Horton, Johnny - I'm Coming Home Lyrics

Get your face all pretty and your hair done right
'Cause we're gonna do the town tonight
Well, I'm comin' into town and right on time
I still got your lovin' on my mind

I'm a coming home, I gotta make some love
I'm a coming home, sweet turtle dove
I'm a coming home to make sweet love to you

Well, I see down the road there's a big truck stop
They got a pretty little waitress with the carrot top
She's pretty as a doll pretty as can be
But don't you worry honey she ain't nothin' to me

I'm a coming home, I gotta make some love
I'm a coming home, sweet turtle dove
I'm a coming home to make sweet love to you

Well, I came to a hill and the truck looked down
Throwed in low and she's huggin' the ground
Scratchin' gears but I'm goin' again
I'm comin' home baby, I'm doggin' it in

I'm a coming home, I gotta make some love
I'm a coming home, sweet turtle dove
I'm a coming home to make sweet love to you

Get your face all pretty and your hair done right
'Cause we're gonna do this town tonight
Well I'm comin' into town right on time
I still got your lovin' on my mind

I'm a coming home, I gotta make some love
I'm a coming home, sweet turtle dove
I'm a coming home to make sweet love to you

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Horton, Johnny I'm Coming Home Comments
  1. Raider Nation

    grew up on this music. in the 60s. take me home so far away.

  2. jennifur sun

    did Johnny use the same musicians, i gather most of time, there were only about 2 or 3.

  3. John Herb

    Grady Martin definitely knew how to rock out on Johnnys records.

  4. Slick Andrews

    Complicated in it's simplicity!
    A hard one to pull off the right way!

  5. Kevin Bourgeois

    Another great talent taken to soon

  6. Dennis Carlson

    In 62 l saw Hortons cohort Mr..Carl Perkins in Logan Square, Chicago. August heat, Harleys racing around the square and everyone had a paper sack with beer or whiskey in it. Perkins and his 2 pc. band playing off a twin 12 amp. He played his hits in between his glass of Jim.Beam on ice. I was 18 then, and heard him play his hit, Blue Suede Shoes. Traffic was jammed up at the stop light and.the.law came. People.from F&Cs Lounge were in the street. The law came and cleared the way and then stayed to listen. Closing was 2 A.M, but.Perkins didn't stop rocking till 4 A.M. lm proud to say l heard Perkins sing Blue Suede Shoes in 62...

  7. John Jurkewicz

    So So So beautiful to listening to and I love it

  8. M Jamieson

    My lucky record. I've found it twice in thrift stores.


    I'm 20 years old and listening in 2018 👌🏼

  10. Jones Shortman

    Been a fan great songs

  11. Josiah Quincy

    And that's how you cut a 2 minute record, kids.

  12. Elka Wyatt

    Real Rockabilly... Love me some Johnny Horton!

  13. buster brown

    To all the Rockabilly punks out there..THIS is what it is suppose to sound like.

    Ian Cal Ford

    yes sir

    Slick Andrews



    A lot of it sounds like this.

    Slick Andrews

    @thetruth3651 totally raw and energetic!

  14. Paul Stutzman

    great song

  15. Tom Finn

    Features the great Nashville A Team studio guitarist Grady Martin. Grady played lead guitar on tons of country & rockabilly hits, including most of the lead guitar for The Johnny Burnette Rock & Roll Trio's hits.

    jaimee horgan

    Tom Finn 7*

    Freddy Paine

    Cool info. Thanks. Paul Burlison was hotter than Grady Martin and Hank Garland. Paul was unfairly dissed.

    ginny white

    who else played on this song

  16. Mr M

    Patsy died in 63', Horton died in 1960

  17. Mr M

    no drums also, just a driving rhythm guitar

  18. boris janin

    ça c'est du rockab .....johnny repose en paix .....

  19. 遠矢義人


  20. ProudRockabillyRebel

    One of the greatest songs ever made!

  21. John Precious

    Great Song Johnny

  22. 666superhater

    COOL pics to a BAD ASS SONG!

  23. Moises Forero

    Bop til' you drop!!!!!

    Graeme Smellie

    Great Bopper

  24. Nthabii Peters

    love it

  25. Mark fender

    First heard this in the mid 70's, still play it today very LOUD.

  26. TheTestingGrounds

    This song has a good groove. No fancy playing, but it moves. The lyrics clearly convey the message. You can dance to it also!

  27. Tracey Hayward

    This my fave Horton song.great bopper .

  28. John Potter

    wana be tring to make money, doesn't have whispering pines on playlist. keep blocking stuff ash hole.

  29. G7BXO

    This is fantastic, Yeeeeeehaaaaaaa get that beat.

  30. mytunesbabysweetjo

    I can't find the "coming home " I'm looking for .....comomin' home and been away for too long....I'm coming hoooooome!!!!

  31. New Russia Cultural Center

    You bet, He was great at rockabilly!..

  32. stowiebowie

    Best Bopper. Love it xx

  33. MSASteeler

    My favorite of Johnny's. A great truckin' song.

  34. Jeep Man

    One O would have ben enough!

  35. rocknrollrebel1000

    i wish johnny did come home but hes up there singin now for the lord in away maybe he is home now

  36. The Retrobilleze

    A Rockabilly Pioneer great! so many great tunes before Alaska came out

  37. hydfawr


  38. davehoganmusic

    Nick Lowe does a killer version on 'Rig Rock Deluxe' compilation.

  39. Milica Tabakovski


  40. Ryan Hertz

    Raw Wild Rockabilly!!!!!! The REAL DEAL! Thanks for posting!!

  41. Annica40

    @w4wxp Astrolites has recorded this song on their latest album.

  42. w4wxp

    @rbound827 It suprises me that no one's done a big cover of this. This song would be bad ass done with some thick, crunchy palm muting in a rock style, with the twangy burnette-esque lead still in there. This was balls to the wall, pure dirty, in your face rockabilly. Which is freaking awesome.

  43. Lloyd Dailey

    sounds like rockabilly. great song and singer.

  44. Rogelio calderon mares


  45. Lloyd Dailey

    @Emmy571 get your face all pretty.

  46. Emmy-lou Carson

    This song is hot.

  47. Emmy-lou Carson

    This song is hot.

  48. chox67

    omg....i used to be one of a handful of gals bopping to this at the boston back in the 90s...we left the guys behind!! ha ha ha!!! fantastic! thanks for this xx

  49. w4wxp

    This darker style of rockabilly is very Johnny Burnette Trio-ish. Effing awesome.

  50. Roy Muniz

    Dig it!

  51. rockabillycat1954

    YEAH, get it Cat!!!

  52. Lee Barnbee

    stil one of my favorites !

  53. crockett slate

    this song helped to make a mile or two more

  54. Lee Barnbee

    still very very good

  55. John Pennell

    @0912317 Sorry, I played in a band that did it in A, so that was my point of reference.The song is keyed low for Johnny who had a very extensive range. We gave it a slightly bluuesier treatment which seemed to make it alright to not actually play a 5 chord at the end of verse. It goes by so quickly that it doesn't seem to matter, but yes technically their is a 5 chord in there.

  56. James Hunnicutt

    @0912317 The song is in the key of E & the rhythm guitar rides the 1 through the whole song with a quick 5 (B) thrown in at the end of each verse line. It IS practically a one chord song & completely brilliant hillbilly rock & roll. Grew up on Johnny Horton & it has only become better with age :-)

  57. James Hunnicutt

    @gamster68 Couldn't agree more! One of my biggest influences & favorite guitarists from ANY era. I even have a picture of him in one of my myspace photo albums to pay him respect :-)

  58. James Hunnicutt

    Go Johnny go!!! My fave rockabilly sides are The Johnny Horton cuts from his "Honkytonk Man" era such as this one which feature The "A Team" of Grady Martin- Electric Guitar, Bob Moore- Upright Bass & Buddy Harmon- Drums... Most bad-ass studio cats around. They graced 1000's of seminal cuts from the 50's & 60's & played with damn near everyone back then. My band (James Hunnicutt and The Revolvers) play this song in every set & it never fails to get people excited ;-) Thanks for posting this!

    jennifur sun

    thanks did Buddy and Grady play on Sink The Bismark

  59. dozer1665

    It dont get any better than this ... but then it is johnny horton :)

  60. highlandreign


  61. Lee Barnbee

    very simple song but very very good !

  62. John Pennell

    One chord mostly.(A) throw in an E if you want, friggin' who cares! The best of the best, The universe is ruled by Johnny Horton!!!!!!!

  63. dav01kar

    dedicated 2 truckers everywhere, great bootlegger RIP Johny

  64. wally a

    spot on mate,proper good rockabilly track this!!

  65. rollindanny57

    I'm coming in my pants !

  66. richardtheone

    As a long haul trucker for over 20 years and the son of a johnny horton fan i grew up listening to this and from the very first time it was the song in my mind taking that last exit heading for the house.. funny how things stay connected..peace from east lawrencetown ns can.

  67. journeygirl7

    Love it!!!!!!

  68. Rob Knight

    his voice was so versatile

  69. Ross Rohan

    Classic killer rockabilly!... yeah, love it mate...