Horrorpops - Psychobitches Outta Hell Lyrics

They're not pom-pom dancing giggling girls
They're hard-core fun bunny maniacs
No man can deny them and all men satisfy them

There's no wrong loving-
Just make sure you keep them hungry
If you wanna find them go check the nudie bars

They're all heart breakers
That loves to be house wreckers
Don't give a damn about your rebel yell
Ps-ps-psycho bitches out of hell

They like to cruise around in their vintage cars
And sometimes they even own their own garage
They can't cook, they don't clean
They'll never be good housewives
And they will always mess your live's up
They go further than flirting they're down right and dirty

They don't mind if it hurts, no secrets up their skirts
8 ball bra's and long red claws
Red lips and fine curved hips
Regular man eaters and they're al wife beaters
They hold nothing against a little titty twist yeah!

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Horrorpops Psychobitches Outta Hell Comments
  1. AlienSunshine

    Hello from my mind

  2. Earth Junkie

    0nly if she was single

  3. Aurelia Payan

    man fuck this I'm scrolling thru these comments and all these people talking shit saying its only cuz of her husband she had this band. NO Patricia had a band before horrorpops FYI. I grew up going to every car show punk show Psychobilly and rockabilly show in socal so everybody can stfu n stop talking shit y'all don't know wassup with the REAL SHIT

    Dave Rave

    Good comment. Unfortunately most of the people that leave negative comments on youtube have social problems, crave attention, are very insecure, don't have any friends, too ignorant to be able to write a comment that was worth reading....

  4. THOMAS million

    just a lightstand in the closet, a pedestal of adorned thorns. so reflective in the light of the cameraman. so destined to be pinned to the wall LOST in the cells of the ameobas....flooded selections to ignite pages of old, keep on running....

  5. yoyohooyo

    Reminds me of my Xs

  6. kroc1976

    I've never understood why people listen and comment when they hate the music.

    Ioannis Ampatzis

    The thing about music is that even when it's bad for you, it's good for somebody else, so do not judge if you don't wanna be judged.

  7. Del Hawk

    Oh damn, this brings back memories from when I was around 13....Still my favourite song by them!! \m/

  8. Mutant Buzzard

    Luv it, I miss real music, now days every thing is autotune.

  9. MrTravisofthecosmos

    It's good to see that someone wrote a song about pretty much every girl I ever dated.

  10. Dominic Neales

    shes pretty terrible at that bass.

  11. Dominic Neales

    agreed. Saw The Grims last weekend. None of these pop newish bands compare

  12. tomcat13claws


  13. RsX714

    piece of fuck? Really?

  14. tomcat13claws

    Get the hell out of here you piece of fuck.

  15. wookieonfire

    these guys are awesome

  16. BackseatBurlesque

    dont mind if it hurts, the secrets up our skirts.

  17. BackseatBurlesque

    atta boy.

  18. Mia Wallis

    more of a kim lenz type girl... but come onn u gotta love this chick shes smoking HOT!!!!

  19. Lawrence Pirkl

    That beat sounds like Midnight Oil.

  20. Frank Mussolini

    damn, I was gonna be like lets kick it ha.

  21. m van


  22. Frank Mussolini

    WTF!? SWEAR... seriously??

  23. Frank Mussolini

    Damn girl. Where u from??

  24. bobbie bronold

    omg jaw dropping!!

  25. Sad Trophy Wife

    this is why u cant get laid XD

  26. RsX714

    lmfao WTF is this shit

  27. starrychica82

    When Quinton Tarateno makes me my own B movie in which I get a bra that shoot's bullet's, this shall be my theme song

  28. Victoria Baldani

    i think of three bad jacks "love hurts", ever listened to it?

  29. livingdeadgrl18

    @jeiluifang so you've decided to judge not only an entire genre, but an entire fan base based on one song/artist? which psychobilly bands have you listened to? just out of curiosity.

  30. simcaP60fan

    @MrKrazykev13 probably no one idiot `-.-

  31. Tickled Bluee

    I had a sticker made of this title and put it on the back windsheild on my truck! I love the horrorpops!

  32. symptomy

    straight up? Psychobitches outta hell yeah is right!

  33. swilsey89

    i love them so much. they're my "i feel shitty and need some girl-power" band xD

  34. TOTTW

    Good question.

  35. RattieRae

    Oh man, my ex was into these guys several years back but I never got to listen to them. She told me they were fucking RiotGrrrl. Ffft.

  36. plunaiii3

    Love the HorrorPops....see them everytime they come to San Antonio

  37. starrychica82

    Haters go find something better to do with your time.....this is fucking awesome

  38. Camilla Lumertz

    this is not psychobilly. Dypsomaniaxe is real psychobilly.

    manuel alcantar

    They never claimed to be Psychobilly. Hence their song Freaks In Uniforms. Plus fuck the Meteors. Paul attacked the bassist from As Diabatz. Punk ass grandpabilly

  39. mitchie aburto

    fucken low lives..
    if you dont like horror pops and your just critizing get the fuckk off this page!

  40. Skbee Missfit

    hahah why the fuck are these morons
    who dislike horrorpops even on this page.
    nice to know you idiots have else to do
    with your time than comment on music you
    don't like haha.

  41. Boxhead_Revival

    @cheapkancer nothing, I just think she's sexy

  42. Boxhead_Revival

    @freelancechemist it would be better if she was naked

  43. Saturnus Rex

    God, That is the hottest picture of Patricia Day ever.

  44. halfmastmutiny

    Please tell me that picture is animated and I'm not going insane!

  45. Angie Skywalker

    @alicetrancy wow lucky!! thats fucken awesome!!! i wish my parents were friends with her!!! i envy u now!! =)

  46. xXGamermanXxX

    @WarningAnarchy69 Dude omfg reallly i thought the same thing @[email protected]

  47. Kayla Graham

    Fuck yes.

  48. Courtney Danielski

    prolly my favorite psychobilly band.

  49. TheMercman51

    @DutchBitch01 Right on!! I like what you had to say there DB. This world would suck so much more if everyone listened to the same things. Can you imagine a world where the only music was hip-hop? i think i'd kill myself!!

  50. Haley Wilson

    Why do I even read the comments when I'm browsing music on YouTube?

  51. Jonny_SKB

    horropops dont kick ass lol. if it wasnt for kim then you or anyone else would have probably never even heard of them lol

  52. Jonny_SKB

    you aint psycho if your listening to this shit... look up the torment and cyclone. that's true psycho

  53. Jonny_SKB

    ya i bet they did. fukin pozer ass psychobilly shit

  54. Jack Walters

    Seen them live by accident.......was awesome.

  55. madscally1

    reminds me of the cramps

  56. mercedes gonzalez

    This Is Terribly Ghoulish
    I Love It,
    Horrorpops All The Way

  57. Gatakumo Johnson

    or kill bill, or wet.

  58. Stacey Henderson

    thanks for posing love this band like a lot iam rockabilly but listern to psychobilly aswell thanks for posting great song

  59. CludzyMasta

    fuck you.