Hornsby, Bruce - Mandolin Rain Lyrics

The song came and went
Like the times that we spent
Hiding out from the rain under the carnival tent
I laughed and she'd smile
It would last for awhile
You don't know what you've got till you lose it all again

Listen to the mandolin rain
Listen to the music on the lake
Oh, listen to my heart break every time she runs away
Oh, listen to the banjo wind
A sad song drifting low
Listen to the tears roll
Down my face as she turns to go

A cool evening dance
Listenin' to the bluegrass band takes the chill
From the air until they play the last song
I'll do my time
Oh, keeping you off my mind but there's moments
That I find, I'm not feeling so strong

Listen to the mandolin rain
Listen to the music on the lake
Ah, listen to my heart break every time she runs away
Oh, listen to the banjo wind
A sad song drifting low
Listen to the tears roll
Down my face as she turns to go

Runnin' down by the lakeshore
She did love the sound of a summer storm
It played on the lake like a mandolin
Now it's washing her away once again...whoa, again

The boat's steaming in
Oh, I watch the sidewheel spin
And I think about her when I hear that whistle blow
I can't change my mind
Oh, I knew all the time that she'd go
But that's a choice I made long ago

Listen to the mandolin rain
Listen to the music on the lake
Ah, listen to my heart break every time she runs away
Oh, listen to the banjo wind
A sad song drifting low
Listen to the tears roll
Down my face as she turns to go
As she turns to go
Listen to the...listen to the mandolin rain

Listen to the tears roll
Down my face as she turns to go
Listen to the tears roll
Down my face as she turns to go

Listen to the mandolin rain.

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Hornsby, Bruce Mandolin Rain Comments
  1. Clare O'Malley

    lost love .... so beautifully captured ......

  2. Susan Harvey

    Love him on the piano

  3. Raoul Kalolo

    Listening 2020?

  4. Fenando Brito relampago

    maravilhosa sempre

  5. Luzinete Andre

    rapaz, em pleno 2020 meu tio curtindo

  6. Teboho Peu

    2020 listen melody in rain

  7. bond1

    Always loved this song when it came on the radio. The intro catches you off guard. The opening piano riff starts out on a swing beat, but the drummer lays down straight 8ths on the high hat. That's awesome, it really gives the song a nice laid back groove.

  8. C Ramirez

    Greatest song of watever year it came out.

  9. Susana Maria Goncalo

    Que música linda a primeira vez que ouço

  10. Benjamin Varas

    Me encanta esta canción. Me da nostalgia pero de la buena😁🇨🇱🎵🎶

  11. Tammy Leeder Whitaker

    So beautiful ♥️. I listened to this alot over the years. Love this♥️.

  12. Pea Nuts_Ma

    This song is so haunting.

  13. julie wilson riola

    takes me back....sounds as good in 2019 as it did 'back in the day;...:)

  14. Ray Espinosa

    Listen to the Mandalorian Rain.


    Classique intemporel. L'un des grands pianistes du rock dans le monde de la musique. Morceau de musique incroyable .. Cette chanson capture avec brio l'espoir, l'agitation, les rêves et les aspirations d'une époque révolue .. Possédant un style aéré et nonchalant qui dément ses dons techniques, le pianiste Bruce Hornsby écrit des chansons puissantes du cœur qui touchent à plusieurs traditions distinctement américaines: pop, jazz, bluegrass et soul des années 60. Il a travaillé pendant un certain temps en tant que joueur de studio et auteur-compositeur, et a eu son premier succès en 1986 avec l'émouvant et philosophique "The Way It Is".

  16. gordon mathew

    Best concert I ever saw! Thanks Bruce!

  17. mike f

    I sing along every time!

  18. H sock

    Im doing my time!

  19. Stark Bophani

    I salute you Mr Hornsby for this piece of art. Forever one of my favorite songs

  20. poloblueboy

    Bad ass

  21. LS Rocha

    Only 68.7K followers tells me that that most People are Deaf and Dumb! Merry Christmas to you Bruce!

  22. Kristen Crain

    The drummer looks like red foreman

  23. William Diep

    Listen to the tears roll down my face as she turns to go on 3-17-2010 she left. The only girl I ever loved has gone away looking for a brand new start. Little did she know that when she left aling with her she took my heart. You will be my Mom eternally Momma. I'll see you again...

  24. Naqw Naqw

    2:12 was he trying to sound like Dylan?

  25. Darrell Edwards

    thumbs up if you sing to this out loud!

  26. acejack33

    you'd think with improved technology, you would see better music.. Actually quite the contrary. I think music has been corrupted by technology.

  27. DYKERITZ: Music Page

    banjo wind. fucking stellar song!!! Eternal

  28. Heather Bergstad

    Great song. Will be adding to my playlist

  29. Martyn Cullen

    December 2019. Still play and love this song. Bruce is a piano god.

  30. Don Drury

    I love this song! Reminds me of my time in the service. I was in Sub school at the time. What an awesome time and song.

  31. James Kennedy

    Listen to my heart break /every time she runs away.............

  32. James Kennedy

    Listen to my heart break/ everytime she runs away.........

  33. Marco Bellino Oliveira

    Linda canção. Esse piano maravilhoso faz a gente viajar.❤

  34. Zenen Calderon

    My favorite song big time over “the way is it”

  35. Helder Vidal

    Procurei tanto por essa linda música e hoje fui presenteado por acaso. Piano maravilhosooooooooo

  36. Wildman of the Wynooch

    I am glad to have been a teen in the 80's best music ever

  37. Sarx Clothing

    1960s, 70s and 80s will never have music with the same quality !! REAL MUSIC DIED in the 80's were stuck with this garbage they try to pass now a days!! such a more simple time.... MAKE SURE TO LOVE EACHOTHER EVERYDAY

  38. Blumengeschenk

    ♥♥♥♥♥ Hello Bruce. An enchanting piece of music. Today more than years ago. The music, the vocals, the accordion (very nice) and the mandolin. Simply unique in this way genuine and genuine. I congratulate and thank you for this sooo beautiful piece of music. Simply brilliantly composed and expressed in music. Do similar ones today. My wish from many of your music fans. Dear grateful greetings Blumengrüsse ♥♥♥♥♥

  39. GoodNews777

    Is that Richard Pryor playing the ukulele?

  40. QueenBob W.

    Once it came on while I was at the supermarket and I remember running to the bread aisle and crying into the wonder bread.

  41. Rene Lastra

    Its hard to pinpoint the rushing emotions that come from listening to this song. Memories from the past demanding attention, then slowly just fading away from whence they came, leaving a tear trailing down your face of the experience YOU just had.

    Mr. Classic

    Rene Lastra, Wow! Your comment is so heartfelt and true. I am going to stop writing because I honestly have no words to even continue to describe how I feel right now. I can tell that you have a beautiful, kind spirit. A tear just streamed down my face. 😢 💧

    Rene Lastra

    @Mr. Classic Thanks so much for your kind words. Your encouragement is greatly appreciated!

  42. Bonnie LaPointe

    My yearbook quote...." You dont know what you got til you lose it all again"....so true...🌠✨🌟👐

  43. Shpwan Watson


  44. Tony Jones

    The Best!!!!

  45. Vanessa Ashton

    This song never gets old ❤️

  46. Randy Kemp

    What a time

  47. Michael Henry

    Same here @Shawn Patrick love all his music

  48. terragrappler1

    One of the best classics!

  49. James Kendall

    In Los Angeles it rains a whole lot. I'm way too young
    for Barry Minilow. I spurn Vegas like toxic waste.
    I walk the streets of Los Angeles about this in bare feet.

  50. Christopher Dyer

    Pure Beauty

  51. Daniel Salcedo P.

    Las canciones de ese tiempo no se compara con lo de a hora fueron mis mejores años a hora mis mejores

  52. Beethoven, Ludwig van

    Listen to the mandolin rain
    Listen to the music on the lake
    Listen to my heart break every time she runs away
    Listen to the banjo wind
    A sad song drifting low
    Listen to the tears roll
    Down my face as she turns to go

  53. Carson Lowe

    Thank you

  54. Rickey Engle

    wow,i ain't listen too this song in a long time,,love it

  55. 5th ward Vet Houstown !

    Judge Reinhold killed this song ..amazing

  56. Barb Long

    Funny how music takes you back...good times when i was young.I got engaged to a wonderful man when this was popular.Still here still going strong but boy id like to turn back time to when i was 21.

  57. Stuart Zucker

    75 I will never get tired of this song

  58. Jennifer Boucher

    I saw this guy in the summer of 2007. It was an outdoor concert and he was AMAZING!

  59. John Labu

    those days life are hard but for some reason most us don't mind to go back

  60. Sierra Foxtrot

    One of my favorite musicians. Run away with me, Bruce ~

  61. Lacaframalama

    Straight to your soul

  62. jane ayre


  63. zymurgy9827

    Didn't realize Bill Hader played in an 80s band. 0:54.

  64. Robert Mailhos

    This song make,s me think of my blue eyed doll i lost in 2016 july 2 nd her name is ANN .i MISS YOU ,😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  65. Valentena Upton


  66. Chris Prosser

    Philly Joe Jones is smiling down at this Hemingway kid.

  67. Jeff G

    This pretty much covers it...I just to bottle with a cap and slip this song into the ocean

  68. Michael Serville

    The only reason I came here is because my dad pronounced the mandalorian Disney series "mandolin rain" 🤣

    Robert Shamansky

    That’s pretty funny, I hope you enjoyed the song!

  69. Yakubu Benjamin


  70. Julie Armstrong

    Hits home tonight, Thanksgiving eve. Feels nice.

  71. VegasRockstar

    Here to teach my teens about beautiful good-for-the-soul music as we round out 2019

  72. Traylarpark12

    I like Bruce, but he changes things so dramatically in his live shows versus studio music, I'd rather just listen to the recordings.

    rmc rmc

    hangin with Jerry too much proly

  73. lenin malatesta

    Never by never! This song shows me many beautiful things from my own life, respects and greetings from Puerto Maldonado, Peru, my country.

  74. Veronica Almand

    Beautiful song, I like music that moves me.

  75. Eamonn Gaynor

    A hauntingly beautiful song very beautiful sung by an artist who didn't get half the. Credit for his endeveurs

  76. Mick Ryan

    Bruce just make a comeback

  77. Yunq Savage

    Today was the day I discover this song and i been listening to it all day on repeat... ill tell you this is one of those songs that gets better & better the more you listen to it for sure remind yall im a 90’s Kid & for those that gave this song an thumbs down all im going to say is that yall dont know Great music when you hear it

  78. Ahoohi

    Hornsby was way underated by miles.

  79. Shakira Charriez

    Beautiful song and lyrics that touch your heart and soul. 🎹❤️❤️🤗🤗

  80. mobus1603

    Fuckin' love this song!
    *sorry for the swearing 😋

  81. menash shemtov


  82. Nandi Mtshweni

    November 2019🔥

    You don't know what you got till you lose it all again...❤️

  83. Eliseu Gosmati

    Linda demais,essa musica...

  84. James Kennedy

    But I knew all the time /That she'd go /But that's a choice I made long ago !!

  85. James Kennedy

    Listen to my heart break / everytime she runs away !!

  86. Diego Insfran

    November 20, 2019... and still listening to this beautiful song

  87. Nick Trott

    First listened to this song aged 14. Now 43 and still think it’s one of the best.

  88. Michele Pothour

    Rod Stewart should do a cover of this song.

  89. Juan carlos Prieto

    Cuando existían las buenas melodias

  90. zalewskimm

    Bruce's best work. Love love love it. Then and now.

  91. TheLegoMan1996

    Does anyone know where this music video was filmed?

  92. Mekashi Kuta

    Muito nda

  93. Karen Hurley

    So sad and so beautiful. Nostalgic and timeless. I Love this song.

  94. Ler Tutelo

    Why is it worthy to comment that one still listens to a great song years after it was made?

  95. Francesca Setaro

    I listened to some 2019 "singers" and "musicians", there is no comparison. What happened to music creativity? The 80s were a special era of talented people. Bruce is one of them!

  96. Ghost RacerX

    Great song from the era of true, great music never to be duplicated.. Enjoying it in 2019 !!

  97. Antraax rep