Hornsby, Bruce - Down The Road Tonight Lyrics

There's a place
A local roadside shack
A poor man's Paris with a parking lot in the back
There's a girl there
She knows how to unwind
She don't talk much but she knows just how to act
I said - Don't tell me she don't love me
The money's just a mere formality

Every day, Every night
Somethings going on, something's going on
Down the road over yonder
Any place, any time when I'm fading
My love lies waiting
Down the road tonight

When I was younger
All the older boys
Would drive me way out past the county fair
They'd laugh and point out
This roadside trailer
And say something wild's going on over there
They said - What they're doing
Don't mean nothing to you now
But someday it'll mean everything

There were movies in the parlor
They were dealing one-eyed jacks
And when I said I loved her
She said - Just keep coming back

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Hornsby, Bruce Down The Road Tonight Comments
  1. James Perks

    Classiest song about prostitutes ever

  2. Dirk Slonka

    Einfach super Song

  3. Richard Young

    Thank God this guy's on the planet.

  4. david W

    i really liked this album, he really likes the open 4ths and 5ths

  5. Vulpes Ind.

    K-mart tapes brought me here

  6. Rob Schwartzenberger

    Man do I love this song. Miss those days back in the 80's, life was so much simpler and the world was a better place to live, not saying life isn't good, but it was a better place. Miss listening to this song as I used to listen to it as I was cleaning my church. Great memories.

  7. Timothy Holcomb

    Anyone know what the name of the last track on this album? Incredible piano solo at the end

  8. Dusty Rhoades

    I grew up in the 80s my Mom got me this album on vinyl for Christmas plus a new record player. This record player had a turntable, cassette player & radio on it it was a Sony. Love Bruce Hornsby & the Range. 🎹🎙️🎼



  10. Taylor

    God I fucking love this song. It makes me happy!!!

  11. Ole Ringnes

    The perfect song. Loved it for 32 years.

  12. Michael Trees

    OMG It just occurred to me that Hewy Lewis would of been PERFECT for this song. Right? Great tune either way, just an observation!

    Charles Graham-Dixon

    Michael Trees Huey is actually singing on the chorus :)

  13. Taylor

    Lovvveeee this song!!!!

  14. Ole Ringnes

    I love this song so much !

  15. rock8814

    You can definitely hear the Huey Lewis influence on this track -one great album!

  16. JPMcFlyFeelsTheBern

    I'm surprised they didn't make this song a single (the album only had 3, but every song is catchy and melodic), you can definitely hear the Huey Lewis influence too.

  17. B.K. Mcl

    Love Bruce Hornsby, such a talented guy. Thanks for the memory.

  18. Bearded Aquarian_78

    Great song!!! Been looking for this for a while!

  19. KP108

    I have always - and still - adore this song! Possibly my fave on the album that isn't Mandolin Rain!

  20. Janice Drummond

    just love his music, some of my favorite!!!!

  21. Carlos Berber

    This has Huey written all over it..a great play off his song" If this is it"

  22. James Feuilherade

    Wow you can hear Huey! Cool! Great song, that piano just gives this a push into the top league!

  23. Q ROQUE


    Rob Schwartzenberger

    Good music never dies and this is a perfect example. This is what you call real music, not like today's stuff.

  24. Keith Sabin

    Loved it since then. Always figured it wasn't a hit because it's a lil too close to the bone for most

  25. Albert Remington JR

    This song I must say is great!I have played this song about 1000 times.
    Bruce concert on!BRAVO!

  26. Chris Urban

    Doesn't get much better than this.....if I ever crossed paths with Bruce, I would shake his hand for this uplifting music which has done sooooo much for my spirit over the years. To me this is a treat and just awesome!

  27. Vlaid65


  28. Timm Meyers

    a little known fact but huey lewis played harmonica on this song and sang back up as well. if you listen you can hear him

    Tony Kellogg

    He actually produced most of the record!

  29. vincent parlante

    Another great track from the cool hand Bruce Hornsby and my second favorite from this guy...

  30. Troeus

    Only person I ever paid a scalped ticket to see. Got in to Phoenix after a long weekend in Toronto. I heard he was in town and sold out. And I wasn't ready for my vacation to end. Got a spot on the grass right up front and heard him play everything on his two albums plus Leon Russell tunes.

    Daniel Cropp

    That's awesome.

  31. semroz245

    One of my favorite songs...

  32. Davy Dave

    never heard this song before...sounds great and a great song to take your soulmate on a quiet quality time together.

    Terry York

    Mr. Davester Studds A very wonderful song indeed...
    you do realize he singing about going to a Cathouse.
    Some gals might not get it.

    Davy Dave

    Terry York really?? intresting.

  33. Jason Cavitt

    Saw these guys open the _Fore!_ tour in December of '86. Very impressive.

    Jerry Austen

    Me too, back in Frankfurt in 1986, I think. Absolutely brilliant concert. This was Bruce's first European tour after his success with The Way It Is and got me hooked on him ever since. Became my favourite band of the 80's and still sing along loudly in 2018 in my car to pretty much every song on his first 3 albums. Great songwriter. His stuff still stacks up so well even now, 32 years later - that's pretty impressive.


    And me... Nottingham, England.

  34. JoeRailfan

    My favorite cut on this album. Huey Lewis and Bruce sound fantastic together.

  35. james williams

    ..very under rated song..80's hits rule ...and huey lewis on background vocals

  36. JPMcFlyFeelsTheBern

    One of Mr. Hornsby's so many unknown gems. When I listened to the entire album in 1998 I was really blown away by how melodic and perfect this song is.

    Chris Urban

    +JPMcFly1985Two This is a great tune! Perfectly put....unknown gem!

  37. Tom Floor

    This album is one of the best of the 80's in my opinion. The music is just super fine. Bruces piano style really shined.  I esp.  love this song but probably because of the subject didn't get a lot of air play in the day. I bought this cassette right before going out gold prospecting in Arizona for a month. Just camping out under the blue sky and starry nights. Actually found gold too! It makes a great road album AND a soundtrack to the desert views. Helped make the trip special and when I think of that time I have this album in mind as well. Many thanks to Bruce for the gem!

    Adam moorcroft

    @TheRealJohnDoe Thanks for posting....this is my favourite track from this Album