Hopsin - West Side Lyrics

I'm the rap maniac with the hooligan eyes
Who's cooler than I? whack niggas move it aside
When you heard I was a big deal you were surprised
West coast bitch
I spent my days as a refugee
Till the rap game came to rescue me
And left my wrist paved in accessories
A dangerous necessity, I came here to wreck mc's
You're wrong if you thinkin' Wayne was the recipe
Nah, he ain't worthy of that, the controversy is back
Get off the kool aid stir me a batch
See I prefer to relax, but I can't and God knows it
Gotta stay raw with the flow that I'm diagnosed with
Oh shit, niggas keep fuckin' with my emotions
Maybe that's the reason that I suffer from psychosis
Shocking as high voltage, fuck it, my life's hopeless
So I had to make sure I killed it when I wrote this

Now ever since a nigga was a seed
Only thing promised to me was the penitentiary, still ballin
Ridin on these niggaz cause they lame
In a six-one Chevy, still heavy in this game, can you feel me?
Blame it on my momma I'm a thug nigga
Up befo' the sun rise, quicker than the drug dealers
Tell me if it's on, nigga then we first to bomb
Bust on these bitch-made niggaz hit 'em up, WESTSIDE
Ain't nobody love me as a broke nigga
Finger on the trigger Lord forgive me if I smoke niggaz
I love my females strapped, no fuckin from the back
I get my currency in stacks, California's where I'm at, right?
Passed by while these niggaz wonder why
I got shot but didn't die, let 'em see who's next to try
Did I cry? Hell nah, nigga tear I shed
For all my homies in the pen, many peers dead
Niggaz still ballin'

Bounce like a trampoline, thousands that's amped as me
Kids run up on your school campus slap a dean
I grew up on baggy jeans, pornographic nasty dreams
Moral of my damn story life, isn't a happy scene
Wish I was stackin' cream, wish I had a Lamborghin'
Wish I had the cover on a Rolling Stones magazine
I'm sick of the radio playin' all these faggot teens
Keep it real, show me somethin' ill that I haven't seen
For ten years I've been workin' on ill flows
And finally got a fuckin' record deal and I'm still broke
Man that's not common, bombs that I'm droppin'
Are dope, but all that I can afford is some top Ramen
I notice that ya'll niggas like to dumb the stats
I should stomp your ass out until your lungs collapse
No more corny cowabunga rap, we done with that
It's a rap, keep it up and get your tongue detachedn
Come on

Now everybody wanna see us dead
Two murdered on the front page, shot to death, bullets to the head
Niggaz holla out my name and it's similar to rape
Motherfuckers know I'm comin, so they runnin to they graves, watch
Swoop down with my nigga from the Pound
Cause {Trick} don't give a fuck, where you coward niggaz now, blast
Keep pumpin, ain't worried bout nuttin
Busters thought we was frontin, so reload and keep dumpin

I feel heat, everywhere a nigga see me up in the streets
I don't tweak, Keep a straight .38 under the seat
Mad. Mission Mode. My thoughts are cold
Bought some tans of skins, money bags of gold
Roll and collide Homicide Boxicide
Thug Life and Dogg Pound on this midnight ride
Every since we hit the world
We got stationed, with no hesitation
Make moves nigga, Mr. Too Smooth the elaborate
The slow like potion, focus on the money
Thats made sippin on this poisonous potion
Grandma got you got, too much heat to hot
Cause Shank is shot, Belgium in this poisonous plot
Fame and fortune, fortune from game
We be zags, and this some bout some cats
Taxes its all the same
As long as there money to exchange

'Til the day I die
You can bring your crew but we remain true motherfuckers
Still ballin', niggaz wonder why
You can bring your crew but we remain true motherfuckers
Still ballin'

'Til the day I die
You can bring your crew but we remain true motherfuckers
Still ballin', niggaz wonder why
You can bring your crew but we remain true motherfuckers
Still ballin'

west side!!!!

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Hopsin West Side Comments
  1. Pointless Comment

    i fuck with this🔥👌

  2. heavy hitter

    I got one word REAL Hopsin doing his thang from your real life super hero from the Xtreme Justice League

  3. Oscar Green

    this is my shit right here hopsin is the man

  4. Garrett Spielman

    I liked it even though I'm from the east coast

  5. chase potts


  6. ben Siegel

    New king of the west coast cuz

  7. S.H .Power

    my nigga hop sounds like dre

  8. eltaco7

    can sombody tell me what a good download link is because it's not working on my ipod

  9. Jonathan Machado

    so is your mom but you listen to her

  10. R.JRecordz

    you dont sound like a fan

  11. TheDrunkenPupil

    its off a mixtape he did when he was back in high school. its called Emurge

  12. Stina Svendsen

    i love this hopsin song!

  13. Simon Wyss

    this was up to be his first album but hops fake homie leak this shit so he cant release it.its sad but becaus of that he gets mad an drop more dope shit this was like the fuel in his fire to fuck the mainstream game YEAH HOP TAKE OVER THE WORLD WITH KNOCK MADNESS

  14. Reputation

    YA hopsin all da way!

  15. Ashlee Alire

    I fucken love the beat hopsin killed it.like he said his raw

  16. Junkey23

    Are somewhere some lyrics to this?

  17. Callum Goodridge

    The thing with hopsins old tracks are that his hooks are just not good enough but this song sounded great

  18. bubble714

    Doubt it, It's good but sucks compared to RAW and his new shit.

  19. Matthew Hondrakis

    mayb thts what he means..this is better

  20. nick faria

    i didnt know that its his old stuff but it defunally sounds different

  21. b0ngh1tz420


  22. DaFlexxx26

    culd you hit me up with all these tracks plz?

  23. b0ngh1tz420

    description homie

  24. bubble714

    He obviously didn't.. I can see how you would think that I guess and tbh this song sucks compared to raw and his new songs.

  25. gillece

    Pretty sure he knew that.

  26. DisCoBeaR

    Dope song

  27. FunkSkull

    Hey, anyway you can link me to the album? This old stuff is awesome. Before FV

  28. bubble714

    This is his old stuff -_-

  29. Jonjon407

    i need the album ?

  30. Marquise Russell

    Can i get these songs?

  31. Thorned Rose

    was this an album or a mixtape?

  32. Jodoroki


  33. Jordon Porter

    these are from when he was either in high school or before he joind ruthless or before he started funk volume

  34. JackieOO Records

    ´haved you tryed isohunt there is an hopsin diskghrafi just called hopsin out there

  35. Johnny Paroxysm

    Man, I've been looking for these songs since 2008, but nobody clam that they had the tape. thank you. "BASEMENT NIGGA flow

  36. b0ngh1tz420

    check yo inbox!!

  37. b0ngh1tz420

    get your ears cleaned out then :P remember these are old

  38. harree

    it was funny as fuck man cause hopsin was just in originally then when soulja popped up people went mental loool n tht other dude was saying he'd knock them both out he was annoying as fuck, glad some1 recorded that! how'd you get a hold of the vid? my shit crashed before the end il check your footage

  39. b0ngh1tz420

    haha yea i got that video posted too lol, wish i was in there woulda have been jks

  40. harree

    all bless, i thought hop wouldnt of wanted it uploaded but hes probably seen you have, i was on his tiny chat video chat last night! soulja boy joined too and it all kicked off, that shit was funny man, expect beef! soulja has a track ready :L shits gonna be hilarious :)

  41. b0ngh1tz420

    lol trust i aint tryna act like anything man thats why i gave ya a "cool story bro" and was ready to leave, and hey man its all good you kno shit happens, and well shit happens haha, and true well yea this wasnt really release people say sum dude released it like last year or sum shit you know, so yea, all good, im jus rambling now take it ez

  42. harree

    yeah but dont be acting like its some rare exclusive shit, im from north england and loads of people i know have this, i just assumed everyone from west coast would have it too, but i admit i started chatting shit to you cause i was in a bad mood lol, its all good, i didnt notice the description either btw, which makes me feel the upload was all love :p i take my childish shit back mate x

  43. b0ngh1tz420

    nah its an actual track

  44. b0ngh1tz420

    meme faggot? nah what i really wanted to write was, i been listenin to hop since before raw and didnt hear this till about a month ago so i doubt EVERY1 has heard this i doubt more than 5% of his fan base has heard it... AND BECAUSE DID HE RELEASE THIS ISH...cmon now... "grow a brain and maybe you could think of why people wouldnt have it"...dont continue this ish...i put up this album because it wasnt on youtube and i thought hopsin fans would enjoy it...thats ALL...chill out you e-thug

  45. harree

    cool story bro? smh you dont deserve to have this you meme faggot, grow a brain and maybe you could think of some jokes of ur own, and yes everyone has this as i said it came out in 2008.. its 4 years old how wouldnt they have it :S

  46. kingmanny661

    this shit goes

  47. b0ngh1tz420

    cool story bro... and i really doubt "every1" has this

  48. harree

    every1 has this already lol it dropped in 2008.. we got it then, so should you have

  49. b0ngh1tz420

    and yes upload shit early/fake shit, you really are fucking retarded

  50. b0ngh1tz420


  51. roflitsjosh

    Well I wouldn't be surprised considering you uploaded "techn9ne's response to the jokerr" that wasn't even his actual response haha it was in some interview. How does it feel that you try to upload shit early or upload fake shit and still nobody cares about viewing your shit.

  52. b0ngh1tz420

    lol right...

  53. roflitsjosh

    that's not even hopsin

  54. b0ngh1tz420

    no doubt like/share around!!