Hornsby, Bruce - Till The Dreaming's Done Lyrics

Well I saw her one day
At the corner cafe
Everybody there knew she's a wonder
I sat there all night
Too shy to say
Honey you could keep me from going under

Oh my my when she walks on by
It's hard not to get lost in the view
How can you if the feeling's a lie
When love comes out of the blue

North, South, East, West
Up, down, all around and all the rest
I will go anywhere she wants me to go
Of all the girls I've loved she's the best
(She's the one)
Till the dreaming's done

Yes of all the girls I've loved she's the best
Could have been, oh could have been

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Hornsby, Bruce Till The Dreaming's Done Comments
  1. Craig Bunker

    This is one of my absolute favorite BH songs - timeless...

  2. anthony f

    Very similar to The Road Not Taken. Clearly a song about a missed romance and regret for not seizing the moment. Could've been in my life.....one of the most underrated Bruce songs.

    MJ Johnson

    It's really never too late for love.. If I were you I'd give it another shot. I'm sure they are worth it.

  3. Mark Hartunian

    What a great album. I wish I could of seen them as the Range. Such a great group of musicians. I started listening to bruce when I was only in 6th grade. His music has helped me in so many ways.

  4. Saxon Saxon East

    Great musician. Love his music.

  5. Exile On Main Street

    The Road Not Taken and Til The Dreaming's Done from.the "Scenes From The Southside" album have the same profound effect on me... Takes me back to a lost love with whom, after many false starts and lost hopes, I eventually had to face the painful reality that it was simply just never meant to be... No love hurts like unrequited love... Terrific music!

  6. Exile On Main Street

    Pity Bruce and Huey Lewis didn't continue their working relationship beyond this era...

  7. Fabio Lizzio

    Bruce Hornsby is one of the greatest musicians ever

  8. Justin Willis

    " i saw her one day at the corner cafè" gives me chills for some reason

  9. Xo 25

    Melancholic Synthesizer/Accordion, echoing snare drum, hum of bass and guitar and vocals speaking of love and innocence... One of the underrated tunes from The "Scenes From The Southside" album. Use to listen to this album when I was in high school. Time Flies...

  10. edward farmer

    Beautiful Song !

  11. lotusalivelight24

    i love the 'dream' that life presents, as 'real,' but isn't real, too... 'Who' we love is ourselves, inspired by other people.♡ (& the Reason is, that our mind's carry the continuity, that the world has little of, without our Real Love, appreciation, & 'first aid': sincerity, truthfulness, benevolence, equality & courtesy, for one another...((( we missed our own boat... not ready to step onto it. Great song tho'.🎶🎶🎶✨🌠

  12. rachard mcintyre

    1:06 best part of the whole song!!!

  13. james williams

    ..great song, and huey lewis on back up vocals : )

  14. Gerald Guthrie

    This is one of my very favorite Bruce Hornsby tunes. It gives me chills.

  15. Allen Cooper

    Brilliant song and lyrical arrangement, just awesome