Hornsby, Bruce - The Way It Is Lyrics

Standing in line, marking time
Waiting for the welfare dime
'Cause they can't buy a job
The man in the silk suit hurries by
As he catches the poor old lady's eyes
Just for fun he says, "Get a job."

That's just the way it is
Some things will never change
That's just the way it is
Ah, but don't you believe them

Said hey, little boy, you can't go where the others go
'Cause you don't look like they do
Said hey, old man, how can you stand to think that way?
And did you really think about it before you made the rules?
He said, son

That's just the way it is
Some things will never change
That's just the way it is
Ah, but don't you believe them, yeah

That's just the way it is
That's just the way it is

Well, they passed a law in '64
To give those who ain't got a little more
But it only goes so far
'Cause the law don't change another's mind
When all it sees at the hiring time
Is the line on the color bar, no

That's just the way it is
Some things will never change
That's just the way it is
That's just the way it is, it is, it is, it is

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Hornsby, Bruce The Way It Is Comments
  1. Bib The Boulder

    Thank god for YouTube or old gits like me wouldn't be able to reminisce and the young 'uns wouldn't get to hear these legends for themselves...

  2. omar61306

    The 80"s music never die. Greatest years the 80 's.

  3. Sandro Dantas

    Hit anos 80
    Hit ano2020
    Hit ano 3450

  4. Syn Boga

    2pac Changes i love both ❤️

  5. Grahame Rhodes

    Ramsey L:ewis bag

  6. Mikey_Suze Four

    Bruce Hornsby & Huey Lewis are still real-life friends...That's pretty awesome!


    Most underrated singer from 80’s..!

  8. Igor Rajic


  9. Yasser Al Masri

    Love this song ❤️ the sound of piano melody reach the moon

  10. Yasser Al Masri

    Love this song ❤️ the sound of piano melody reach the moon

  11. Slovenator 92

    "I don't have some way to put it"
    "That's the Way It Is"


  12. Emma Millar

    Takes me back to 1986 ♥️♥️♥️

  13. Valerie Michalinoff

    Very beautiful music

  14. AussieHeroes

    2020 and still one of the best songs ever ❤️

    Sandro Dantas


  15. Justine Flammantrose

    A love music🎧
    Hornsby bruce 👍👍👍
    Tank you tupac shatur rip

  16. thetheraine

    I heard this on the radio a few days ago and my mind wouldn't let the piano chorus go... so I've had to search out the song, just to play it, so as to appease my mind... that wouldn't let it go... until it had it's fill of this song...lol...

  17. Muratdinho Muratinho

    2020 still listening to this.
    Somethings will never change...

  18. Gazookerman 1

    This song reminds of a time when I had no job, little money, no-one to love, or be loved by and not much hope...but that's just the way it is.....

    Heroine of Hyrule

    Going through this atm. I hope I'll pull through.

    dani daniz

    Gazookerman 1 stay strong

  19. pombal2321


  20. Rochelle O.S

    Bruce Hornsby & The Range...The way it is, one of my all time favourite songs.....its exceptional 😍🎹🎸🥁Bruce's  recording career started with the biggest hit he has had to date, The way it is. It topped the American music charts in 1986. With the success of this single the album titled The way it is.... went multi platinum


    its just beautiful

  21. MrMeadfoot

    ...And a helluva bass line as well.

  22. Rodrigo Vilela

    One of the best songs and piano performances in all the time.

  23. Fredd Nygård

    First time i heard the music from this great band was when i was a young teenanger....since then i still listen too the music....and the lyrics have helped me trough many difficult times....but mostly happy times...Thanks for making music with a atttitude.

  24. anne hudson


  25. John Mullen

    Something’s will never change. Except the music. Sadly for the worse.


    There was plenty of bad shit in the 80s just as there's plenty of good things in today's music... but if you only look in Top 40, then you won't realize this.


    Just another generic ‘Music was better in my day’ post. Some music was good and bad in the 80s, just as it is now


    wasn't just music that was better though, people were, on the whole, compared to now...everyone's rude.


    @DesertRose122 I take it you don't leave your house very often.

  26. Christopher Harrison

    Grandstand final scores

  27. Lady Capricorn

    Listening & Loving it on the 2nd day of 2020!

  28. Tamara Kidd

    Bruce Hornsby is to the piano as what Carlos Santana is to the guitara ~ pura sol

  29. William Brougham

    One of my favourite hits from the 80s. Regularly played on London’s Capital Radio. Memories :)

  30. Thomas Baxter

    2:48 OOooh

  31. Fátima Costa

    Música Linda de ouvir com coração ouvir o dia todo e não canso mais a letra dela é muito séria mais toque do piano é muito Linda adoro adoro

  32. Michal Krawczyk

    Can anyone of the 1500 people who disliked this song can please explain to me why they did that? Honest question, not a rhetorical one.

  33. Etigress

    Back when you needed actual talent to be a musician


    So much fax bro

  34. Ella Bione

    Anyone else think that Cheryl Coles ‘ Fight For This Love’ had a riff inspired by the beginning of this song? The part when she says ‘ I’m willing and ready to go, we’ve been driving so fast, we just need to slow down and just roll’
    I still think this song tops, though

  35. Hiroto Uchikoshi

    One of the best songs with the most beautiful melody!

  36. Clayton Pascoe

    This man is just a brilliant pianist.

  37. Roger Gyger

    0:47 waldenburgerbahn und lorenwagen

  38. sam malbon

    Still listening in 2019 🔥🔥

  39. brom head12

    Hadn't heard this in years. Heard it playing in a shop. Memories triggered. Had to hear it again 🤗

  40. Biel Escorihuela Roca

    Brutal song, I prefer Tupac's interpretation of it but still... good music!

  41. Mark Wright


  42. Makaveli ThaDon


    I sampled this shit


    Possédant un style aéré et nonchalant qui dément ses dons techniques, le pianiste Bruce Hornsby écrit des chansons puissantes du cœur qui touchent à plusieurs traditions distinctement américaines: pop, jazz, bluegrass et soul des années 60. Il a travaillé pendant un certain temps en tant que joueur de studio et auteur-compositeur, et a eu son premier succès en 1986 avec l'émouvant et philosophique "The Way It Is".
    Leur premier album, The Way It Is, est sorti en avril 1986. Il a finalement produit trois tubes du Top 20, dont le plus important était le socialement conscient "The Way It Is", qui mettait en vedette les pistes de piano à main droite typiquement mélodiques de Hornsby. L'album est resté dans les charts pendant près d'un an et demi et s'est vendu à deux millions d'exemplaires. Hornsby & the Range a remporté le prix du meilleur nouvel artiste Grammy Award pour 1986.

  44. Forever Young

    *Final d dezembro 2.019* mais alguém? Novamente ouvindo e vendo esse vídeo...♫♪ love som😍 86 a 2.019 and forever...👱

  45. Neth Souza

    It is an 80's song (86 to be exact) of incredible beauty, harmony and meaning. The melody is characterized by lightness and depth in the lyrics and the message of the song and denotes a message to make us think and reflect that its lyrics are very serious and committed to the serious problem of social exclusion motivated by prejudice and racism and intolerance. It expresses an interpretation whose theme and meaning has to do with human or inhuman behavior in today's increasingly unprecedented times. It is undoubtedly a masterpiece, written by the talented Bruce Hornsby. Loved the harmony of the piano and notes and arrangements ... Beautiful and moving ..

  46. helanio pereira

    25 de dezembro feliz Natal

  47. S ksami

    25th DEC 2019

    Jackie Tornado

    S ksami merry Christmas

  48. max bean

    Merry Christmas Hornesby fans!!

  49. Redwan S

    All that time I thought it was 2PAC's tone...


    Hip hop is about sampling something and making it new. 2Pac sampled Everythang lol.

    Look up, the original track of "What you won't do for love".

    Comment your reaction.

    Redwan S

    @zucchinigreen Very interesting

    Charlz Official

    This is shit compared to 2pac

  50. agauerm

    So it was from here that 2Pac took the melody

  51. Amann

    Tupac Shakur was the one that allowed me to listen this beauty. But all props to Bruce Honrsby fantastic melody and chord progression. Both versions are beautiful

  52. Nin Eli

    Trop bien et toujours bien en décembre 2018

  53. Ella Gunawan

    Greendale Community College's Song


    Just watched this episode lol

    David Jones

    Music that makes u think of better times wen musicians played their Owen instruments without the help of drum an bass machines

  54. Michèle Mulders

    chanson intemporelle

  55. 5HINee property of Lee Taemin

    That's just the way it is, some things will never change. That's just the way it is, ah but don't you believe them.

  56. 5HINee property of Lee Taemin

    Stone cold classic 💖

  57. Cristhian Borjas

    Changes - 2pac Amazing

  58. Tainara Velasquez

    Listening um dec. 18/2020

  59. Marcelo Michelan

    Ótimo! Alguém de Maringá?


    Em pleno 2019 dia 19 de dezembro escutando essa obra prima no Piano. Sem PALAVRAS. RJ. BR

  61. ableasdale2000

    I used to listen to love this song, and then I took an arrow to the knee.

  62. Dead Ball Situation

    The day's football results, analysed and read by Bob Wilson on BBC's Grandstand at 5.05 Saturday afternoons.

  63. Jason Morris

    Man in a silk suit Hurry's buy catches a poor old lady's eye just for fun he says suck my knob...

  64. Fernando Lemes

    Isso que é música estamos de volta

  65. CaptainJS

    Reguards from Monaco!

  66. Daniel Tyler

    Greatest piano man since...since....OK leave it there.

  67. Olatunji Abulude

    I knew about this song because of Tupac's "Changes".

    Great song!

    God bless Bruce & God bless Tupac.

  68. 94ジョン でエブ

    Hahahaha i sang the tupac version

  69. Monteli


  70. johnbeechy

    the irony of life.. after all the tax cuts.. and the trump tax cuts.. all them Men of white skin. and I was born ass white as them.. but them they now walk that unemployment line. as they cant find a job that pays more than the mn wage. even with the lowest unemployment rate in . most history.. low interest rates.. but a tax cut doesnt change the margins in business.. and sum things in business just dont change.. U best believe this.. hey u little girl u cant be paid the same as the little boy can be.. 80% paid them that make up the pun of paid to do the same job as the boys, girls remain paid 80% while /whyle they make Up 55++% of the labour units.. and they can perform any Task.. that man can.. even fires call down to them and claim a cop to arrest any a warrant.. or guard a bank or slave.. the women. er.. womyn remain paid 80% of their white male counterparts.. if the male be not quite white.. or the female. well then the rates of pay go down down and down. Hispanic women make way way way the least.. if they get paid at all.. some end UP and r found.. and they all wanted. (pun not intended) to come to america.. like eddie.. 'Half eddie, i want half'.. // Thanks for the upload.. the more time passes during my lifetime the more the time before hand of Now repeats itself. and it really seems that the USA during the GWBush years went all stupid and high school dropout all at the same time. and them adults that were supposed to guide and same the dumb white men of the no cant read beyond grade 4 (14% of the born in USA pp of 2019 cant read grade 4 or beyond as per a Bloomberg report).. them adults seem to have died off.. leaving their uneducated and easily used into two wars under bush and they remain still committed. but at 20 dead vets per day.. since 2005 alone that equates to over 102,000 dead by own hand suicide vets.. and none go to Heaven.. suicide is a mortal sin. but this track is about how during the 1980s the men. mostly white called out . others for not being as smart or as them. well now them Kin of the dumb men now reign mostly in Hell. at 20 per day.. // Merry Christmas and .. that IS just the way it IS.. self inflicted.. //

  71. Noel Paech

    One of my favourite songs & pianists.

  72. robert harris

    I know this he is a big liberal, but think conservatives listen to his music more so.

  73. Easy As Business Software

    One of the MOST ICONIC songs of the eighties.

  74. P K

    Fuck Tupac

  75. F7 musical composition

    the most beautiful song of all time

  76. Dizzula

    Welcome to England 2019

  77. marcelo tobias

    Uma canção com uma leveza sonora tão incrível que nunca nos fez pensar que sua letra é bastante séria e comprometida em nos fazer refletir sobre a séria questão da exclusão social motivada pelo prenconceito e pelo racismo. É, românticos e saudosistas de plantão que ignoram a língua inglesa! The Way it is é mais profunda do que vocês imaginavam!

    Neth Souza

    Obrigada Marcelo Tobias, é realmente uma música de uma mensagem profgunda e muito reflexiva...Linda e comovente!!!

  78. John Jefferies


  79. John Howard

    Been listening to this since it’s release. Still wonderful. It will be played at my cremation service amongst others top of the list. John h

  80. Jgs 1948

    I see no changes, wake up in the morning, and I ask myself
    Is life worth living, should I blast myself?
    I'm tired of bein' poor, and even worse I'm black
    My stomach hurts, so I'm lookin' for a purse to snatch... ❤

  81. Pete MacDonald

    December 2019!!!


    Please please shut the fuck up No one in the world cares when youre watching this.

  82. Audio Pervert

    How many bollywood songs began like this ... Korean and Japanese two.
    He set the trend. Amazing 80s which carried on and one and on .. till it became soap and cosmetic jingles.

  83. Michgoo

    Greendale's Just The Way It Goes...

  84. Brendon Gomez

    I thought Tu Pac wrote this (joking)

  85. Jamaal Osman

    RIP Tupac 💙
    Real HipHop fans pay respect to Originals. Thanks Bruce Hornsby

  86. Nick Bruno

    the bass is not a real bass, but it is a keyboard!

  87. Mathew Renouf

    It uplift the Soul!!!!!! It speaks to the HEART!!!!!!!! It truly does, I kid you not!!!!!!!!! God bless you from Matt in Auckland, New Zealand!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Mathew Renouf

    Mr. Hornsby, may I, Mathew Renouf tell you that your music is INDESCRIBABLY AMAZING Sir!!!! Your singing and your music, if I may say, is UNREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. alex janström

    go away Jake

  90. rochi balboa

    Some good things, like this song, will never change! That's just the way it is!

  91. Raquel barbosa

    Pra mim a melhor musica do mundo💕

  92. Emeraude Riziki

    All this time I thought this was Tupac’s😭😅

  93. Idris Fashan

    ‘Just for fun he says, “Get a job.”’ Those first three words put me in a fit for a year in my childhood. “How could someone think that was fun?” I’d ask my mother too often.
    Songs that stay with you because they attach to your memory are one thing. Songs that force you to discover the world—good or bad—are what art is all about.

  94. Pill Cosby

    1.4k people will never change

  95. Hot cock

    A lot of rap songs use white music.

  96. Dave Littlewood

    December 2019. X

  97. Chalo XD uwu


  98. otilainen

    N B A ;)

  99. Claudina Pugliese

    OMG a real pianist...I love this song...