Hornsby, Bruce - Invisible Lyrics

What do you do?
Where do you go?
What do you say?
And how do you know?

I'll say who cares
When people stare
I will make myself invisible
Yes I will, yes I will

When I feel like a freak
When I'm on the other end of someone's mean streak
People make fun, I've got to lose myself
Take my thin skin and move it somewhere else

I'm setting myself up for the future
Looking for the chance that something good might lie ahead
I'm just looking for the possibilities
And in my mind I've got this skin I can shed

What do you do?
Where do you go?
What do you say?
And how do you know?

I'll say who cares
When people stare
I will make myself invisible
Yes I will, yes I will

I walk down the hallway, ducking
Barbs flying, people crying and I'll be lying on the floor
Get the feeling ain't doing nothing but sucking
Knock, knock on my head becomes a loud, loud roar

What do you do?
Where do you go?
What do you say?
And how do you know?

I'll say who cares
When people stare
I will make myself invisible
Yes I will, yes I will
It's fun, fun

And what do you do?
Where do you go?
What do you say?
And how do you know?

I'll say who cares
When people stare
I will make myself invisible
Yes I will, yes I will

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Hornsby, Bruce Invisible Comments
  1. Justice Marti

    It's a shame all the tracks from world's greatest dad aren't available to listen to the recorded version

  2. Silvana A.

    You are so beatiful :)💗 thanks for your muisic⭐

  3. Christie Trout

    This freak might not remember his only hit!? Right! Lol!

  4. TTVlazy UpTon06

    Hornsby ....you can see and feel the warm southern sun going down kissing the watery ripples on a still summers lake reflecting on times both happy and sad of memories past ..thankyou sir 🤠

  5. Richlette Belleza

    Kyle Clayton brings me here because he died of masturbation

  6. Johan R. Ek


  7. liam maguire

    most people came here from worlds greatest dad

  8. Anna

    Like he touches the piano, his voice ... Straight from the heart

  9. JMurphy

    The best piano player since Liverachi.

  10. Mark Sirois

    What a brilliant Artist and Icon in his craft.
    He will never be replaced

  11. Thomas Alber

    What brings people here to hate??? If you've searched for the song, why post a shit comment? Twats!!!

  12. Thomas Alber

    Is he a fag??? Stupid comment, who gives a shit! He's a talented guy, get over it, this is a sweet piece of music, fucking rinku, why comment if all you can say is he's a fag, idiot!!!

  13. mohammed lodhi

    I got hooked to BH after Watching him in 'World's Greatest ...'

  14. Susan Still

    heard it in Greatest Dad, Im a Bruce Hornsby fan now.. He's so good!!!

  15. Bob Folger Jr

    Awesome song. Keep up the great music Bruce.

  16. gregoir

    This is so awesome! still can't find the movie! can't wait to see him again, either in Buffalo(home) or Ohio or wherever, whenever I can- he is the  Best!- I miss seing him, Jerry and Bill Kreutzman together!

  17. Christina Duphorn Zehnder

    i love him so much i would marry him and make babies

  18. Wilson Wijaya

    I prefer this version than the studio. the autotune is annoyingly obvious.

    Rook Talma

    it's an intentional choice

    Rook Talma

    it's an intentional choice

  19. melanielandon96

    just hear it in "world's greatest dad" with Robin Williams, and really fell in love with Bruce Hornsby. Really lovely ♥

    Nil C. Mazi

    Same here !!! just saw the movie about an hour ago and started searching the song ,found Mandolin rain and Invisible  !!


    he's so touching!

  20. kwixotic

    I can remember 'ol Bruce with "The Range" which also featured either his brother or father.  Back then(we're talking late in '86) he had that hit song "Just the way it is" but he's a survivor all these years, changin' with the times.  If an artist doesn't or can't do that, he may very well end his or her career.

  21. Karen Reyna

    -Cry slowly -

  22. peepsk771

    Love this!!! TY for posting!! 

  23. Blumengeschenk

    Danke. Danke Danke Bruce <3

  24. ahaiku

    Thank you, "Worlds Greatest Dad" for putting me on to this brilliant artist!

  25. Maxeren1980

    Bruce Almighty :)

  26. Martin Jarritt

    God creates legends sometimes with the special gifts he gives to some souls.... Bruce is one

  27. gregoir

    in every way! wish we could see him NOW lol

  28. Andy Kintopf

    If you didn't already find it (11 months later) lol it's on Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers Levitate album; it should be on itunes

  29. paula78ful

    melody and lyrics for soothing tears mr. hornsby.

  30. YoungBoy0225

    Like this song first time I heard it in World's best dad!

  31. Quentin Parker

    GREAT TUNE, this belongs in a great movie sound track.
    Go ahead:
    Sing along, it'll make you H a P Py !


    Ciao Bruce,
    Ti scrivo dall'Italia (Torino) , e volevo semplicemente dirti che questo brano e' Eccezzionale...........Ho fatto diversi remix,sono cantautore e dj .... e mi piacerebbe dare una versione diversa a questa tua PERFORMANCE...che ne dici? Posso?
    A presto
    Gianca Deejay

  33. DaeguKyle

    God that Bruce Hornsby rocks

  34. Schrammx

    is this on itunes or something
    >< .
    this is the only video i can find :l

  35. Sean T

    what a voice...amazing

  36. Genevieve55

    He remembered the whole thing perfectly.

  37. SorPasser

    Good Lord Bruce!
    Thank you for your songs, they make love better!

  38. SorPasser

    Unbelievable song! I've longed for years to hear smthing like this,
    you're kinda blessed, Bruce, don't you...?

  39. jasgoerndt

    My favorite off the Levitate album....also this is in the movie World's Greatest Dad...good stuff!

  40. Burgermand

    I don't know why, but i wanna cry right now :'-(

  41. gregoir

    " Take my thin skin n move it somewhere else" I love it! n can relate!

  42. gregoir

    amen my friend!

  43. gregoir

    this is awesome! I'm a huge fan n can't believe I'm just hearing this! going to see him solo insept. this will definately be my request w/ candy!

  44. jibbadahut732

    This song is so powerful with meaning. Why is it not known? It could help alot of people through some tough times.

  45. PaulLovesRoe

    Bruce is best when its just him and the Piano

  46. HunterHunter88

    love this.

  47. backtothefuture1066

    I love how he says he's gonna play "just a lil' bit of it" then proceeds to play the whole song. <3 this song so much!

  48. Bryan Scott

    Just saw him do this song live a couple days ago. Loved it and so glad to find this version on YouTube!

  49. Frany


  50. Bridget Knapek

    lOVE IT Bruce!

  51. silentsound2000

    I saw Bruce & The Range at The Playhouse Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland over 20 years ago!
    It was the last night of their tour and they must have played for 4 hours.
    The theatre management eventually came out and stopped them.
    A truly magical night, with Bruce asking for any requests from the audience. People responded by sending requests written on paper aeroplanes from the balcony.
    Bruce deserves more recognition, but maybe that's why I love him so much, he's an unsung hero...Love him & this!

  52. David Seagal

    OMG! Now I remember why I fell in love with Bruce Hornby's music all those years ago. Freaking genius!