeb stuart

    the south will never die.

  3. G Bearrey

    Love you

  4. Arkansas Kid

    One day boys we will meet them all yanks again...GOD BLESS ROBERT E LEE


    Regardless which sides story you may believe the truth is this -----
    EVERYONE who fought or died fighting for what they believed in during the U S Civil War was an American.
    To many fail to realize this.

  6. SodaPop

    National Amthem of Alabama in 2030 when the second American Cival War starts?

  7. Johnny Ringo

    I like this song I don’t care if people call me racist

  8. Johnny Ringo

    I like this song I don’t care if people call me racist

  9. Johnny Ringo

    I like this song I don’t care if people call me crazy

  10. James Blanco

    2019 still jammin love it

  11. The Confederacy

    Ya know sometimes when I go into this place in Huntsville city I see this confederate soldier statues standing right there and every time I pass it I give it a smile everyone should have some rebel in them at some point

  12. barnrat252

    Long live Robert E Lee!!!

  13. Mocking_combat4922

    You fought all the way Johnny reb, you fought all the way Johnny reb, I saw general lee raise a saber in his hand, and I heard the cannon roar when you made your last stand.....

  14. Michael Price

    116 men from Leon county made co c fifth Texas Hoods brigade 11 were at Appomatox honor to those that served

  15. Arkansas Kid

    Boys I hope someday we fight them fucking Yankees again


    Arkansas Kid -- The next war will be between the Right and the Left.
    It should last about 3 hrs before the Liberals will have either given up or died.

  16. Piri Urwin

    300,000 +

  17. Robert Orr

    By the way: the Confederate Flag has two crosses on it. Do any of you know who's crosses? It is not a racist flag. Hasn't got one damn thing to do with Race. There are not races, except one: The Human Race...


    The design was taken from the Saint Andrews Cross flag.

    Robert Orr

    @LEONIDAS And St. Patrick...

  18. Robert Orr

    NOT!!! a "Confederate Soldier Song"... A tribute song to the confederate - Johnny Reb Soldiers...

  19. lexi jonhson

    2nd place anthem. RIP tho

  20. s j

    Heroes all if them

  21. Borja Saa Cases

    con orgullo el legado de robert lee, viva los estados sureños

  22. God Save The queen

    Johnny Horton is a real talented musician Confederates and the union were just as bad I dont care what no snowflake sjw says there were all soilders

  23. Lukas Röösli

    Good Song

  24. Peter Stromboli

    Ehh, ill respect a brave rebel before a coward who fought for us

  25. Gadsden

    Rip General Robert E. Lee
    My great, great uncle

  26. Motenandjons21

    i love louisiana

  27. Motenandjons21

    im a polar bear, and i like coca cola

  28. Motenandjons21

    im a polar bear

  29. Trevor Harkcom

    Love this song. Good to hear the older classics. Reminds me of my grandpa

  30. Wyatt Chamberlain

    Can y’all help me find a song I know two lines from it but google won’t pull it up

    “Lord, is it right did you mean for me to kill my brother her tonight”

    “....and we knew there’d be a fight if the blue coat wearing Yankees crossed the river that night

  31. CSA

    We fought a long good against the tyrants GOD BLESS THE CSA

  32. Sharks Rule

    Let’s all remember past the political talk to the amazing performance by Jonny Horton as usual

  33. clarkewi

    The conflict with the feds went back to the "Whiskey Rebellion" in the 1790s. Had nothing to do with slavery. It was federal tyranny the grey were fighting against. And we see the struggle continues to this day. God Bless America!!

  34. Specialized Time Traveler Containment Foundation

    West Virginia boy here as we may have rejoined the union I see Confederates as badasses.

  35. Lane Clayton

    The confederacy will rise again

  36. Terra The Terrible

    "even though you lost they speak highly of your name"
    America of old would be ashamed about modern sentiments of the civil war.

  37. Sam Harrill

    Csa Always.

  38. Camron Clifford

    I pay my respects to the rebs. But the union still whooped your ass.


    It's only Half Time.

  39. steven qwerty

    The South Will Rise Again

  40. LordKillerTank_ YT

    I love my southern heritage, I won’t allow our heritage die in vain. I wish others would honor their heritage more often, if we took our history into acknowledgement instead of hating it, then maybe life wouldn’t be so difficult. If we forget our history, then it’s bound to happen again.

    Fish3men TV

    Oberleutnant KT perfectly reasonable surprisingly, sorry if I mentioned slavery but previous experience told me sometimes people truly believe we should Bering back the southern way of life with all its “features”


    @Fish3men TV -- You watch to much Liberal TV.

    Fish3men TV

    @LEONIDAS yeah whatever you say, you americans have such a black and white vision of the world... And also, if you believe my first comment to be caused only by "liberal media", i strongly advice you to read more comments down below


    @Fish3men TV -- Son, I have worked in 37 countries on 4 continents. I've seen the world. I suggest you walk a mile in my shoes before trying to educate me on how I see the world.

    Fish3men TV

    @LEONIDAS tell me then, why would you label the rejection of slavery as a liberal thing? Don't you also oppose It?

  41. The Dutchess of Dragonshyre

    I love this song...and i love your video...

  42. Fluffy Jr. Oof

    A confederate unknown grave just up the the road from my home

  43. Eliza Brumberlow

    This was my Grandfather's favorite song...My dad played it for him while he was in the hospital while he was dying...... I miss you so much Grandpa Fly high and rest easy we all miss you more than you could ever imagine

  44. western smithwick

    CSA GU Brath

  45. James Guthrie

    Fuck yeah!!!! Go Trump and build that motherfucking wall!!

  46. Tuubansoittaja

    All heil for fallen Southerners...!! Your memory will not forgatten!

  47. crownedbobcat bobcat

    man fuck Lincoln

  48. Crazy Mixture

    As a yankee from Pennsylvania, I would've gladly took up arms with Dixie. Don't tread on me is one of the principles that this great country was founded on...

  49. SeanDoesStuff

    despite not supporting slavery, i still admire the CSA to some degree. At least their soldiers.

  50. Mike ..

    Fighting the yanks was as bad as fighting the Nazis or the British... White folks only seem to bring our own people down.

  51. Jacob Marsh

    I still think it's stupid that people moved to tear down statues of Confederate Generals. If you feel that the Confederates were so terrible then you should keep statues of them up to remind you of our past mistakes, and if you don't believe they were terrible people you should also keep it as a reminder of our country's past in general, you can't wipe that out of U.S history no matter how hard you try.

    Robert E. Lee chose between his country and what he felt was his home and people, there's no right choice in that position. He made the choice he thought was right and now people associate him with racism.

  52. Connor Callahan

    I can respect the south and their efforts, however they were traitors to the United States of America and I refuse to support acts of treason against my country


    Dixie maybe forgetten today but the few who believe in what she stood for will never forget the brave heroes.we will never forget

  54. Kaiser Wilhelm II

    God bless the south, if they tear down anymore monuments/statue they're gonna have to fight me first

  55. Arkansas Kid

    Fuck the Yankees

  56. Big Boy Blue

    I love that song.

  57. Roscoe Lashley

    Rebel Till I DIE!!!

  58. Tom

    I saw the young boys as they began to fall
    you had tears in your eyes cuz you couldn't help at all

    That part gets me every time...


    abe lincoln , Americas first mass murderer,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Fish3men TV

    gavin nower ...about the natives?

    gavin nower

    @Fish3men TV If you want to bring in Natives, I can name multiple people who did MUCH worse then Abe Lincoln.

  60. Jon W

    I wanna give all patriots somethi g to think about.....when trump is done ...what happens...now that u know the truth.....think about it if dems get back in

  61. OperaTion NoRthwooDs

    God bless the south

  62. forehead

    Politically I am left wing. But the confederate flag is acceptable to use because of how innocent it became post civil rights era. Statues aren’t needed, but it’s fine as long as they don’t bulldoze grave sights and burn books, or use the flag in a racist way.

  63. Snake1995 Gaming

    if south had won and separated and didnt attempt to reunite there is a chance that world wars would have ended different the south may have allied with germany then again there is good chance that world war II would have brought the country back together

    Alice Huguley

    Quit watching AU videos

    Snake1995 Gaming

    @Alice Huguley it was possible for that to have happened if gettysburg confederate victory

  64. Gravey Baby

    You lost, get over it.

    Alice Huguley

    Why the fuck are you here?

  65. Silent Titan88

    A damn good song with an underlying meaning.

  66. crownedbobcat bobcat

    Hell i got a lot of csa flags around my house cause what the heck why not

  67. crownedbobcat bobcat

    Died but never forgoten who ever says the csa flag is racist they can go to hell

  68. John Christian


    Silent Titan88

    That's because it hasn't ended.

  69. Jay Snider

    Need these men 2day to fite islam and illegals. Wel we hav no real men 2day. Our "brave" military out fighting n shit countrys n the world nstead of being here protecting us n our own land. Wake up soldiers ur real enemies r the libreal government officials and the illegals nvading us and muslims causing trouble here. Ur oath protect against All enemies foreign and DOMESTIC

    Alice Huguley

    Please. I agree with you but your grammar needs work.

  70. Jay Snider

    We dam sure need real men like this 2day. Wher r u my southern brothers

  71. Orion The Raptor

    Me: turns music on

    Me again: starts playing war of rights

    Alice Huguley

    YES uwu

  72. Anotole Voroshilin


  73. 12footsativa

    “They lie here in the lifeless clay, whether known or unknown to fame, They died and they wore the Gray.” - poem at Confederate Soldiers Rest in the hometown I live. By U.D.C. early 1900’s

  74. 12footsativa

    The worst thing that happened to The South is Lincolns assasination, made things worse sevenfold for The Southern States after The War

  75. Ennis Del Mar

    So the south was like the germans during ww2. They were the bad side but everyone in it wasn't bad.

  76. Simon Murnahan

    Damn, what a bloody time in our history.

  77. nemoz_wrx

    Idk why people get so butthurt over the Confederate flag. I'm Mexican/American born in Downey Ca and I have no issue with the flag. It's amazing history. This is a great song paying homage

  78. Avery Dameron

    In my town are pre antebellum monuments

  79. imagrandpa

    The cause of the civil war was not about slavery. It was economics. The southern
    states believed their rights were being violated and they had a "right" to leave the union.
    That was, basically what they wanted.... leave the union. Joining the union was not mandatory.
    Name one state that would have joined the union if they did not believe they had the right to leave the union if they wanted. Even Lincoln argued that the states had that right before becoming president. BTW, Lincoln WAS the first dictator of the USA.

  80. Susan Hancock

    Going to the source, listening to these ballads and trying to make sense about the CW. If you didn't volunteer you would bw conscripted. All the men in my Dad's family fought for the CSA. My Dad's grandfather (Dad is 98 so it's possible), and my Dad didn't even know he served! They are very proud of their southern traditions and manners, proud that they fought, but know they were on thr wrong side as far as the slavery issue. My Dad's southern family hated slavery and the Jim Crow.South.. Perhaps my GGrandfather was ashamed and that's why he never told anyone he served. My mother's whole family fought for the North and were Quaker abolitionists. What a senseless war.

  81. CSAsHiFtY McSteamy

    I was born in the North. My ancestors fought for the Union, but I have all respect for the Southern Soldier and the Confederate flag. God Bless the South.

  82. matt

    The union soldiers did the more fucked up shit then what the confederacy did

  83. Brett miles

    Fuck u Yeaa Yankees let’s have a second war I’d die being a Confederate die in Dixie die for my southern pride just thinking I killed me some yanks

  84. JustHereToComment.

    City People will never know why we fought, except a crude illusion of slavery, so sad.

    First Name Last Name

    they are brainwashed so you cant blame the dumb cunts

  85. Jojo Williams

    God bless the south

  86. Will Stanaland

    My great great grand dad fought for the south

  87. Reynir Krostis

    It’s been a few months now since I’ve seen my dad. I truly do miss him. We used to listen to this song and the Bismarck. Used to listen to a lot of Johnny Horton, Johnny cash, Melloncamp and the like. Those were good times

  88. Darryl Wernke

    A yanky will not stop a reb

  89. Valoriusxz

    In the end we’re American. Union or Confederate, they were Americans. American blood spilled on American soil, both sides deserve memorials.

  90. Linda Fiaschi

    Brought up Johnny Horton lived in Port Hedland all we had was wonderful music awesome as singer play today still

  91. Average lad

    Quick facts:
    The Civil War was between Union and Confederacy not freedom and slavery.
    30% of black slave owners were freed slaves themselves.
    The man the South voted for during the civil War was black himself.
    History is written by the victor.

  92. madbear3512

    I gonna play this song in school and let all the pussies bitch and cry about it

  93. dominic garvin

    trump is completing the destruction of america started by the union

  94. Bundes Blitz

    Yes, the Confederates did unspeakable things. Yes, the Unionists did unspeakable things. I don’t care who you think was wrong or right, but it is our jobs as Americans to not acknowledge this as a time of traitors and hicks and yanks, but as our past. Because if we can’t recognize our own history for what it is, what’s the point of learning about it? I’m sick of seeing the comments like “Fucking hick” or “Dirty Union yank scum” because to be honest those people are the ones who are the enemies of our past. Those are the ones who should have been punished for the crimes at the end of the deaths and massacres across the battlefields. Just please, let this sink into your minds before going batshit crazy on each other in the comments, thank you for your time.

  95. holcroft1969

    Awesome song.

  96. unlimited potential

    I still shed tears for the south. The chivalry. The quaint aristocracy for which they stood. The rights they tried to defend.

    unlimited potential

    @Jesus Christ not entirely. And that wasn't even the main point of the war. It was one specific argument to which modern historians have clung and magnified.
    The war was fought to decide whether the federal government had the right to impede a state's independent capacity to pass certain laws in regards to society and economy.
    And technically, though slavery is wrong, the confederacy was right.
    It's actually an interesting legal dilemma.
    But, anyway, to your point, no it wasn't fought about the right to own slaves. It was about WHO decides whether that, along with many other things, should be a right.

    Jesus Christ

    unlimited potential please read the CSA constitution

  97. Seemor Azzz

    The south will rise from the dead again I predict a civil war pretty soon if all these antifa and black activist think they own us red white and blue blooded Americans I'll be beside my Confederates all the way

    Jesus Christ

    Seemor Azzz glad you acknowledge you would betray your country 👍🏻

    Seemor Azzz

    @Jesus Christ what part of betray did i even say never did i say i would betray my country but if it splits there is no country i said a civil war dipshit im gonna choose my heritage over my government anyday duh

  98. Ghostop 13

    You see this is what America is a land where people can have opinions of there own and have the right to voice it, it is sad what happened close to 200 years ago, and we should never forget what happened, but it is not good to dwell on the past to long, and what is done is done, men of all calibers of life fought that war, and alot of them died. Lets not forget that history is a valuable asset, and, when Robert E. Lee surrendered Grant accepted it with respect between not two different peoples but between two Americans, that is what we should live by, Not Yankee or Reb, but by Americans. Do not let what those men died for and why Lee surrendered for. There is no need for a Second civil War between the North and South, because if there is ever Another one it should be against the People who want to destroy our history and tear down the Heritage of the South. As a Yankee I have never seen such stupidity from some people as they tore down Statues of Confederate memorial and force proud red blooded Americans to remove the Confederate flag. What I see now is not between North and South, But rather between Americans, and those pretending to be Americans. All the Respect I can give, your friendly neighborhood Yankee Ghostop13

    Ghostop 13

    Damn I never thought I would be like this, these types of songs just make the true american come forth. Only with new knowledge. I really enjoy the fact that so many people call the Confederates racist, and Generals Like Lee traitors, but all he did was protect his land of Virginia, and he even wanted to keep the country united even after the war had started. Really love these types of men Truly where True Americans, and I would have gladly died for Lee if given the chance, because he was a man of Morales and ethics that far outrank even Lincoln and any president after.

  99. Carolina boys

    The union was scared to lose that’s why they told so many slaves that they if they fight for the union they’d be free if the union didn’t have the slaves the confederacy would have won

    Jesus Christ

    Carolina boys it’s funny that you think the confederates didn’t use slaves as nurses and cooks during the war