Hornsby, Bruce - Voyager One Lyrics

There's magic in our present tense not coincidence, but fate
Stopping by woods to make new friends and buy some lemonade

The twist and turns we take in life, the epiphanies they bring
An impromptu gift from my dear wife, your rocket ship key ring

Let's break out of our orbits free of gravity's effect
Let's leave our little planets fix relationships we've wrecked
Un-learn all our habits make sure we all connect
The Human Race has aimed toward space since Man first walked erect

Voyager One, the NASA probe got to outer space today
With a platter made of solid gold for aliens to play

It makes its trip for all of us, a record of Mankind's song
Ultimately superfluous because we don't get along

Let's break out of our orbits fix the world we all neglect
We share this little planet our neighbors need respect
Un-learn all our habits make sure we all connect
The Human Race has aimed toward space since Man first walked erect

Man first walked erect, man first walked
Man first walked erect, man first walked

Let's break out of our orbits fix the world we all neglect
We share this little planet our neighbors need respect
Un-learn all our habits make sure we all connect
The Human Race has aimed toward space since Man first walked erect

There must be life in outer space but I'm moved by closer things
A friendly face, a familiar place, Susan's rocket ship key ring

When an animal is in a trap of course it tries to run
But we've evolved beyond that crap so throw away the gun
Throw it away

Now, if the cosmos speaks to you in a voice you can't ignore
Don't pass it off as deja-vu like you've seen it all before

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Hornsby, Bruce Voyager One Comments
  1. W.L. Barlow

    Bought the CD, as I have all of his recordings, but this song, on first listen, couldn't help thinking - "this is a rewrite of Candy Mountain". Candy Mountain has withstood the passage of time and is still one of my favorites. This song is good, but for those who are initiates, go back and listen to "Candy Mountain". You will probably be overwhelmed like I was way back then.

  2. Linda

    Love love love this album!

  3. omoya

    WHAT?! Always brilliant, we know that. But this...I'm speechless and enthralled. And dancing with it, too. So...what more need be said?

  4. fragwagon

    A little 2001 in the break....haha...."Daisy". Brilliant song and album.

  5. Lee Marinaccio

    This song, with its rhythm, just screams out for a piano solo and/or guitar solo - Why none Bruce?

  6. Joey Benoit

    First of all anything Bruce Hornsby does with anybody is pretty much top-caliber perfect!!! Just listen to his harbor Lights CD with Metheny and Garcia and Hornsby omigod! Transcendental!

  7. Steve Birks

    Great song - A refreshingly great song - And like all bruces best - It makes the point - Thanks for sharing !
    All the best SB -British Isles
    P.S like the man said you don't need all those guns guys !

  8. Pawl

    Very uplifting song, reminds me so much of Donald Fagen.

  9. Gussy Rikh


  10. Greg Rishel

    I still love the man,..the last thing this world needs is fast words,.... respect though

  11. Will Ritter

    Voyager One has left the solar system and is currently about 15 billion miles from Earth, flying away from us at around 40,000 mph (a million miles per day). The nearest star Alpha Centauri is 25 TRILLION miles away, so Voyager won't be arriving there anytime soon. If it's even going in that direction, which i doubt.

  12. Jorge Rodriguez

    Soy en para que favor? Por que? Ai

  13. ryan hagerty

    My life would literally not be the same without Bruce and his songs.

  14. Kashi Kagë

    I love this song, definitely a far difference from all the trending crap I’ve been hearing for the past 8 years

  15. phiberoptik232

    Boy , I wish I could tickle those ivory keys the way you do. If I had an instructor it would surely be you. Love your work man .

  16. Bradley Fischer

    I like it but it sounds like Dave Mathews band, miss the piano

  17. Brian Arnold

    I so WANT this album when it comes out. Great video. Two thumbs up!!!

  18. ratzepimmel96


  19. David Leary

    I feel like this m one will be even better live. Liking the groove, glad there's a new album coming out.

  20. Rondo Brothers

    I absolutely love this. Charlie Parker vibes. Spiritual movement up in there

  21. Joe Simmons

    The melody of the chorus sticks in my head, and that’s good! To me it sounds a lot like “Space Is The Place.” Does anyone else hear it?

    Jon Dowling

    Joe Simmons yes it’s almost an exact copy in many ways. The way it is and gonna be some changes made are almost exact alamgams in many ways.

  22. Zak Rose

    Interesting. I dig it. Reminds me of some funky Chris Robinson. Thx for posting. Peace

  23. jasgoerndt

    Bruce you the man!

  24. chas ames

    Bruce, this is nothing short of amazing.
    You've once again shattered definition and given your fans a jaunty free-for-all with a message. Bravo.

  25. rosskolnikov

    Love it when the bass clarinet peeks through.

  26. Kevin Schrum

    This is not "Bruce Hornsby"!! If it is; this sucjs terribly!!!!!

  27. Ruth Feeney

    Love Bruce Hornsby some thing new

  28. gregoir

    Another great one, and I like the video too! Thank you Bruce and the band you guys are the best!

  29. William Rudersdorf Jr.

    Evolution is not always good. How to make yourself irrelevant - by Bruce Hornsby.

    Zachary William

    Agreed. It is fine to evolve and explore musical styles and presentations but it is clear he has spent too long from his best music. He still has time to return to it.

    Si T

    Yet here you are listening to his music, and commenting on it...

    Zachary William

    You’re right everything my favorite artist puts out must be awesome and if I don’t like a song then he can’t be my favorite artist and I shouldn’t listen to a new release of his!

    Si T

    Zachary William what an odd thing to say.

  30. Andrea Johnson

    Can't go a day without that piano, though. Glad to hear the new, but can't do without the old, too. That is really the message for today. Listening from a snowy Southern California.

  31. Mike McGinn

    Wow. Just wow. Bruce is fantastic! Looking forward to the new release!

  32. Helen Rodriguez

    Oh handyman that was very well put!! Could not say it better myself, i just love his work" he is all that " and then some.😗

  33. Ted Thisius

    Curious about the picture on the Album cover. I was in Galveston Texas last week and they had an amusement park on a pier. I'm curious if this is that one. The one is Galveston had a Tower type ride close to the Ferris Wheel. We could watch it from our hotel room. One night it was very foggy and the swinging chairs disappeared into the fog. This must have added a different feel to the ride.

  34. MrBobbystyles

    It’s got a super funky China Cat meets Prince vibe !! Stoked to see your coming back to LA


    Great song, Bruce !!!

  36. kevgret

    Candy mountain run sound a like

  37. Paul Bamberger

    A bit of a Steve Reich vibe about the instrumentation! I like it...

  38. David Gregory

    We'll see. When are you coming back to Memphis? The concert in Audobon Park was great. Not Nashville- Memphis. Not Germantown- Memphis. Plenty of great venues.

  39. Tyler Knows Nothing

    There are two Bruces.

    The first one is the Bruce of The Way It Is and Mandolin Rain. This is the Bruce for people who quibble over the price of a single, which gives them unlimited rights to listen to it anywhere forever. (What else are you going to do with a dollar, besides a large drink at Mickey D's? Just buy the ALBUM so you can appreciate the artist for their vision of the musical canvas.)

    The second Bruce is comprised of his complete catalog. This Bruce is for people who really like Spirit Trail, actually bought a copy of Camp Meeting, collect as many live recordings as possible, and know that the crowds aren't booing him. (You might want to sit down as you ponder what the crowds are actually saying...)

    We love Bruce BECAUSE he is adventurous, not to mention that he's one of America's greatest musical assets, has THE best band on the planet, is an astonishingly talented singer, songwriter, composer, and musician, and puts on the best live shows there are.

    Go have a listen to the best box set ever, Intersections. This is no mere collection of already released albums, but a pastiche of twenty years of musical history, growth, and evolution. You don't know Bruce until you really, really LISTEN to Bruce.

    Don't thank me. Thank Bruce.

    Kevin Schrum

    This is not Bruce at all!!!


    I feel like there are 3 Bruces. Bruce 1 was with The Range (enjoyable pop songs that made him famous). Then after playing with the Grateful Dead we got Bruce 2 (my favorite era). Harbor Lights is just an amazing album... as is Hot House! You mentioned Spirit Trail... another amazing album ("Fortunate Son" is one of the best songs Hornsby has written... and I loved that he played it in a medley with Comfortably Numb in live performances). After Spirt Trail I feel we got Bruce 3... in the last 15 years his songs have been very hit or miss for me. This latest song does nothing for me! Just being honest! I still love the live shows, because he is so creative and improvisational! I have huge respect for Bruce as a musician, singer, and songwriter... but that does not mean I have to love every song he has written.

    Patrick Seward

    @88EightyEights absolutely love fortunate son

    M Rhodes

    Thank you? Wtf...

    Don Noble

    @88EightyEights Very well written! I echo your sentiments, as I thought I was the only Bruce fan that felt this way. Big Swing Face was the downturn for me. Harbor Lights is still my favorite Bruce album of all time. Pat Metheny, Jerry Garcia, Bonnie Raitt, Phil Collins. Are you kidding me? Those jazz licks are amazing on that album. I wish he would return to some of those friends and create another album.

  40. Dave Rich

    groovy A.F. :D

  41. 88EightyEights

    I love Bruce and glad he is writing new material, but the last album (Rehab Reunion) had no piano, and listening to this track I kept waiting for a nice piano solo to kick in... but it wasn't there. Just some synth and violin. I am sure this song will take off on stage in the live context! Looking forward to hearing the rest of Absolute Zero... and hopefully more piano!

    Tyler Knows Nothing

    Mr. Hornsby would like to categorically state that he is, in fact, NOT a piano but a human being who is capable of doing more than just play piano.


    @Tyler Knows Nothing... of course Bruce is capable of doing way more than just playing piano. I respect that he chooses to play accordion, dulcimer, and synth... that he is master songwriter... is very clever with lyrics, etc.... but in my opinion he is at his best when his songs feature piano! BTW - I am not a fan who just knows his early material with The Range. I have listened to every CD many times, have seen him 10+ times (solo and with band) and another 10 with Grateful Dead in '90/'91, I have bootlegs, and even met him when he played a small bookstore the week Jerry Garcia died in '95... amazing hearing him play a touching solo version of Wharf Rat for Jerry that night). I love his solo piano songs (Song A - H), love the jazzy influences in Harbor Lights and Hot House... he has collaborated with some amazing artists, and reinvented songs in different styles. He is a true musician's musician! That said... this new song doesn't do anything for me. If others enjoy it... great.... but for me, I prefer to hear his piano out front and not hidden behind an over-produced arrangement. Just my opinion... music is subjective... in the words of Robert Hunter "one man gathers what another man spills".

  42. Zeke Ulrey

    Constant musical evolution. I'm cool with that.

  43. Andrew Martin

    Yikes. Not sure what to make of this mess.

    chas ames

    Thank God you've spiled your indecision across the internet.
    'Cause there's just not enough of that, huh?

  44. Jennifer Miles

    Nice to hear something new. This scoots along. Loving the lyrics. Listening from Phoenix Arizona

  45. Atif Suleman

    I second the first comment!!!. Peace love and respect from the UK!