Hornsby, Bruce - Paperboy Lyrics

Let's all keep our voices low, here's a story you don't know
As good as anything we can't watch on HBO
Before you say it's all bunk or throw it out as so much junk
Listen what this guy's been hiding in his trunk

He's looking for me, he's looking for you
He'll cut off your feet just to take your shoes

There was that little girl, pink ribbon, auburn curls
Who ended up as cargo and then taken for a whirl
He must've given her a whack, pre-teen surprise attack
She ended up between the guys' spare tire and his jack

He's looking for me, he's looking for you
He'll cut off your feet just to take your shoes

He's looking for me, he's looking for you
Believe you me, every word is true

In his kitchen there's a corpse, made a meal of his divorce
Eats a different body part for every different course
In his basement there's a crypt, it's so well, well equipped
He's seen so many ghoulish things they now seem nondescript

He's looking for me, he's looking for you
Another peep and we'll be through

He's looking for me, he's looking for you
He'll cut off your feet just to take your shoes

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Hornsby, Bruce Paperboy Comments
  1. Irene Setaro


  2. gregoir

    If you like this, you'll love his new(er) double live cd!

  3. FreedomDaveX

    Bruce is the man to write such an awesome creepy song.

  4. sammysame

    effing awesome

  5. Karmadog

    The piece he's playing until 1:20 is the Gavotte from Suite op. 25 (NOT the Concerto) of Arnold Schoenberg. Interesting hearing it played by Bruce Hornsby...
    He plays it a little on the slow side, and I think he misses a few notes, but he plays it with the kind of rhythmic energy one would expect from a rock pianist. It's stiff, but he makes it groove an an appealing way.
    At any rate, the piece is notoriously complex and difficult, so I gotta hand it to him. Very cool.

  6. shane brady

    Ahh, it was another young guy i was talking music with,lol. Jonny Lang bud, only foud him myself a couple of months ago, bloody awesome talent. One of his very early albums[16 odd!!]Lie To Me..is excellent, Still Raining is also a gem among many, brilliant young guitarist, even at 13!!!!. Hes in his late twenties now, i prefer his early stuff, give him a listen:) Yeh,lol...it blew alright...had a bloody good 5 years though,lol

  7. gregoir

    wow! that blow's! & no...Jonny who? lol

  8. shane brady

    LOL, Dead right bud,lol. Ime 53, i got this album in 84? or maybe 85!! Long time man, never forget it either, 2 bloody years in long bay . Bit of international smuggling got brought undone,lol, Just after i bought it, bang, six cops, guns to the head..whoops:/ Yeah, found him a looong time ago, great pianist:). tried jonny yet?

  9. gregoir

    Bruce Hornsby??!! haha I think he's around 50 years old dude! He look's young! idk I could be wrong but I know he's older than 25! I first saw him in 98 and I was 23. anyways... yeah he's the best bro and I'm glad you found him! I wish I could see him live all the time and hang out with him!

  10. shane brady

    Oh man, i only found him a couple of months ago, bloody awesome, at 16, he rips it up like a veteran blues man, great voice, now hes about 25 or so, i think, and different music,i prefer the older stuff, brilliant!! He was a kid in his first album, playing with guys old enough yo be grandad,lol, i think you will like it:)

  11. gregoir

    Thank's I'll check it out asap!

  12. shane brady

    Bud, whats up, is it a moral thing, you can download it from heaps of sites the pirate bay, divxcrawler, or torrentz.com or au, After paying a FORTUNE in 38 years of vids and DVDs, ive paid my dues. Only exeption is NEW, talented people who need all help they can get, so i give it! How much money does anyone need, GREED!, it should be free after a certain time, I feel no guilt, neither do millions of others, as long as the new peeps are looked after, fine:) Bought the record anyway, decades ago)

  13. gregoir

    yep! thanx

  14. shane brady

    you wiil always remember:)

  15. gregoir

    I know it sound's foolish but real quick... I had like the 3'rd highlight of my life happen @ a univ. of Buffalo show back in like2003 I kinda had an "interaction" I guess with Bruce that ended up in a crowd pleasing WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ME performance by Bruce that My brother and best friend coouldn't believe I yelled the request from the back row,BRUCE heard it andBRUCE played it I could talk about it for hour's but won waste anymore time haha-

  16. gregoir

    awesome! thank's for posting this! this is awesome I wanna check out sck bstd as soon as I can! do you know how I can get it? sorry I don't have the time I wish I had to spend on BRUUUCE.com and other HORNSBY sight's. he's the best and I feel like (even as I shouldn't as a christian.)He's been an idle since I saw him and started getting into him @ FURTHER 98(Darien lake,NY) ALSO if there's ANY way I can get ANY of the Buffalo show's since then that would make my life! haha- Greg