Hornsby, Bruce - Look Out Any Window Lyrics

There's a man working in a field
Sees the rain and it's burning
He's saying this can't be real
As he sees the color
Of the fields turning

Far away, the men too busy
Getting rich to care
Close their eyes and
Let it all out into the air
Hoping nobody else would care

Look out any window
Look out any open door
Look out any window
To see what's going on
In the air around you

There's a man working on a boat
Pulling lines from the water
Just trying to stay afloat, ohh
Filling the nets is getting harder

Far away, they bend
The rules so secretly
Close their eyes and
Let it all out into the sea
Hoping nobody else would see

Look out any window
Look out any open door
Look out any window
To see what's going on
In the air around you

Far away, too many leaders
Let them get their way
Close their eyes and
Let it all out into the bay
Say they'll clear it up another day

Look out any window
Look out any open door
Look out any window
To see that's going on
In the air around you

(Look out)
Look out for the big boys
Telling you everything
They're gonna do

(Look out)
Look out for the fat cat builder man
Turning this into a waste land

(Look out)
Look out for the back room boys
That say the smoke is gonna blow away

(Look out)
Look out for the men
Who say it's okay sitting
In a building far away

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Hornsby, Bruce Look Out Any Window Comments
  1. Michael Trees

    "The fat cat builder man"........

  2. Michael Trees

    The red hat on the Farmer.......yep.

  3. John Jenkins

    This is by far one of the best groups ever put together!!

  4. Holder

    The place where Bruce comes from is diverse. A small town that is home to the oldest colony in the states. A 45 minute drive across the Chesapeake Bridge Tunnel to one of the most famous beaches on the east coast, Virginia Beach. Then go west to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and the largest naval base in the entire world. Every morning we could stand on the deck of the carrier and watch the fishing boats roll out to sea.

  5. James Kendall

    This Hornsby video is really good. Sort of like Bob Seger. Hollywood inspired.
    Look out any window, look out any open door, ta see what's goin' on.
    Far away across the fields. Mostly I watch this for the boat video.
    Too many leaders let'em get their way. Atlantic. Maybe Canadian?
    Gordon Lightfoot approved for sure.

  6. Tuffy Badass

    I kept waiting for his follow-up titled, 'Whole Wheat' but it never came!

  7. SawedOff Shotty

    Bruce is awesome!

  8. Patrick O'Donnell

    "Far away, too many leaders let them get their way." True but nowadays is too many average everyday citizens made up of small business owners and common folk letting leaders get their way where they are trying to steal this country away from us. Actually we aren't really letting them get their way, we are calling them on it,but they are doing it anyway. Political leaders or big corporations, they are one in the same. Sometimes the tail (politicians) wags the dog, and sometimes the dog (big corp) wags the tail. The people however always should stay together with a healthy distrust and distance enough away from both to protect themselves, and that is not what we are seeing today. We are seeing identity politics make people side with government and ideology and big business over their fellow American citizen who they actually have much more in common with and we need to get back to the olden days. Progress is actually regress and I say, if it wasn't broken to begin with, then their was no need to change it.

  9. James Kendall

    Tom Petty was from Gatorsville. Free fallin' straight into Reseda.
    That's why he said and how he done. Look out any window or open door.
    Far away too many leaders close their eyes and get their way.
    Man tilling a field sees an Aussie f-111 overhead wings extended.
    Picks up a thermal and with a whiff straight into outer space and back.
    Look out of any window around here. Stars above and what's up there.
    Boats. Horses. Trains.

  10. Chapawee Zonta


  11. Ahoohi

    Look down my cubicle

  12. James Kendall

    On airplanes I always prefer the window seat, 600 mph thank you.
    See a lot of cows in the field. Fat cat in dc wants to drain the swamp.
    Teach everyone some of that Christian morality New York City style.

  13. Mark Hartunian

    I discovered Bruce when I was in the 5th grade. His music changed my life at a young age. The Range is one of my favorite bands with an allstar lineup. Bruce's music has so much meaning to it. I seen Bruce and the noisemakers in philly when in 11 th grade. My first concert and boy did he not let down. Thanks Bruce and the Range for what you guys have done.

  14. Ricardo Candela

    The piano in this songs !!!

  15. Jair Carvalho

    Uma das melhores canções desse icone da música.

  16. leshtricity

    this song has to be related to Box of Rain

  17. Michael Trees

    Someone needs to put "Make America Great" on that farmers red hat. Perfect.... Great song for the moment indeed.

  18. Maurice Clark

    Bruce was the shit.

  19. Michael Reid Perry

    Look out! Wake up! The current generation is robbing and destroying the world with no concern for any future humanity. It’s nothing to cheer about.

    Michael Reid Perry

    Thank you Bruce Hornsby for emphasizing that fact so many Americans won’t look at and consider.

  20. Reg Taylor

    ☀️🌈💗🌏💯👋😃A very big warm & friendly hello there to all you awesomely big Bruce Hornsby & The Range fans all around the world from me to all of you guys & girls !!!! I've just gone & picked up an original copy of this on vinyl LP today & found it in mint condition in a charity shop & the best part is I bought it for just £1😳!!!!!! VERY HAPPY DAYS,WOO HOO !!!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉💗💯😁👌😇🙏🙏🙏

  21. Timothy Midgett

    Inspiring mental gravy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Preston Alexander

    This magical masterpiece brings back the days when we actually cared about making a difference in this world - see the ecstatic crowd so in tune with the message of this song. And yet, 25 years later and we have elected a president who wants to make America great again...by leaving the Paris Climate Accord, bringing back coal, loosening water standards, building oil pipelines, undoing auto emission standards - the list goes on and on. How did this man ever get to this position of power. More importantly, when will Americans wake up and vote him out of office? Let's get back on the right track before it is truly too late.

  23. leonde lanconi

    I love its music. Gosto muito mesmo.

  24. aderaldo ribeiro

    great !

  25. leonde lanconi

    Gosto muito.

  26. hank fontaine

    Tell lie vision ,the USURY game, for the strawman

  27. Lee Collins

    This guy is amongst the greats but has never been given credit!!

  28. Wendell Cotham


  29. Wendell Cotham


  30. hank fontaine

    Wicked walk on every side when the vilest of men are exalted

  31. Camron Bryant

    Best song intro ever.

  32. John Beckham

    It's 1988 and Bruce Hornsby is playing "Look Out Any Window" on my FM radio!

  33. Gary Fischer

    Filmed at Summerfest in Milwaukee and I was there

  34. Michael Meyers

    Bruce Hornsby is the greatest about getting his point across! Rock on!!!!!!!!!

  35. Michael Meyers

    It's about the big man stuffing out the little man.!

  36. Edward Holt

    I grew up with this music, the message is still relevant today. Love the keyboard music. Sadly no makes music like this now. Love it.

  37. MentalPerspectives

    Absolutely brilliant tune. 🎶

  38. eskay //

    this song is so beautiful.

  39. wvben

    Any of these scenes from Charleston, WV?

    Bleb Han

    Milwaukee, WI

  40. Mike Gipson

    Bruce Hornsby...been making people feel like they can be farmers or fisherman since the 1980s. All it takes is....looking out a window man.

  41. david

    I love this song.

  42. shawn1967chevelle

    the man working in the field sure LOOKS LIKE LEVON HELM!!!!!!!

  43. WESLEY Clark

    He's good he's a good singer sounds like Stevie Winwood

  44. Amie Mullikin

    This song has always been great, but it’s been stuck in my head for now for days. I’m a little sad it’s taken the three decades for folks to start to look out their windows and care, but I’m hopeful.

  45. Al Evans

    mmm i'm here! thanks guyz

  46. Velvet Wilson


  47. Answerthequestion

    Such a seductive intro.

  48. Jazzper79

    Bruce Hornsby has to have been the inspiration for the piano solo in the Baywatch theme!

  49. B Revak

    A song that is current once again......

  50. hank fontaine

    they write songs of our demise & we sing ,like I saw the lights go out on Broadway , a song of our demise & Adel Someone like you

  51. H Zilla

    This is what would make great again.

    Of note he has keyed on two big issues we have to deal with in the coming decades: food and fuel (oil).

  52. phil williams

    The guy in the field reminds me of Levon Helm...

  53. Jayson Karnafel

    Everyone has a phone in their hand now a days instant gratification they call it

  54. Ahoohi

    Im still here ppl

  55. norcalreppin1

    The feeling is so intense. Its like an lsd trip in utopia.

  56. Cindy Albright

    is the actor playing the farmer the great Levon Helm ?

  57. Monson Joseph

    golden days memories

  58. wvben

    This is so 2019! Bruce was way ahead of his time!

  59. harri hiltunen

    good song...

  60. Baking and Cooking With Jackson

    Everytime I hear is songs, I smile. No matter what mood I'm in, I just feel happy when I hear his music. I love 80s music, while everyone else my age likes modern music.

  61. nanubill

    22 Jul. 2019 - only 1,808,095 views...

  62. roberto zanella

    Great again..looking from my window....

  63. douglas fernandes

    This song is an unforgettable classic.

  64. Gregg Heathfield

    The guy is just pure quality. Love this music.

  65. eastwestcoastkid

    Before writing and singing about the environment was a thing-Bruce Hornsby was writing and singing about it..

  66. William Ramdass

    Love this song beautiful lovely very nice

  67. Orlando Flores

    I still listen after my first time I bought a cassette from Bruce Hornsby 25years ago.

  68. Debbie Emerson

    July 2019, still listening to Bruce Hornsby.

  69. Shawn Archer


  70. cwjarmstrong

    Thinking we should mate Bruce trend in 2019 🙌

  71. Edmo Ulrik


  72. Edmo Ulrik

    Música show super romântica

  73. Elton John

    Música romântica 80s

  74. Ritchie David

    Show de música 80s

  75. Junior Brasilia

    Música linda grande sucesso aqui em BH no ano de 1987

  76. Roberto Cesar

    Música maravilhosa

  77. Jorge Rios

    Enorme Bruce !!!!

  78. tnkboy89

    2019 and this shit is as true today as it was back then.... Climate Change anyone?

  79. roberto zanella

    wonderful music, jazz, classic, gospel, rock... new air light as painting looking the sunny plains...with Van Gogh brushstrokes....DNA american..only Mellencamp gave to me similar emotions...with piano instead the violin....two LP ...The way it is and Scenes from the South side....tomorrow I want listen again

  80. The Joker

    I wasn't even 30 seconds in the song and I already freakin' LOVE IT!💜💚
    Kids these days need to understand real music.

  81. The Joker

    Beautiful song, great talent, no porn themes, no drug references, just pure beauty and talent.💜
    I 💚 the 80s

  82. astralplainer

    Yup...now I get it!

  83. Eamonn Gaynor

    This song is the perfect song to open a Bruce hornsby concert he should be given much more recognition for his. Music

  84. Andrey Abramovich

    Good group

    renegade runner

    Don't state the obvious! (smile)

    Andrey Abramovich

    @renegade runner 😉

    renegade runner


  85. Balance Point 71

    Timeless and timely

  86. Mike Colclough

    This song playing while looking through a big book of American landscapes made me as a teenager want to go across the country as soon as I got my drivers license... find the great plains and open it up westbound.

  87. Willie Ds

    wds says///just have fun while you can////enjoy life////peace///

  88. skydog757

    "Look out for the big boys
    Telling you everything
    They're gonna do"

    Underline those lyrics. We're not a part of their plan. The future of this planet isn't a part of their plan. M-O-N-E-Y is the be all/end all.

  89. Marcos Adriano Chicatto

    Lindíssima canção!!!
    (Brasil, Rio do Sul, Santa Catarina)

  90. Gilbert Solano

    I love how the video was edited, how the concert scene was incorporated to the farm and boat scene and how the actors lead the viewers to how the lyrics were interpreted. Love the guys whenever they look out the window: life's reality and simplicity. Though this reached # 35 in charts, truly this is bruce's cherished song for me

  91. John Shaver

    my ol' buddy ...Levon Helm... as the Farmer!!! R.I.P. Levon!!!!

  92. Steve R

    This was written during the waning years of the Reagan Administration, but sadly things could apply to the Ignorant Trump Administration today. Some of the global warming deniers need to listen to this.


    Good God what an insane comment to make on a beautiful song.Al Gore is 10,000 times the liar you think DJT is.

  93. Wastewater Treatment Plant

    best son ever made


    Love his music

  95. hank fontaine

    Nuclear waste piped directly to the rivers now for quite some time now

  96. rosemaryalderson Alderson

    He is so talented