Hornsby, Bruce - The Long Race Lyrics

It's a hazy winter's day
And I'm staring out on the southland
In the twilight distance on the bay
My mind sees you running through the marshland
All these years I've been waiting for you
Through the high tides and the low tides too
But if I stop now how could I ever be with you?

It's a long race
If I try I will surely finish
It's a long race
If I try I will surely win it
Some day some night with you

There's a village on the lower Eastern Shore
Where the watermen's boats are anchored
And they work so hard all day long
Showing me what you want to go after
All these years I've been pushing so hard
Through the high times and the low times too
But if I stop now
How could I know what I could do?

It's a long race
If I try I will surely finish
It's a long race
If I try I will surely win it
Some day some night with you

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Hornsby, Bruce The Long Race Comments
  1. Philip Greer


  2. Jon Dowling

    This great song has become the battlecry of my life! “All of these years I’ve been pushing so hard, through high tides and low tides too, but if I stop now how could I know what I could do?

  3. Shawn Little

    Im old enough to remember and grow up with this music born in 1987 this is awesome music.

  4. Xennial Hipster

    one of my favorite Hornsby songs. It's catchy af and pretty upbeat and rockish for him, I'm surprised they didn't make it a hit in 1986-87.

  5. Rodney Stumphf

    I lived in Lubbock Tx when I drove from Wicthita Falls to Lubbock I would listen to this and Red Plains Circa. 1987-89. Loved all the fifths that give it that open sound. Reminds of the spacious west and also the lonely sound of the blue ridge mountains where wheres Hornsby's from!

  6. RON2 Skate

    who put miley and Taylor in the same place is this let me tell ya something its a long race for them bet on that even tho i love both singers


    I don't.

  7. Mr_Fdawg

    Why couldn't Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus go back to these roots!

    Amber Donaldson

    Because they don't have the talent or intelligence to do so.

    Daniel Cropp

    Yo, you don't know them. They definitely have talent, and they may have intelligence.

    Daman Yocum

    @Amber Donaldson Agreed!

    Nita Almand

    and they have TITTIES!

    Daman Yocum

    @Nita Almand LMFAO!

  8. vincent parlante

    To the song , The Long Race..

  9. vincent parlante

    Back in the late 90's I was an on air weekend dj..and did some moonlight club dj work on the weekends also...and honest to the man I'd play this track in the country night club called Boot Scoots in Albuquerque N.M and always had people ask who is this..and I would show them and they were surprised.

  10. Davy Dave

    You talk about a country style song that will never die..this is it. Another of my most favorites from this band. YEEHAAW!!!

  11. TheFreedomGypsy

    One of my favorite Bruce Hornsby songs....

  12. James M

    Highly underrated Classic Album

    Chris Urban

    +James M I wish people knew how good this album really was. I remember being in high school and college listening to this back in the early 90s....20-25 years later here I am going through all of these great tunes again. Absolute classics--yet completely under the radar....Bruce was the most under-appreciated artist of our time.

    James M

    I cant stop playing this CD, My son recently purchased it for me, If I were putting together favorite piano player list Bruce certainly at the top though Chico Marx + Liberace not far behind ( No Diss to Elton Here a fine Body of work in his own right)

  13. Grande Olvera

    What a Badass song